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28 July 2001

Who's Controlling
Our Children's Minds?


There seems to be an ever increasing bizarre behavior from today's children. Take the recent case of the two 10- and 13-year-old girls who set up an elaborate Bank Robbery Plan and got caught. Yes, I said bank robbery.

The plan was to throw police of the trail, so these two girls wore two layers of clothing so they could shed one of them after they made their escape. They also entered the bank with socks over their hands so they wouldn't leave fingerprints. In addition, they wrapped towels around their heads and concocted a plan whereby, if caught, they would say that a man had kidnapped them and forced them to rob the bank, which was false.

And what were these two young girls going to do with the $2000.00 they demanded in the note they gave the teller? They were going to buy themselves new outfits and purses, etceteras, in a shopping center across the street from the bank.

These two young girls did not come from homes where they were abused; and they were not what some would call white trash. Instead, they came from middle-income families where both girls were considered the perfect children. Their behavior and grades were considered good and they attended excellent schools, as well as church.

So I have only one question: "Who, or what, caused these two girls to come up with such a bizarre plan?"

busterThe girls said that they had gotten some of the ideas they used from watching television. Big Deal! When I was a kid, Hawaii 5-O was the big cop show on TV and what I saw and learned by it did not make me want to go out and copy it. Of course, I knew there were serious consequences if I did.

Or, how about the 14- and 15-year-old boys who joined their communities Junior Fire Fighting Program who were arrested for setting a fire that killed an elderly woman? They knew very well that she was still in the home when they did it. Again, both boys were never in trouble before and they had led normal home lives, at least up until then. Both of them also had relatives and family members in the department, and to make matters even worse, one of the boy's dad is an Assistant Chief.

Again, what possessed these children?

They recently showed in a TV investigative report a test were normal children were given classes in firearms safety and what to do if they encountered a gun. Several days later these same children, when put to the test, picked up the gun and, in some cases, tried to take the gun they found while cleaning out a school storage room--all but one, whom immediately notified school authorities. Editor's Note

When they were questioned as to why, after being warned on the dangers of guns, they did not do the right thing, many of them had no answer to give. Some said it was like they blacked out and were unable to control their actions. So might one conclude that some unknown agency is at work in such cases, controlling our children's minds? It certainly makes one wonder.

The question is, what is it that causes a "normal" child to react so violently with absolutely no reason behind it? Is it Television? Could it be that too many bad guys end up winning where, in the old days, the bad guys always lost? Perhaps Hollywood glorifies the bad guys with the guns far too much.

Could it be those violent video games; how about the violent rap and rock records that our kids are playing. Let's face it, groups like KISS, Def Leopard, and Led Zeppelin were around in my day and I turned out just fine. Perhaps it is the Internet, although this is not likely, for if I wanted to know how to do something wrong, all I had to do is go to the library. The Internet just makes this information faster to find.

Could it be the illegal drugs that many kid's parents experimented with in the 60's and 70's? But even some people that I personally know, who have always been straight and law abiding, have had children that turned into monsters.

Quick CommentSome say it is all the excesses and pressure on the kids today. Give me a break. Or how about all the pollutants and chemicals in the air and water? Maybe, but why then is everyone else not affected in the same way? Why only certain types of kids, and why at this time and not in years past? One thing is for sure, what is happening to these kids is somehow very different than in times past. It almost seems like Jeckle and Hyde with an On/Off Switch.

So who, or what, is behind it and how exactly are they doing it? If it is mind control, are they using drugs, radio beams, or subliminal messages? Why does it not affect all children and adults in the same way?

It is now a well known fact that lead poisoning can produce psychopathic children, especially from the inner city where there is ample old paint to go round. But I grew up in an old house with lead paint-I even helping my father rip out the old lead paint-covered walls and I seem to be functioning fine. But many of the children who grew up in relatively new homes down the street from where I grew up are now in jail. Many of them are also drug addicts or dead from suicide.

I think I have some answers, although I'm sure that it's not what many people would rather hear. Why did my siblings and I turn out OK while others did not? And why are so many children still turning out all right while an increasing number are not?

1- I had a mother and father who loved us and taught us the values of wrong from right. They taught us to respect ourselves as well as others. They were there when we needed them--and my parents stayed married

2- I had a religious upbringing that reinforced the lessons and philosophies that our parents instilled within us.

3- I also had loving and caring grand parents who were always there for us.

4- I was taught from the very beginning to treat others just as I would like to be treated.

5- I was taught that there were severe consequences for doing wrong things and that when one does good things there is always a reward, if not in this life, certainly in the next.

When you take a close look at many of the recent cases where children have gone astray, it is obvious that something went terribly wrong. Much of it seems to point to parenting skills, or the lack thereof. Those of us in the community who do not lead by good example, that show disrespect by our bad actions, need to understand that children are watching-even those who do not belong to us.

There are many who do not like me because I believe fully in the above five principles. I realize sometimes both parents are not there because of circumstances, but I know of single parents, and those where the grandparents died early, and they came through it OK. Most of the time it appears that this is true because they followed the above principles the best that they could.

In closing, I dare you to prove me wrong on the five principles as presented above. I would also like to hear your ideas on why today's children are having so many problems. The Anarchist

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Allan B. Colombo

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