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25 January 2002

The United Nations:
An Ever Impinging Danger

By Allan B. Colombo, publisher

Get Us Out! of the United NationsIn a 1974 speech, the chief American representative to the United Nations deplored bloc voting and self-serving use of the UN (United Nations) by Communist, Arab, and other Third World nations. He referred specifically to the majoritiy's decision in the 1974 General Assembly to exclude South Africa entirely from the meeting and to curb the participation of Israel in the discussion of the "Palestine question." He warned that, by adopting unrealistic, one-sided positions and resolutions, the General Assembly was eroding support for the UN in the American Congress and among the American people. He further declared that "when the rule of the majority becomes the tyranny of the majority, the minority will cease to respect or obey it." The American representative urged the General Assembly to fulfill its true function: "to bridge the differences among its members states."
American Studies
Irving L. Gordon
Amsco School Publications, Inc.

We have a serious problem and it's been worsening for decades: Bias and Unfairness in many matters of grave interest to all Americans at the Int'l level, namely at the United Nations. The above quotation reflects only a smidgen of the problem as seen through the eyes of a single reasonable, caring American. What you are about to read also represents only a smidgen of what could be said about the One-World Government we now know as the United Nations (UN).

My fellow Americans, you and I, as a patriotic lot, should wish to assure both the security and longevity of all ten primary amendments in our Bill of Rights--as composed, established, and often outlined in a variety of writings by our Founding Fathers. Instead, most of us are satisfied in chanting the mantra of a "New Day," a "New Economy," a "New Order"--a "New One--World Order," and the United Nations is the primary tool now in use to bring such a one-world abomination into existence.

Proposed UN Stamp, 1950sWhy is a "One--World" anything an abomination unto God? Because it removes His influence over our lives, replacing it with an artificial mechanism by which men from afar will have the legal right to dictate our local religions, economics, farming, child care, educational programmes, and parenting practices, and much more. In a word, it is an abomination because it seeks to circumvent local control and replace the one, true God.

The U.S. Constitution, on the other hand, seeks to preserve the rights granted each of us under God. This is truly a constitution by the people and for the people. The UN human rights constitution, however, does not seek to preserve those rights granted us under God. Instead, it assures those rights granted by law. Read it!

It is the author's personal opinion that in the early years the UN did serve a helpful and charitable purpose unto man. But, as time progressed, so did control over this once proud organization by self-serving, non-charitable organizations of a Communist and anti-Israeli ideology.

Undisguised Anti-Americanism

Secretary of State Colin Powell, addressing a nationwide "town meeting" on October 11, 2001, insisted that the United Nations "is at the center" of the global alliance against terrorism. UN Secretary--General Kofi Annan insists that only the leadership of the world organization can provide "global legitimacy for the long-term response to terrorism."

Criminologist Harvey Kushner, a professor at Long Island State University and a widely respected analyst of terrorism, has a very different view. Professor Kushner compares the role of the UN to that of Afghanistan's Taliban government in sheltering Osama bin Laden: "The UN provides cover [for terrorism] almost the same way the Taliban does…. It serves as the laboratory, the linchpin for legitimizing incendiary rhetoric" against the United States.

In fact, just prior to the Black Tuesday attack upon our nation, UN Secretary-General Annan was in Durban, South Africa, to attend a UN world conference on "racism"-an event that proved to be an orgy of undisguised anti-Americanism. Delegates from scores of Arab and other Third World dictatorships and terrorist states vilified the United States and the West and demanded "reparations" for slavery. Among the nations demanding slave reparations was Sudan, a northern African nation where slavery is still practiced. (Sudan is also a notorious sponsor of international terrorism.)

The Durban conference was hosted by South African President Thabo Mbeki, a former leader of the African National Congress (ANC), a Communist--dominated terrorist group. During the 1980s the ANC slaughtered thousands of black South Africans through a tactic called "necklacing": ANC thugs would bind the victim's hands with barbed wire, force him to drink gasoline, place a gasoline-filled tire around his neck, and then set him on fire. While the victim dies a gruesome, prolonged death, his murderers would mock and taunt him. Get Us Out! of the United Nations

Since the ANC came to power in South Africa, that once-prosperous land has been overrun with crime, corruption, and racial violence, driving South Africans of all racial backgrounds out of the country or behind the barricades of "gated communities." Yet Annan-presumably speaking on behalf of the "world community"-described the ANC's South Africa as "a beacon of enlightenment…for the entire world" and praised the ANC terrorists themselves as a "heroic movement."

