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Welcome to the February 8th, 2004 edition of The GKO Sunday Intelligence Report, a weekly electronic intel magazine brought to you by Giant Killers Organization. To contribute, please send your submissions to


There are several things that I would like you to note within this week's GKO Sunday Intel Report. The first is the specific articles presented that deal with inoculations and drugs, as both relate to children. Our children are the future lifeblood of this country. Flawed public policies could act to threaten the quality of that future if we are not careful today. Those policies enacted now will have a direct impact on the mentality and quality of thought behind our future leaders.

My concern is that parents are often too trusting of what the medical community and politicians tell them. They should be extremely cautious and down right skeptical when anyone, doctor or otherwise, demand that new born babies be given a Hepatitis B shot, which is usually contracted only by sexual contact and by intravenous drug use, neither of which any baby will normally encounter. So, what's the beef here?

Another piece relates to the issue of vaccines and autism and ADHD among children. Here again, because of parent's trust, we have allowed our medical community and pharmaceutical companies to run overtop of common sense and what is truly necessary. The bottom line in both areas is dollars and cents.

For example, some years ago a bill came before the Ohio General Assembly that would force all parents to have their children immunized against chickenpox. Oh, never mind that a natural immunity against chickenpox would also provide a natural immunity against other key ailments. Well, it so happens that this same bill also came before the state legislature of every single state in the Continental United States at the same time!

That takes big bucks and a huge advertising budget--I mean lobbying effort. Obviously, this effort was spearheaded by a single, coordinated, centralized power. In other words, it took someone with a huge pockets to place this bill before all 48 states at the same time. Ask yourself what industry might that be…, or ask yourself what industry has a montary interest in millions upon millions of children taking innoculations needlessly?

My last concern involves the 911 tragedy-which is still an open subject as far as GKO is concerned. Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have long known that air travel is not entirely safe in the United States. If you stop and consider the lax security measures once in place in most U.S. airports, prior to recent improvements post September 11th 2001, you can easily see that the potential for disaster was always there. Is it any wonder that this well funded, organized group of terrorists, largely comprised of Saudis, so easily hijacked these airliners?

Perhaps the most difficult thing of all to accept about the events of that fateful day, however, was how easily these birds were able to carry out their mission without much interference-especially from the U.S. Military, specifically NORAD and USAF.

There are several articles of interest in this regards in the full-length article section of today's GKO Sunday Intelligence Report. Please take time to read through them. One of them was written by an individual who made repeated attempts to warn the FAA of a variety of security breakdowns inherent in the airport program. His continued efforts were met with apathy and an outright attempt to ignore the evidence that he provided.

The second of these 911 pieces came to me shortly after the tragedy took place. It came to me first by e-mail, when the writer, Timothy McNiven, asked GKO to publish what he had to say. I chose not to do that until I received more information. Then, last summer, when the official 911 Report became public, I decided that perhaps GKO should revisit McNiven's data.

The third and last thing that I wish to discuss is the GKO Membership Program. One of the things that each and every one of us suffer from is the feeling of being alone in a sea of problems and strife. Person after person has expressed the sediment that "I'm only one person, what can I do about all the crap that is going on in this country or across the globe?" When I've suggested that folks write their Congressmen, I've received comments, such as, "Who am I? Why would they bother to listen to me?"

It is because of all the above that the GKO staff have assembled a membership program whereby people of like or similar mind can actively discuss the issues of the day and receive helpful information besides. With very little personal information required, new GKO members are entitled to a free web-based e-mail box, which also includes an address book, calendar, memos, and task section; access to our private chat room; GKO updates; and a copy of The GKO Sunday Intelligence Report, delivered direct to your mail box. No money down and no money thereafter.

If you are interested in GKO membership, please send me an e-mail and I'll send you a membership application. Do keep in mind that GKO reserves the right to decline an application without explanation.

Thank you,
Al Colombo, GKO publisher

Home of Dr. Henry Makow Ph.D.

Kerry Took Cash From Chinese Military Intelligence

Democrats are counting on Sen. John Kerry's military credentials to convince voters that he can be trusted with America's national security.

But documents that surfaced over the weekend raise serious questions about whether Kerry was duped in the 1990s into helping the Chinese military perfect its ability to strike the U.S. with nuclear weapons.

In 1996 Kerry met with Liu Chaoying, the daughter of a powerful Chinese military official who also doubled as vice president of a subsidiary of the state-owned China Aerospace Corp.

