"No nation has the right to occupy another."

In the movie, Lion of the Desert, produced by Syrian-born Moustapha Akkad, after Italian forces captured a proposed rebel leader, Omar Mukhtar, he was heard to say, "No nation has the right to occupy another." It was then that I began to ponder the antics of modern democratic nations, such as the United States and it's allies in the War On Terrorism.

For just a few minutes, please close your eyes and picture two television screens before you without sound. On the left you have pictures of Clinton mixed with military action in Iraq; Bosnia, specifically Kosovo; Somalia and other nations throughout the 1990's. On the right you have pictures of Bush Jr., combined with graphic pictures of military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, alleged to be part of the current "War on Terrorism." I ask you, is there truly any real difference in the pictures that you are witnessing in your mind?

May I submit to you that what was commonly called "nation building" by Clinton and other Internationalists in the 90s now is called the "war against terrorism" by Bush and other Internationalists. When you consider the final result of both pictures, both concepts, is there truly any difference? In both cases, smaller nations are made to comply with the global system--the global economy and the United Nations governmental system. Is there truly any difference between nation building and the war on terrorism?

Does this fact make the "war on terrorism" any less real than it appears? If you consider the lost 3,000 lives in the terrorism that took place on American soil in 2001, the answer to this qustion is a resounding no! Then, what am I proposing? What I am suggesting is that the war on terrorism was contrived over a long period of time. How so? By feeding these terrorists money for arms, encouraging them in a variety of ways, inciting them to anger through International and national news media, giving them access to this country through bogus visas and extremely lax visitation laws, and by border politics that, themselves, border on either treason or dereliction of duty on the part of the federal government and its keepers (the Congress and President)!

Contrived? Yes, quite possibly. And by whom? By those who have nothing better to do than to sit around and ponder their family's destiny to rule society. Is all the wealthy of planet Earth like that? No, of course not. Only those who are obsessed with power and excess of wealth. Perhaps more so with politicians who seek power and wealth--those who do not mind being owned by the few who believe it their moral destiny to guide nation states.

Can we now pull back from the "war on terrorism?" Probably not--not since the dogs of war have been unleashed upon us. However, it's important for both Christians and Muslims to understand how we arrived at this juncture. If there is to ever be peace and understanding among the peoples of Earth, all of us must understand the antics of the few who seek to rule the many.

The few who own the media, the press, the factories, and much more, will always seek to manipulate public opinion, emotion, and public action for their own personal interests. So, as you, the terrorist, seek to strike out at America, and as you, the intended American victims seek to protect yourselves--and to strike back once injury has been inflicted, you have the "few" to thank for your plight.

Al Colombo (c)2004
GKO Publisher

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