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10 July 2001

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
When It Comes To The Turner Diaries


By Friday 13th Anarchist

Created by Nova Jane Colombo;
Photo by Howard M. Colombo; 
(c)Allan B. ColomboBack in the sleepy hills of W. Hillsboro W.Va. down a long winding road you will come to a compound run by Dr. William L. Pierce, known as the National Alliance, at on the Internet. This White Supremacy organization that Dr. Pierce runs produces monthly hate speeches that spills out over the full breadth of the Net. National Alliance also produces records of hate under the label Resistance Records with groups like Arian Son's that generate violent and hateful songs and lyrics, such as Die Jew Die, I hate you Jew, I spit on you Jew.

Quick Comment, Dr. Pierce vs. NAACPThis quiet little group that Dr. Pierce has put together has become one of the most dangerous hate groups in America, all due to a novel written by Dr. Pierce, know as "The Turner Diary's." This book essentially describes America in the middle of a Race riot.

Incidently, Timothy McVeigh was known to be a major fan of the Turner Diary's. In this book, for example, the players blow up the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) headquarters in D.C. using an ammonium nitrate bomb (hint). This is obviously where McVeigh came up with the idea for the Oklahoma City bombing. Also, the racists who dragged James Byrd behind a pickup truck, decapitating him, also committed several other high-profile, racially-motivated attacks. They, too, were fans of the Turner Diary's, all of which Dr.Pierce says are just words in a book.

This is were the 1st amendment of our free speech is pushed to the limit. But, thank God for the 1st Amendment, otherwise web sites like www.GiantKillers.Org would not exist. Yes, we are free to voice all the hate in the world, but we are also given the freedom to express all the love that exists within our hearts. So, please let it be love and not hate. Do let there be random acts of kindness and senseless beauty--not hate. We can all start by denouncing people like Dr. Pierce and exposing organizations, like the National Alliance, for the bigots and haters that they are.

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Allan B. Colombo

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