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Democrats Pushing Legislation that
would Dismantle the Constitution

While watching the talking heads discussing the political issues of the day, a comment made during an interview with Rep. Gail Holmes Norton caught my attention. Ms. Norton is a democrat member of the House of Representatives from the District of Columbia. Since representatives from the District cannot vote on final legislation pending in the House, I was intrigued when she stated that her main goal in 2004 would be passage of the “No Taxation Without Representation Act.” Since the bill was cleverly phrased, I decided to do a little research and find out more about her proposed legislation. When I found that a companion bill had been introduced in the Senate as S. 617 by Sen. John Kerry and the usual liberal suspects of the Democratic Party, my intrigue turned to suspicion.

A review of the legislation revealed that my suspicions were well founded. The bill, which was introduced in March of 2003, is a covert attempt, in the name of fairness, to dismantle the Constitution and empower the Democratic Party. In the author’s opinion, this is, from a constitutional standpoint, one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation to come out of the bowels of the Democratic Party in many years.

Since residents of the District of Columbia are the only Americans who pay Federal income taxes but do not have voting representation in the Senate and House of Representatives, proponents of this legislation claim the only way to rectify this “injustice” is to provide for full voting representation in Congress for the citizens of the District.

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Beware of Vaccine Bullies

Why on earth should we vaccinate our newborn baby against Hepatitis B, a virus virus that is contracted mostly through intravenous drug use and sexual contact?

That is the question my husband and I had for the doctors and nurses at the hospital where our son was born two and a half months ago.

We didn't get very good answers. It was "convenient," "recommended" and "routine," the medical staff assured us. We wanted more information.

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Rights of NY Landowners to Use Force (Display Guns) to Stop,
Detain, Expel and Arrest Defiant Trespassers (or suspected Land-Thieves, etc.)

If a stranger is trespassing in defiance of conspicuous "No Trespassing" or "Posted" signs or he has refused to leave unenclosed land (or any other "premises") when lawfully ordered by the land-owner (or home-owner, store-owner, condo-owner, apartment-tenant or other lawful occupant) to do so, or the stranger is thereafter notified that he is being held for any such "offense" for the police but attempts to flee, the occupant has statutory rights to use non-deadly force (including the "mere display" of a weapon or the USE of PEPPER-SPRAY) if necessary to expel or to detain the intruder.

"'Property' is more than just the physical thing-the land, the bricks, the mortar-it is also the sum of all the rights and powers incident to ownership of the physical thing. [T]he right to use the physical thing to the exclusion of others is the most essential and beneficial. Without this right all other elements would be of little value.'"

Dickman v. Commissioner, 465 U.S. 330, 336 (1984).

"The ownership and possession of property confer a certain right to defend that possession, [including] a defense of it which results in an assault and battery, and that which results in the destruction of the means used to invade and interfere with that possession."

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The national debt is now over seven trillion, $4.04 trillion in honest contractual borrowing from investors and $2.96 trillion in debt representing money stolen from entitlements like Social Security plus annual interest added by simply handing phony trust funds more phony bonds—fraudulent accounts that serve no other purpose than to double tax us plus interest.

We've had a $226 billion increase to the national debt in the first four months of the government's new fiscal 2004, an average of $56.5 billion a month, or more than two billion a day not counting weekends and holidays.

Last year, the Bush administration ran up the national debt $555 billion with a deficit of $371 billion because they ignored the inclusion of money "borrowed" (stolen) from Social Security and other entitlements—$184 billion, including interest.

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Home of Dr. Greg Dixon

Professor Removed for Saying He's Catholic

Lakeland Community College near Cleveland, Ohio, has removed a professor of moral philosophy from his classes as punishment for refusing to hide his religious identity from students.

The college threatened Dr. James Tuttle, who espouses traditional Catholic beliefs, with dismissal because he made statements on his syllabi and in class that disclosed his religious faith and how that shaped his personal philosophy.

