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22 March 2002


If Wal-Mart is such an all-American institution, then
why has the Patriot garment manufacturing plant closed?


By The Friday The Thirtheenth Anarchist

Recently, while talking to a home center store owner, he expressed dismay at how bad business is. I made the comment in passing that what else could we possibly expect with treaties like NAFTA in effect that allow business to reposition their factories in third-world countries. He commented that we don't have the right to deny third-worlders a living. I replied, "yes, that is true, but we don't have to do it at the expense of our own children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, do we?" He thought for a moment and he said, "you have a point."
Al Colombo, publisher

If you ever travel along Pennsylvania Rt.66 in rural Washington Township, Westmoreland County, you might take notice of a little manufacturing plant that closed their doors about a year ago. Along with its closing went 75 good-paying garment manufacturing jobs.

Go ahead and stop, look through the fogged-up windows. You will see the ghostly sewing machines and worktables just waiting for another shift to arrive, a shift that will never start.

Why did this plant close? It was because Wal-Mart worked them over real good until they went bust. You see, Wal-Mart has become so huge that it dictates prices they will pay for the items they buy from their vendors. In addition, it is Wal-Mart that determines when they will pay you.

Patriot Manufacturing, along with Riedbord Brothers Garment Manufacturing, another Pennsylvania Garment maker, went out of business because Wal-Mart kept insisting on lower prices. They demanded that American manufacturers produce a clothing item for what they could get it overseas .Of course, Patriot could not do this which caused the company to go bankrupt, after which they finally ceased production.

Now, of course, Wal-Mart wants everyone to think that they're an All-American company, but all that Red, White and Blue in the stores is nothing but false advertising. Just go ahead and pick up most any of the items you will find in Wal-Mart, those that you would think are American made, and you will sadly find labels that reflect every other country but the USA.

I was recently talking with a gentleman who owned a grocery store in a small shopping center in Pa. who lost his store when a Wal-Mart opened across the street. In fact, 35 businesses in the area went out of business in just six months once Wal-Mart opened up!

[Editor's Note: Why bother with warfare when you can defeat your enemy by eroding his economy? No economy, no industry-no industry, no weapons. -Al Colombo]

Business run out by the opening of a Wal-Mart storeMany news programs have shown how Wal-Mart's wreak communities and kill jobs. Sixty Minutes even went so far as to show a Wal-Mart Executive with a pathetic attitude when they showed him a film of exploited child labor in Southeast Asia were Wal-Mart buys many of the products that they sell. His reply was to the effect, "well bad things do happen."

Wal-Mart has been accused of causing run off pollution problems when they failed to build according to a site plan in a Pa. Community as well. Recently news stories have been coming out how Wal-Mart has even run small company's, run by the disabled, out of business with their aggressive pricing tactics. Tell them they will buy at one price than come back three months later and demand the price be dropped.

Well I have a statement for Wal-Mart I will never, ever conduct business with your company. I will never buy from your company. Plus you can pick up and get the hell out of Pa., W.Va., and Ohio You are not helping America, you are just slowly globalising it.

You have brain washed Americans into thinking they're getting the lowest prices when, in fact, your store prices are often many times higher than nearby K-mart and Target stores. Yes everyone likes low prices, and a bargain is a bargain, but at what a Price that we will pay down the road. At such a price we are paying even now.

Soon there will be no more garment industry in this country and many, small plastic makers will find it necessary to close their doors, all because of their local Wal-Mart. If you think that you're getting such a bargain when you go to a Wal-mart, just think about the many American jobs that you just sent to Southeast Asia and other third-world countries.

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Allan B. Colombo

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