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5 March 2002

Today's Globalists Learned
From Yesterday's Robber Barons

Behold the Wasteland of America


By The Friday The 13th Anarchist

Deserted businesses litter America, (c)2002 Allan B. ColomboOne only needs to hear the names Henry Clay Frick and Andrew Carnegie to instantly know where the term, "Robber Baron," came from. Both Frick and Carnegie are infamous for there deeds in the late 1800's, specifically for how they raped and pillaged the land, now scared with pits and orange streams filled with acid, and exploited the immigrant labor in towns all over Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Their greed is what helped build this nation up to utter greatness--all on the backs of poor, uneducated immigrants who were trapped in company towns all over the tri-state area.

Tennessee Ernie Ford made the famous song, Sixteen Tons:

You load sixteen tons and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
Saint Peter doesn't come a calling,
cause I owe my soul to the Company Store.

In those days of the Iron and Coal Police, where a man was billed for the powder and tools he used to mine the coal, workers labored 12-hours a day, 7-days a week and got 50 cents for their trouble. If you talked wrong against the company, the Iron and Coal Police beat you bloody and threw your family and its meager possessions into the street.

Chemtrails Commentary for 03/05/02Those were the days when Frick and Carnegie paid just enough to their workers to keep them constantly struggling so that they would report to the mine shaft and mill gate. With no choice you could lose a days work or your family could starve. Signs at the gates read: Don't show up for work on Sunday, don't show up Monday, were prevalent as there was always someone ready to step in and take your place.

Hercules Engines sits in ruins in Canton, Ohio; (c)2002 Allan B. ColomboAll the while Mr. Frick and Mr. Carnegie lived in the lap of total and complete luxury. Homes with fifty-plus rooms, dozens of servants, the finest of food and clothing; worldwide travel, all while their workers toiled, got sick, and often died in those company towns.

As bad as all this seems you would think the world would never want to see those days again, but the Globalist's have a different view of things. They see the exploitation of labor in China, Tiawan, N. Korea, etc., were all the above conditions exist in this present day, as being normal.

The once busy Ponderosa sits idle on Atlantic Blvd. in Canton, Ohio; (c)2002 Allan B. ColomboEDITOR'S NOTE:
Without a doubt, such acts of human subjugation are in the Globalist's financial best interest. Yet on we march, further empowering these unethical, amoral people to further subjugate the masses by buying all we buy according to price only. By our silence and our disloyalty to our fellow countrymen we further encourage government to promote off-shore manufacturing, by virtue of foregone responsible trade barriers-to offset low wages abroad, which will always end with the demise of even more American factories and industrial jobs.
Allan B. Colombo, publisher


An acquaintance of the Anarchist's who does business in China elaborated on how he can get Nike-type knock-off tennis shoes for 0.25 cents each. He went on to say how, if they pay the workers a few cents more that the 0.15 cents an hour they make, they save it up and live off of it instead of coming back to work. Every day that is why they keep them poor. Chinese are naturally lazy he assures me.

Paper in the windows of boarded up businesses is a common site in strip malls across America; (c)2002 Allan B. ColomboThe anarchist, in the 1980's, sat in a business luncheon full of the biggest execs of a major city. I heard one of them speak of his travels in China and how they planned to exploit its cheap labor. The same exploitation goes on in Iraq, Afghanistan, India, and other third-world countries, which is why the United States is seen as the great Satan. These laborers cannot pay for the very goods they make. Not only that, but they see these goods being exported overseas to a rich America.

There has always been this "rich man--poor man" attitude in the world and in America. Class warfare, as it is known. The Anarchist grew up in a Mill town and has educated himself, but many stayed and now they are trapped. Many feel they are not smart enough to do anything else and that they cannot learn. They are condemned to be cleaning people, factory workers, etc.

A once proud building in the heart of Canton, Ohio, now sits empty and cluttered as locals have stolen cement blocks from walls that once surrounded it. (c)2002 Allan B. ColomboOf course, this is not true. But the modern-day Robber Barons insist they must believe this. When the Anarchist spoke out, the rest of the people all cowered like sheep, "They will get you," they say to themselves--this boogie man in their minds insists. Because this boogie man exists, the globalists like it because they like uneducated people. They want to direct whom works were, who gets educated--who does not; who succeeds, and who fails; and if you do speak out, they will get you.

Yes, there will always be those who can only go so far in life, but this fact does not give anyone the right to exploit them. A worker should be treated as an equal, not a dog. They should not be looked down upon because they are a cleaning person, but in the globalist's mind, there is always someone to be looked up to and someone to be looked down on. Although many of them talk of "equal rights," while inciting and organizing minorities, together which becomes a majority force, they truly practice the opposite.

What was once a booming auto service station in Canton, Ohio, now sits in ruin as it has changed hands time after time. (c)2002 Allan B. ColomboGlobalists want a dumbed-down, uneducated citizenry that never questions. You only need look at Enron to see this concept being played out. A few at the top stole and exploited the workers while the workers were left to stumble and fall-losing their retirement funds in the process. Employees were encouraged to put all there funds into the companies stock when any person that has any common sense knows you do not put all your eggs in one basket.

These employees were lied to. They were told that the company was in great shape all the while it was bleeding red ink. But the Anarchist is here to tell you that there is no Boogie Man, that you are each a unique individual. You can go as far or as short of a goal as you want to. You can be a cleaning person or a CEO-it all depends on what you want and what you believe.

Get educated and prevent the Globalists from turning this entire country into a land of fully dependent, subjugated sheeple. Or, if you like your life the way it is, do nothing and sooner or later the Globalists will own not only you, but also your children, grandchildren, and subsequent generations to come.

As local government searches for new, inventive ways in which to attain more operating capital, America continues to lose valuable industry. Listen folks, this is the very reason why local government is broke! The solution is not to squeeze the public for more money. The answer is to BRING BACK BUSINESS. Put an end to this Global Economy (New Economy) mentality and bring American industry back home!

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. Recently a retired military officer confided to this author that the reason why we must work in conjunction with other nations now relates more to our lack of self-sufficiency than to any other cause. In other words, Uncle Sam knows that we no longer have the industrial might to pull off a world conflict all by ourselves. Thank the Lord we were not sitting in the middle of an interdependent Global Economy back when Adolph Hister (Hitler) marched across Europe!

BRING INDUSTRY HOME!!! There is no other solution! The question is, is it too late to do so?

Al Colombo, publisher

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Allan B. Colombo

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