"Asking a philosophy professor to divorce his deepest philosophic views from his teaching is both outrageous and absurd," said Greg Lukianoff, director of legal and public advocacy for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

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New Research Suggests Link Between
Vaccine Ingredients and Autism, ADHD

According to new research, there is an apparent link between exposure to certain neurodevelopmental toxins and an increased likelihood of developing neurological disorders such as autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Newswise — According to new research from Northeastern University pharmacy professor Richard Deth and colleagues from the University of Nebraska, Tufts, and Johns Hopkins University, there is an apparent link between exposure to certain neurodevelopmental toxins and an increased possibility of developing neurological disorders including autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. The research – the first to offer an explanation for possible causes of two increasingly common childhood neurological disorders – is published today in the April 2004 issue of the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

Though some speculation exists regarding this link, Deth and his colleagues found that exposure to toxins, such as ethanol and heavy metals (including lead, aluminum and the ethylmercury-containing preservative thimerosal) potently interrupt growth factor signaling, causing adverse effects on methylation reactions (i.e. the transfer of carbon atoms). Methylation, in turn, plays a significant role in regulating normal DNA function and gene expression, and is critical to proper neurological development in infants and children. Scientists and practitioners have identified an increase in diagnoses of autism and ADHD in particular, though the reasons why are largely unknown.

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Jewish Leaders Slam Mel Gibson's 'Passion' Film

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two prominent Jewish leaders played film critics on Friday and gave a resounding thumbs down to Mel Gibson's controversial film "The Passion of the Christ," saying the movie blamed Jews for the death of Jesus and could cause "tremendous harm."

One leader, the Anti-Defamation League's chief Abraham Foxman, had to sneak in to see the film at a screening for Christian ministers, while the other, Rabbi Marvin Hier, the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, said he was shown the film by a friend who wished to remain anonymous.

Gibson has shown the movie only to selected audiences so far although it will open in 2,000 theaters on Feb 25.

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Think about how astounding this is! The President of the United States is being accused of at least allowing the attack upon us to occur on September 11, 2001, if not being directly involved in its happening, for personal and political profit! And the evidence backing the accusation is deeply disturbing.

Could we REALLY have a President who would deceive the people to mount an attack? Well, it seems clear now that FDR did that. He knew that the attack upon Pearl Harbor was coming but did not warn the troops there. And LBJ used a hoax to accelerate the Vietnam war - The Gulf of Tonkin incident. And we all remember that Hitler staged the Reichstag fire to gain power in Germany.

Was 911 permitted to happen? Or, worse, was it a hoax?

Hopefully this law suit will pave the way to the truth.

Don Stacey, GKO Columnist

In the midst of the vast masses of sleeping, ignorant, and apparently brain-dead American people, a true American hero is rising: Ellen Mariani. She is the person who is suing George W. Bush, his father, and high officials in the Bush regime because they "intentionally and deliberately failed to prevent the 9/11 attacks." She is claiming that Bush et. al. violated the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), a law enacted primarily to go after the Mafia and organized crime. In the following article Joyce Lynn reports that the lawsuit continues to proceed, something that I find both very heartening and also amazing. Given the ruthless criminality of those behind the Bush regime one might have expected her to be murdered or "suicided" by now. Perhaps there is yet a last flicker of the Constitution left alive in this land. At the very least this lawsuit will allow certain ideas and facts and evidence to be put into the public record, win or lose. Mariani must be considered a great hero for her bravery and persistence in demanding that the president and his cronies be brought to account over the 911 tragedy.

Most of the 911 victims' survivors were content to be bought off and silenced by payoffs and compensation fund of the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act. In return for the payoffs they agreed not to sue anyone for the loss of their loved ones. Joyce Lynn writes "Of the official 2,976 deaths, 2,851 families filed claims, forsaking future litigation against the government, airlines, airports, or security firms." This will probably go down in history as the biggest payout of "hush money" of all time. While it may seem sad that so few of the 2,976 people chose to reject the bribe and sue the appropriate parties, one must feel grateful that Mariani did, for her lawsuit will benefit all Americans and the world by bringing certain evidence and facts forward and recording them in a court of law.

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WLRY - 88.5 FM

The Bogeyman of Lost Jobs

Trade, and it seems in particular the trade deficit, is "hollowing out" this vital industry. To some, we are trading ourselves into an economic third-world. As one pro-manufacturing lobbying group wrote, "The arithmetic of trade is quite simple. More U.S. exports increase American jobs. More foreign imports destroy American jobs."

Pat Buchanan and the staff at Crafted With Pride in the USA, Inc. contend that the flight of manufacturing jobs represents a security threat to America's sovereignty. Without manufacturing, how can we produce the tools and supplies we need to defend ourselves? Certainly, we can't buy heavy machinery from China to built rockets when we are at war with them.