-John Birch Society

What would you expect of any organization that would vote the United States off of the UN's Human Rights Commission, which took place last year. All the while member states that support terrorism continue to sit upon this once most important arm of the UN.

The Commission's membership includes such supposed champions of individual rights as Libya, Sudan, and Communist China. On October 8, 2001, nearly one month after the attack upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the General Assembly elected Syria-a notorious terrorist state-to a seat on the Security Council, which is supervising the "war on terrorism." This is typical of the UN's institutional approach to "solving" the problem of international terrorism.
-John Birch Society

Canadian journalist, Mark Steyn, commented, after the WTO was brought down, "Why would the guys who took out the World Trade Center and Pentagon want to target the UN? The UN is dominated by their apologists…."

Going back a bit further, Communist and Arab nations, in the 1970s, worked hard, through the ILO (International Labor Organization), to secure condemnation of Chile for "denying trade union rights." All the while these very nations behind the UN effort were guilty of equally grievous sins related to the same issue. How and why? Perhaps Chile was singled out because its leadership failed to agree on other key points and thus suffered chastisement by like nations on the inside of the UN structure. In a word, the UN is routinely used to bully other nations to climb on board a variety of policy issues, and it was not originally toted for this purpose.

Another example involving Israel took place during the same time period. Arab nations within the UN gathered their power within the organizational framework of the UN so to reject a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) that stated that Israel had, indeed, improved the health conditions of Arabs under Israel's direct control. They did this by securing a vote of condemnation within the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) arm of the UN.

Another area where the UN has been less than forthwith is that of International News. In the early 1980s, for example, UN delegates from third world countries worked to censor international news organizations by passing a resolution within UNESCO that would create a "new world information order" by which all journalists would have had to been licensed. It ended with the withdrawal of the United States as well as Britain from UNESCO:

Many Third World governments contend that Western journalists present distorted views of their countries and, with Soviet bloc support, secured (1980) a UNESCO resolution calling for a new world information order that would, while affirming the principle of freedom of the press, give UNESCO the right to regulate news organizations. The proposal provoked strong protest from Western nations, including the withdrawal from UNESCO of the United States (1983) and Britain (1984) at least in part over the issue of the proposed "new world information order."
David K. Berninghausen
1994 The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
Get Us Out! of the United Nations

What better way is there to control what appears in print than by scrutinizing and licensing writers at the Int'l level? What better way is there to cover up a multitude of sins and promote a Left Ideology than by regulating environmental, security, economic, political and a host of other areas than through an international, global control system?

…at UNESCO, Soviet-bloc and Third World nations secured approval for the preparation of a so--called New World Information Order that would empower UNESCO to draw up a code of journalistic ethics, to regulate the flow of world news, and to "license" journalists. The Western world's free news organizations viewed these proposals as attempts to justify government censorship over the news media and to restrict Western-type press freedom. In 1981 they vowed to oppose UNESCO's efforts to curtail the "free circulation of news."
American Studies
Irving L. Gordon
Amsco School Publications, Inc.

Who was it that said that Communism (Int'l Tyranny) is dead? Let us say that it was simply taken to a new level--an Int'l level; but surely you must realize that Communism was never meant to be a localized phenomena. It was, right from the start, intended as an Int'l effort--and it has surely and slowly crept its way across the world--even as we speak this day. Get Us Out! of the United Nations

Last evening I had an opportunity to review a videotape produced by the John Birch Society (JBL) at a local showing. This author, already knowing the Leftist leaning of the UN in general, was not at all surprised by the trail of terrorism and Communistic ideologies that those who dominate the UN practice in their everyday dealings. But, I was pleased moreso with the manner in which the JBL is now promoting their "GET US OUT! of the United Nations" program. You do not have to belong to JBL in order to take advantage of the plentiful and helpful materials that JBL has to offer in the effort to divorce America from this most regrettable ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION.

GET US OUT! Of The United Nations:
If you are interested in preserving American values, in assuring our freedoms and national sovereignty, then you need to join the fight to GET US OUT! of the United Nations! JBL can provide you with a host of pamphlets, videotapes, and reprints of UN-related articles previously printed in the New American magazine. For more information, contact JBL at (800)JBS-USA1 (800-525-8721); P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912; or on the Web at

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