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20 October 2004

Kerry or Bush?

By Al Colombo

Which way are you going to vote come that first Tuesday in November? Will you vote Democrat or will you vote Republican? Or, will you choose a third party, such as Ralph Nader or one of the many others? I don’t know about you, but election after election, our choices are fewer—at least where it comes to something different than what we already have.

Do I dislike President Bush? No, I don’t. Did I particularly dislike former President, Bill Clinton? No, not particularly. Do I like Ralph Nader? Not particularly. So what’s up with this?

First, let’s be perfectly honest with one another, a vote for Nader or a vote for any other third-party candidate is a vote in the wind for as soon as you cast it, it’s gone—it meant little to anyone. Okay, so which one of the main two candidates should we vote for?

Before I try to answer that question, let’s be perfectly honest with one another again. Let us do that by you answering my one question to come…

“Is there truly a difference between the two candidates and their parties today?”

If you answered yes and you began thinking about Right to Life vs. Pro Choice, or 2nd Amendment Gun Rights vs. Total, outright Gun Control, then you’ve got it all wrong. First of all, ask yourself what is happening today that is hurting America the most? Is it the millions of real, live babies that are ripped apart, the brains sucked out of their skulls, and their limbs torn from their mother’s wombs? Surely this does not help us. Could it be the issue of gays in the military, or how about gays in the pulpits of churches, or the right of females to join previously all-male golf clubs?

Surely all of these differences are real and they do serve to further polarize the people of this nation. But, there is one very big issue that is harming this country more than any of us could possibly know, and that is GLOBALIZATION! This is the top agenda today among those elite groups of men and women who commonly decide the direction society will move in. Isn’t this the top agenda of both parties? How can I say that? What proof do I have? First, how about the fact that neither party is talking about Globalism and its affect on American jobs.

All we’re hearing about is, “It’s Bush’s fault the jobs are going out of country,” or some other such nonsense. All the while the Democrats chant this in public, they fail to see that their own previous President did nothing to foster American jobs here at home. How can we know that? Because it was on Clinton’s watch that environmental policies became so toxic to Corporate America that many companies closed up shop and set up in China or in Mexico, somewhere where the environmental regulations are not that stringent. Somewhere where they are able to operate and make a profit. Can you blame them? And now the Democrat candidate promises to strengthen environmental regulations, like Mr. Clinton did.

America had better wake up fast before it’s too late! I say, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, throw out the traitorous politicians who’s voting record clearly show their Socialist leanings. The Democrat presidential hopeful has a voting record that any Leftist would be proud of. And yet, Union heads, school teacher union leaders, and others want a Democrat solution come the first few days of November. Sad but true, there is little choice in how we vote if we truly care about this nation: BUSH!

The real question is, what comes after that?


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Thank you. --Al Colombo

Allan B. Colombo

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