Such bellicose fears are as unwarranted as they are dangerous. Certainly one could argue that there are many sectors and goods that are even more vital than the manufacturing of arms and textiles. The surest and easiest way to inflict mass casualties on the American people would be through the food or drinking supply. And what's more, there is nothing more important than food and water for human survival.

[Editor's Note: For those who believe that trade liberalization has not degraded our "national security," it seems more than coincidental that this aim coincides with the ultimate mandate issued in 1963 for the total and complete disarmament of all nations and the further empowerment of the United Nations military apparatus. For those who doubt, please do read THE UNITED STATES PROGRAM FOR GENERAL AND COMPLETE DISARMAMENT IN A PEACEFUL WORLD, Department of State, Document 7277.
Al Colombo, Publisher

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Although most Americans still believe they have a legal obligation to pay income taxes, that is not true apparently. There have now been two taxpayers who earned substantial income and did not pay taxes. Each wrote letters to the IRS asking to be advised as to the specific law that requires them to pay income taxes. Receiving no answer, they wrote several times without response. The IRS filed criminal charges against each of them. At trial, both taxpayers were acquited. NOW GET THIS: in neither trial did the prosecutor introduce into evidence a specific law that requires us to pay income taxes. Imagine that. The taxpayers whole case was that they had not been able to find the specific law that requires them to pay income taxes and the prosecution DID NOT offer such a law into evidence. A similar case was just tried in Texas where the defendant was found guilty. BUT the only indication that there was a specific law was by the judge telling the jury that one existed although none was produced. I believe that the Texas taxpayer was not given a fair trial by any means.

Now a statute is proposed in Texas that has many interesting features. Here is one excerpt:

"Section 7. No person may collect taxes for the United States Government without first providing explicit and actual Taxation Statutes that meets all CFT US of A limitations and provisions for collecting a United States Government Tax from the citizens of Texas."

I have no idea where this statute originated or who drafted it, but the idea is most timely. The arrogance of the IRS abusing Americans while forcing us to pay taxes would be well dealt with if this statute is passed. Then if they can't prove there is a specific law that requires us to pay income taxes, they stand to be criminally charged themselves.

About time !

Don Stacey, GKO Columnist

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The Return of the Clinton Health Care Plan

In 1992 Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas unseated incumbent President George H. W. Bush in part by tapping voter dissatisfaction with the rising cost of health insurance and the growing number of Americans without health insurance. Despite a massive legislative campaign directed by then–first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Clinton administration's sweeping proposal to increase federal control over the health care sector languished and eventually died in Congress. Today, with health insurance costs once again rising at double-digit rates and the number of uninsured Americans at a new high, the Democratic candidates for president have lined up their own health insurance reform proposals. The major candidates are Army Gen. Wesley Clark (ret.), former governor of Vermont Howard Dean, Sen. John Edwards (NC), Sen. John Kerry (MA), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH), Sen. Joe Lieberman (CT), and Rev. Al Sharpton. Before leaving the race, Rep. Richard Gephardt (MO) also put forward a major health care proposal.

Unfortunately, the candidates' health plans reflect the same misconceptions as and rely on approaches similar to those of the failed Clinton health plan. Like the Clinton health plan, they misdiagnose what ails the health care sector; would attempt to direct the provision of health care from Washington, DC, through increased taxes, government spending, and bureaucratic control; and would magnify the perverse incentives created by past government interventions. Like that of the Clinton health plan, their response to the use of unconstitutional government power in the health care sector is to wield even more unconstitutional power.

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Canberra and Jakarta deny embassy bugs

Indonesian and Australian officials yesterday hosed down claims Australia's spy agencies had been caught bugging the Indonesian embassy in Canberra.

Allegations that listening devices had been found in the embassy threatened to overshadow a regional anti-terrorism conference in Bali discussing intelligence sharing.

But claims by several Indonesian MPs, backed by an intelligence official in Jakarta, that electronic bugs had been found in both the embassy chancery and ambassador's residence, drew strong rebuttals.

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U.S. soccer team hears Osama chants in Mexico

ZAPOPAN, Mexico - The Mexican crowd hooted "The Star-Spangled Banner." It booed U.S. goals. It chanted "Osama! Osama! Osama!" as U.S. players left the field with a 2-0 victory.

And that was in a game against Canada on Thursday before just 1,500 people.

