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Welcome to the Giant Killers, the home of David's Call

Welcome to
Giant Killers Org.
Greetings fellow travelers. May I welcome you to the Giant Killers Organization (GKO) web site, a collective comprised of individuals and organizations whom believe globalization to be a two-sided sword. On one hand, globalization can bring needed help to developing countries, and on the other it can mean devastation to developed countries who's people are expected to foot the bill in a variety of ways.

The tool now in use within the United States is simply the faith and good will of the American public--a people far too incline to believe just about anything they are told via the popular media.

The fact is, it is no accident that manufacturing jobs continue to leave the U.S. for foreign shores--especially that of China. It is no accident that the Congress has allowed these significant manufacturing concerns to pull up stakes and move their operations to other countries. Moreover, it is no accident that our Congressmen have failed us in protecting National Security interests by not insisting that trade barriers remain for those who leave who are unwilling to remain in country to ride out the stale economy. In a word, all of this is part of a very elaborate plan to bring America down to her knees.

Of course, there are some honorable Congressmen in D.C. who have sounded the alarm, who have tried to tell the American public. However, the media by and large refuses to carry their important message to the public. Unless you watch Cspan, you probably don't even know these brave men and women exist.

The mission associated with GKO is to provide some degree of evidence that what you now see unfolding before your very eyes is intentional and based, in fact, on a well layed out game plan. Some of the evidence we provide is circumstantial at best, while other pieces of the puzzle are certain. The key to understanding the game itself is to step back and view the "big picture," and that requires a variety of evidence that covers a wide array of subjects.

For example, one of the things that caused this writer to take an interest in politics is the fact that no matter which party that rules in the District of Columbia, the goals of the White House appear to remain the same. Oh, they may take on a different texture, and terms may be altered and revised to fit the party in control, as well as the means by which the main objective is met. But, if you carefully look at the "big picture" now unfolding, it should be quite evident that both political groups are working toward a globalized, unified, centralized world in which countrylines are no more. In a word, the overall direction of both parties in power is that of a One World Government by way of a New World Order.

It is my sincere hope that what you read on GKO will cause you to ponder the issues of the day. It is my objective to cause you to think, to wonder, to analyze, and then to take action against those responsible. What action? First, we must spread the word, provide the proofs, and we do that by bringing others to GKO and a variety of other web sites. Second, we must contact our Congressional Representatives to tell them how we feel about what they are doing to America. Third, if all the above fails to protect our country from outside influence, we must consider other alternatives--some of which we may not enjoy contemplating.

The bottom line is, we must do something. Yes, you are one, small person--but each of us suffer from that ailment. But, together we can do so much. Please add your voice to the growing number of folks who would like to see America returned to Americans.

Allan B. Colombo, Publisher

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