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Al Colombo, photo by Thompson Photography; Canton, Ohio; Copyright 1999May I be the first to say welcome to the Minuteman on Giant Killers. As always, you can find us from our home page on www.GiantKillers.Org, or you can set your browser to

A few words of direction when navigating our web sites: There are two (2) main web sites that you need to be aware of--this one (Minuteman) and our main Giant Killers web site. The latter is always available by going to On the Giant Killer site you will also find a link back to Minuteman. Just click on our Minute Man logo. Also, when navigating, you will find a small globe at the upper left. Clicking on it will bring up the previous menu/index.

Although we have worked to make The Giant Killers web site as simple to navigate as possible, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages and many twists and turns. For that reason, we have worked to combine frames and non-frames so to generate a fully integrated product. It has always been our intention to suit just about every web watcher possible.

About This Publication

There are several main departments and many subcategories to choose from. The main departments are accessible from the left-hand navibar as well as the main menu. From top to bottom you will find the following selections. Those that may not appear on the left can be found on the MAIN MENU.

DAVID'S CALL is a brief description of why Giant Killers is here. Our mission is to call into question policies, political and governmental, that appear to counter the values by which mainstream America turns. As our example, may we consider King David of the Old Testament who slew the giant, Golliath, using a mere slingshot and simple stone when he was a teenager. What seasoned warriors were afraid to do, without hesitation David did. May we be ever mindful of how brave and true he was to our Creator and truth.

MINUTEMAN is a short menu of the most recent articles and other files on Minuteman. Through this menu you can also access all major indexes.

WHAT'S NEW is a running list of present and past stories dating back to 29 April 2001, the very date when this department was founded. However, please note that there are hundreds of informative documents and commentary articles on this site that date back many years, some of them as far back as 1995.

INSTRUCTIONS provides information on how to best utilize this web site. You are in the INSTRUCTIONS section at this time.

DAVID'S CALLCOMMENTARY is no longer an active section, but it was our daily, on-top department where select commentary articles appeared each and every day. Included in a typical commentary are informational sidebars that often lead to other articles and web sites of interest. This was, and still may be, the most read and enjoyed department on the web site.

MAIN MENU provides a fairly complete listing of all departments and most of the subcategories that are available to the public. Some of the subcategories that are available from this page include the GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION & YOUTH, CONGRESSIONAL LETTERS, INCOMING MAIL, and GENERAL DOCUMENTS. Within the GENERAL DOCUMENTS section you will find many interesting government and non-governmental papers. This page also acts as our index page for those who elect to view www.GiantKillers.Org in non-frames.

CONTRAILS is a relatively new subsection on www.GiantKillers.Org that deals with the on-going high-altitude jet traffic that appears to be spraying something in the atmophere. Although no definite smoking gun of the right caliber has surfaced to date, there are many people convinced that its for real. David M., a resident of Ohio, is one such person. If you are not watching the skies, then perhaps you will once your visit David's section. To visit the CONTRAILS section, click HERE.

JCFA ORG is a link that will lead the reader to the Judeo Christian Family Alliance, an organization dedicated to the commonalities between Christianity and Judaism. Gary Miller heads this section.

TRADA is an informative department on www.GiantKillers.Org that concerns children who are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and other so-called attention deficiet-related conditions. In this section you will find helpful information, news, charts, press releases, and more. Bob Manfull leads this section for Society's Children and their often frustrated parents.

SEARCH is a utility offered by Google.Com. Through this search utility, the entire www.GiantKillers.Org web site is periodically searched by and all the various pages are registered in their search data base in conjunction with the entire domain. What this means is that every page on this web site is much easier to find by those who have never accessed Giant Killers before. When used in conjunction with an effective set of keyword meta tags, this enhances your ability to find pages on that contain words, ideas, and concepts that you specify in the search field. As shown on the search page, your search request will be confined to only the domain. However, you can elect to search the entire data base by selecting the web instead of this domain only.

CONTACT lists www.GiantKillers.Org staff and our regular contributors. When directing a comment to an author, use the CONTACT page to do so. To respond to one of their commentaries, or to submit a new one of your own, use the Click here to respond to this commentary banner.

OPINION CENTER is a department where you, the reader, can sound off. You can either enter your comment directly through the mechanism provided on this page, or you can send us a normal e-mail and we will enter it for you using either your first name, initials, or your full name (when you tell us to).

GIANT KILLERS is our main home page. The Minuteman is only part of what we offer as an organization. On our home page you will find additional resources related to historical documents as well as articles and commentaries on the issue of Globalism. While some of these resources exist here on Minuteman, you will find additional ones on our main home page. To access our home page via a new window in your browser, click HERE.

NON-FRAMES is a link that leads the reader directly to the main menu page, as outlined above. When you click on this link, the left-hand navibar disappears and the main menu page appears full screen. For those who wish to view this web site in non-frames, this is the link to use.

I trust that the above information will help you in utilizing the resources on Giant Killers. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. To ask questions about the web site itself, or to report dead links or other mechnical problems, please contact me at

Also, we welcome input on our home page and Minuteman, as well as general comment on current events. If you should wish to contact me personally, please do so using


Allan B. Colombo

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