A game Tuesday in neighboring Guadalajara will determine whether the U.S. under-23 soccer team heads to the Athens Games.

"This is what it is all about," coach Glenn Myernick said. "You are 90 minutes away from being in the Olympics."

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Are You On Uncle Sam's No Fly List?

NEW YORK (CBS) The war on terror casts a wide net and has so far prevented a second September 11th. But is that net too wide? CBS 2 has learned of a top secret government list of Americans who are not allowed on any commercial airlines.

Are they terrorists or violent criminals or something else?

The airport counter: This is as far as Rebecca Gordon and Janet Adams say they are allowed to go at San Francisco International Airport. The last time they checked in for a flight to Boston to visit Gordon's 80-year-old father, an airline employee called the police.

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The Queen’s banker, Coutts, is one of eighteen London banks Saddam Hussein has admitted to his MI5/MI6 interrogators he used to hide his £35 billion fortune.

He has confirmed the bulk of that fortune was stolen by him from the Central Bank of Iraq, transferred to banks in the Middle East and then deposited under false names in the London banks. Later, the money was transferred to banks in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Bulgaria.

“Any transfer coming from a London bank was assumed to be legitimate”, said Christopher Story, publisher of the International Currency Review, a specialist banking journal. Story was a former financial adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the time Saddam was salting away his fortune. He is being grilled in a purpose-built interrogation centre. But even the country it is sited in is being kept secret.

“Saddam is now a prime target for Al Qaeda in case he leads the interrogation to Osama bin Laden. Saddam is now the most protected man on earth. He has more security than Bush or Blair put together”, a senior British intelligence source said.

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China tightens net around online dissenters

The man shadowing the internet activists on the street was either spectacularly incompetent or deliberately trying to intimidate. Each time they stopped, he stopped. When they ate at a restaurant, he waited outside. When they doubled back on themselves, he gazed down at his shoes until they walked past and then continued following them.

The sight of the public security agent clumsily pursuing three students, a monk and an old woman was almost comically out of step with the times. But there was nothing funny about the risks they were taking. Ducking into a tatty old dormitory in one of Beijing's most prestigious universities, the activists got to work on a project that could have led to their arrest and imprisonment.

In a tiny student room, one of them had connected three computers and linked them to the internet. From here they run a weekly chatroom for the most talked-about - and sometimes politically sensitive - issues of the day.

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After Hutton, the verdict: 51 per cent say Blair should go

Tony Blair's loss of public trust after the war on Iraq and the Hutton report is underlined today by a poll for The Independent showing more than half of voters want him to resign.

The NOP poll, conducted this week, shows that 51 per cent want the Prime Minister to quit and 54 per cent believe he lied to the nation over the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.

It also shows the Tories are ahead of Labour in popularity. The Conservatives are on 36 per cent, with Labour on 35 per cent and the Liberal Democrats on 24 per cent.

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Call for Gulf War syndrome review

Thousands of veterans have suffered a diverse range of illnesses, which many blame on injections administered before the conflict.

But there has been no conclusive scientific proof that the illnesses are related to the conflict.

The Bar Council chairman has now written to Lord Morris of Manchester, who has campaigned for the veterans.

Stephen Irwin QC is backed by other lawyers, who believe that even in the absence of a legal case, the government should look again at the plight of the veterans.

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Praise 910 AM
Praise Radio 910 AM

About InterGOV (Purpose and Mission)

The concept of InterGOV is so basic that many people have trouble understanding the simplicity of it. The Internet has opened a whole new frontier that has brought every person in the world together in one place.

No longer do international borders or individual politics separate whole nations. The Internet is people, plain and simple, without regard to age, sex, race, creed, life style, language, handicap, religious affiliations, political associations, country of origin, or any other discriminatory or qualifying requirements.

The Internet is a world within itself; it is a virtual community of hundreds of millions of citizens from every corner of the planet. Never before in the history of mankind have so many people gathered together in one place.

This new world community has created the need for a whole new way of thinking. Traditional land based rules can never apply in such a complex and diverse environment. One nation's laws cannot be applied to another nation's citizens. New internationally accepted standards must be enacted. Business practices must be completely re-thought, and new methods must be developed to survive in the international market place. A whole new world has opened up and new traditions must be established to replace the old.

