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7 March 2002

Another Screwed-Up Youth


By Friday The 13th Anarchist

deathThe Anarchist has little sympathy for the15-year-old young man who took off without permission in a small Cessna trainer and crashed into an office building in Tampa, Florida. Any American who would leave a sympathy note for Osama bin Laden, not to mention his support for the attacks that took place in New York City, in D.C., and in Pennsylvania, should do exactly as young Charles did. Somehow, as sad as it may seem, suicide seems to fit the profile here. However, for future reference, perhaps a Private suicide would be better so no one else is harmed.

pollHow can any American agree with the September 11th attacks? Well, it appears this 15-year-old did. Thank God that no one else was hurt, as young Charlie seemed to fit the classic pattern of the misguided young men who committed the Columbine massacre. He was a typical loner with no friends--Just another young man upset with the world because he did not fit in.

I hate to tell you Charlie, if you can hear me, but the Anarchist was and still is a loner too. But, the Anarchist never tried to kill himself or others that he may have hated when he was your own age.


iiiI knew that I was a one of a kind, a unique individual. No one can ever be me or do what I do. I could care less what people think of me--how I dress, speak, or what I may believe. But this is a lesson you and all the other sick little butt heads never learned.

Did you get picked on in school all the time like I did? Did the kids call you and your parent's horrible names and tease you? Well, too bad! That's life.

It's too bad that Charlie didn't learn to cope with all of this before he flew that Cessna into the side of a building. Perhaps he would have been around to enjoy this fourth of July, or Thanksgiving yet to come.

-Al Colombo

You must have been a real piece of work. Not one student went to see the grief counselors at school over you. Was life so bad and did you become so antisocial that you had to get revenge by slamming a plane into a building. Well, you got your 15 minutes of fame-but what a shame. No Charlie, no one gives a damn about what you did; and a couple of months from now, they won't even remember your name.

Charlie, allow me to tell you and every other young person out there who believes that they are a social outcast and feels that they have to prove something to the world:

iiiYou can dedicate your life to good or you can dedicate it to evil. You can be a socialite or a sociopath--a winner or a loser. That is the freedom that this country affords you. But take up arms like Johnny Walker, or show support for scum like Osama bin Laden, or you show support for terrorists and the 9-11 assault against this great country of ours, and let me be the first to invite you to a good old fashioned firing squad.

For those of you who believe that you have it so bad in the United States, I invite you to go and live in Communist China, or how about Sudan, Rhodesia, or some other country run by a Banana Republic Dictator. I guarantee that you will beg to come back home and that you will kiss the very ground you now curse.

Think about it before you end up cold and stiff six feet under!

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Thank you. --Al Colombo

Allan B. Colombo

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