The Daily Commentary
29 March 2002

A Fat, Lazy, and Arrogant Crowd?

(No wonder other nations hate us.)


By The Friday the 13th Anarchist

September 11th 2001 was awake up call to America. Unfortunately very few Americans have taken heed. We have become a nation of fat, overweight people. We have not even dug the last victim's body from the World Trade Center and yet so many have returned to their old ways.

Militia To Train Civilians (this will open up a new window in your browser)Americans generally do not want to work hard and the statistics bare this out by the fact that the construction trades are severely hampered, unable to find enough good people to fill available positions. There is a 35% and higher shortage of skilled tradesman with no end in sight!

What is it? These jobs too far beneath everyone's dignity? Every body wants to go to college so they can leave and make $100,000.00 dollars a year doing next to nothing for it. For all the college and technical school trained people we have in this country, positions for high-tech careers still go unfilled. Many of our remaining employers have to go overseas to India and other countries to fill these positions!

Independence vs. Slavery (This will open up a new window in your browser)American students' math and science scores for a developed nation are the lowest they have ever been. No wonder we have so many product liability suits in this country when manufacturers cannot find quality people to turn out good working products. I am also amazed at how many people in this country find themselves too stupid to find a decent job. Even more amazing is the fact that it is these same fat, stupid, and lazy people who cry and complain about how terrible their lives are.

When will we Americans wake up and realize that there are people waiting in line to kill us at the very first opportunity they get? Our gov't. keeps warning that attacks are certain to come, and instead of getting educated and learning what these threats are, and what we can do to protect ourselves, most of us sit and want our gov't. to tell them what, where, how, and when to do it.

Sorry, not the Anarchist. I have, and will always be ready to thwart any terrorist activities in my area. However, if you continue to sit there and do absolutely nothing to protect yourself and your family, then too bad for the fat and lazy American. Remember, you will always reap what you sow. If you want to remain unable to defend your castle, then don't call those of us with gutts and guns to do it for you.

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Allan B. Colombo

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