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Unidentified military unit caught crossing U.S. Border

Well before dawn broke on a chilly Saturday morning volunteers of Civil Homeland Defense were in position atop ridges along the San Pedro River scouting for groups of people entering the country illegally. Through binoculars this reporter spotted two military type vehicles parked at an abandoned ranch just across the “Line”, the U.S. - Mexico border.

With me that morning was an independent photo journalist from Texas; we’ll call him Mike. Also along with our patrol was an independent video journalist, Caesar from Texas. The two had been with us on many patrols and have documented hours of our operations and numerous encounters with illegal invaders. That morning they finally had the opportunity to see what we had told them about, they got their “money shot”, what they had been waiting for: drug dealers, illegals and a run-in with the legendary rogue para-military groups that “patrol” the Mexican side of the border.

I asked the two if they wanted to move in closer; they were of course eager to get as close as possible. I’m sure they were not exactly prepared for what happened next. We loaded into my truck and drove to within a couple hundred yards of the line; I parked the truck behind some trees and thick brush wanting to move in as quietly as possible.

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Ex-congressman's aide has video of explosion?
Police raid home for evidence Nichols' attorneys say investigators never saw

The Fairfax County, Va., home of John Culbertson ­ once a member of former U.S. Rep. James Traficant's scandal-plagued congressional office ­ was raided Friday afternoon by Oklahoma City police detectives searching for evidence related to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

A copy of the search warrant obtained by the McCurtain Daily Gazette described the evidence sought by detectives as including any and all computer equipment, letters, correspondence, electronic mail and image files.

The raid follows a Jan. 27 closed-door meeting attended by prosecutors and defense attorneys involved with the Terry Nichols murder trial, set to begin one month from now in Oklahoma.

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The National Vaccine Information Center
National Vaccine Information Center


Utah House passes anti-UN resolution

February 3, 2004

Yesterday, the Utah House of Representatives passed a resolution urging the U.S. Congress to consider withdrawing the United States from the United Nations. The resolution passed 42 to 33. It now goes to the Utah Senate. We applaud the Utah House for its decision and encourage the Utah Senate to do the same.

On January 22, 2004, Congressman Ron Paul addressed the Utah legislature, both House and Senate, on the subject of withdrawing the United States from the U.N. He also spoke to an over-flow crowd at a rally in support of the Utah resolution.

Congressman Paul has, for many years, fought in the U.S. Congress to withdraw the U.S. from the U.N. with his American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1146). Urge your U.S. representative to cosponsor H.R. 1146. People from around our country know that the U.N. is bad for the U.S. and it's time to get out.

To send your message, go to

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

Privacy on Yahoo

Yahoo is now using something called "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo Group users around the net and see what you're doing and where you are going - similar to cookies. Take a look at their updated privacy statement:

About half-way down the page, in the section "Outside the Yahoo! Network", you'll see a little "click here" link that will let you "opt-out" of their new method of snooping. I strongly recommend that you do this.

Once you have clicked that link, you are opted out. Notice the "Success" message the top the next page. You will have to do this with each browser you use, because it does not opt the user out, only the browser.

Be careful because on that page there is a "Cancel Opt-out" button that, if clicked, will *undo* the opt-out. Feel free to forward this to other groups.

Wes Thomas [EWAR]

Official Communication #1 of The White Rose Society

Dear Friends, This communication is brought to you by the White Rose.

Please have no fear, we will not be reporting your reading of this document to Homeland Security! (Though they may be watching you anyway!)

Please listen to the following special audio program. Please be aware that this program may make you doubt the honesty and intentions of Our Leader. The Truth Will Set You Free!

George W Bush and 1984: You decide. - Five easy steps for turning America into a totalitarian state.

Commission to Investigate Weapons of Mass Destruction Intelligence

When being questioned about the announcement of an independent commission to investigate intelligence failures prior to the war in Iraq McClellan said details of the commission are not finalized. The White House wants to finalize all details of the commission before an announcement is made but the announcement is expected soon. According to McClelland the commission will be independent and bi-partisan and "the President will appoint qualified individuals, with integrity who have a lot of experience to bring to the commission."

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An up and coming music format

Nick Markowitz, GKO Contributing Writer
Broadcast Engineer (WAVL)

Believe it or not Christian Music is starting to make its own way in the world of music. While Rock and roll, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc., have been flat in ratings and sales. Only Country Music and Christian Music have seen increases.

For this unusual degree of success, you can say that it's the 911 tragedy, or perhaps it is that the other music all sounds the same-boring, especially with all the same sounding FM Radio Stations which do not even use local talent any more. Everything is programmed out of Chicago, La, and New York. The fact that Christian music is rising in popularity is a good sign.

Christian Music comes in many formats, such as rock, praise/worship, gospel, to Rap, with groups like Jars of Clay, Opologetix, Third Day, Caedmans Call, and Skillet. Go to a Christian Music concert of a popular group, like Jars of Clay, and you will find auditoriums full of young people. What's more, they are not smoking dope or doing drugs, but instead, enjoying music in an exciting and tame way. Plus, with Christian Music, you will never have to worry about warnings and explicit language. It is enjoyable for all.

So tune around the AM and FM bands and locate a Christian station and you might be surprised. Or tune in to, a Christian radio station that features Giant Killers Org on a regular basis.

The State of Society

By Al Colombo, GKO Publisher

  • Open Display of 10 Commandments

    Paul Harvey told his audience on Saturday that a federal judge from Madison Wis. recently banned a monument containing the 10 commandments from a public park. At the same time, a federal court in Las Vegas is hearing a lawsuit brought about by the ACLU, claiming that ads for prostitutes should be allowed. Harvey's comment said it all, "you can't have the 10 commandments, but you can pass out ads for prostitutes." On Friday, Harvey addressed the gay marriage issue when he revealed that a Massachusets court has ruled that the state must legitimize gay marriage no later than May of 2005. President Bush recently stated that if judges continue to do this, that he will seek a Constitutional amendment that clarifies that marriage involves the union of a man and a woman.

  • A Man's Home Is His Castle

    let's make a deal with gov't that they can place cameras all over public places, but they must agree to conisder our homes truly as our castles where they would agree to leave them entirely alone. To counter the argument that it would be remiss of them to allow drugs in the home or illegal weapons when knowing they are there, all I can say as long as they remain there, they can harm no one outside the home. And if they are concerned that these weapons could be removed from the home to do harm in society, they can always stop the homeowner while on their way out the driveway.

  • The Positive Side of Public Surveillance

    To provide a positive thought on the camera surveillance issue, a 12 year old girl in the process of being kidnapped was murdered. Her kidnapper and killer was arrested by authorities because the event was videotaped.

Send In The Teamsters!

By Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Writer

The amount of money, time, material, and conversion of Iraq to standards of compliance necessary for them to be accepted by the United States can be much more easily solved, I believe, simply by announcing that Iraq is to be the next "State!" We could simply allow Iraq to raise their own taxes and be responsible for the development of their own standards of living. Roads, bridges, railroads and airfields are already on an equal basis of most of our other states. Iraqi schools are seen on television are without heating, air conditioning, windows, adequate supplies, poorly qualified and sadly paid teachers-just like ours! The Iraqi schools do seem to have better security than ours do though. Maybe we should learn that lesson from them and provide more heavily armed men to guard our teachers from students and students from other students? Certainly the drug trade and drive-by shootings would lessen if the ones who are doing it would realize that they could be shot immediately!

Of course, some would say that we are becoming an empire builder. Think about it. Do you really care about world opinion when it comes to our security-the lives of our men and women in uniform and the welfare of 'our country'? I don't know about you, but I woke up this morning in a cold sweat worrying about what the French thought about me for not buying Perrier water anymore!

Can someone please explain to me tht rules of the 'world trade agreements' and who and when they were initiated? This morning's news mentioned that the United States may be in violation of those agreements while reporting President Bush's decision to discourage reconstruction bids for Iraq from those nations who refused to help us or actively worked against us.

Sounds fair to me. I can't imagine going back to someone who helped my enemy by supplying them with weapons or encouraging them to fight against me and saying 'thank you' for the beating! On the other hand, those who fought along side me would certainly be regarded when the situation presented itself. Help me with this please, and explain where I'm wrong?

Germany, France, Canada and Russia remind me of some teenagers I know. They simply love payday yet are reluctant to work towards it! Christmas time still does not allow those who are not deserving to receive presents is it? To forgive may be divine, but to this old country boy who surely is not divine, a spade is still a spade and that's the less I've learned when it comes to wishy-washy people who act towards me like the above mentioned countries acted towards US. The politicians who are on television voicing the opinion that we need these countries to help now with the rebuilding of Iraq, and we need to make up with them, are nothing less than weak hearted, semi-citizens who do not realize the power of our country! Apparently they have little faith in our people, or industrial capability, the loyalty of our real allies, our/their governmental leadership, and more to themselves.

Our military is performing their duties around the world in a magnificent manner and we should all be proud of them and awed at what they are doing for the countries we are rebuilding, for our security and for the development of the whole world. They will be recorded in history as the finest military machine ever known to man probably with Rome as a distant second!

Our follow-up and support of our military performance should be no less than the best it can be, the best our society can offer to continue and complete the transition of the countries we have freed from tyranny. The troops of the 101st and 82nd Airborne, the 1st Armored and 3rd Infantry divisions Special Forces and Rangers and other deployed units from all branches of our military are leading the way for us and some short sighted politicians just can't see the path to success they've provided for us.

The large corporations bidding of the contracts to rebuild Iraq are the direct reflection of the tenacity of the American people and the success of our economic way of life. Turn them loose! In one year from deployment of our companies of reconstruction, the infrastructure of Iraq could be equal to any country in the Middle East! Compare and remember some of the feats we've completed in our recent past:

  • The rebuilding of Japan and Germany, basically from the ground up.
  • The construction of the Alaskan, Canadian highway.
  • The irrigation system of our southwest desert.
  • The dams, bridges and roads that are the envy of the world even though we complain about the condition of many of them.

We, as a nation, are the most terrible destroyers and the most proficient builders ever. Actually, I believe it's what makes us unique from any other society or country the world has ever known. Our military is doing its duty successfully and now it's time to back them up and "send in the teamsters!" Keep the faith, we can do it!

That's my opinion, and thank God "This Is Still America!"

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Airliners as WMD Study

Timothy Stuart McNiven, GKO Contributing Writer
Codename Grillfire

Briefly, 25 years ago, I was stationed on Strassberg Kasern, in Idar-Oberstein, Rhine Platz, West Germany, assigned to C-Battery 2/81st FA, U.S. Army. I took part in a military group that for the purpose of "defending against," developed an attack scenario of hijacking airliners and crashing them into buildings to get around our air defence system.

I can supply facts that can establish that 25 years ago the US Military developed for the purpose of "defending against" an attack scenario that took place on Sept. 11th.

Before I give you my information, I would like to ask you a question. When I talked to a reporter from another publication, he asked me a question and then in the middle of my answer, he asked another question and then in the middle of that answer he asked the first question, only slightly different. What is the motive of this type of questioning? I have Military information that I tried to, like in a debriefing, give him and then he could question, but I don't think he understood because he may not have been in the military and understood that process, which you, with your military service, can understand.

To the best of my ability, I will recall for you information about the group I took part in 25 years ago and to verify that what I have said is true, I will take a polygraph exam by the examiner of your choice and pay for the exam and all of my expenses. For the purpose of confirming for you that this group took place and that there should be records for it and that others who took part may also be willing to tell what they know if they still were alive.

Yes, 25 years ago I told people of the group that if the government ever failed to prevent the scenario that I would do every thing I could to tell about it; other members of the group were of a wait and see attitude, that is, when it happened then they would decide; so besides me, you have a number of other people who may be willing to tell the truth instead of allowing the government to cover up their information.

The advantage that you have with this is that the other publication I talked with did not allow me to tell him that others from the group had expressed that they may come forward and tell what they know if someone was to simply ask them to. What this means for your search for information is that once I have taken the polygraph exam and it shows that I was not intentionally deceiving you, you then can ask publicly if any or all members of the C-Battery 2/81st FA (1975-76) would come forward and tell their information to the American people. Thus, not excluding information that is pertinent to our current situation simply because it is included in US Military records of 25 years ago.

I would like to stop here and express my opinion on the elected official from New Jersy who is attempting to place the responsibility for failing the American People on to the US Military and our Intelligence Service for the WTC attack when the truth is that through the government's procedural process, the US Military and Intelligence Service gave our elected officials the attack scenario and some suggestions on correcting recognized security problems 25 years ago and it is the elected officials who for 25 years had the information but failed to act on it. [It was they who] failed the American People and for over 100 years the exclusive political party elected officials are those who we have now so there is no one else but them to be responsible for their failure. I appreciate your opportunity to address the charges that the elected official has leveled directly upon me being one of the group that developed the information that we gave to the elected officials 25 years ago as not giving them enough prior warning. If 25 years is not enough time for our elected officials to act, then just how many years is enough?

The information I will be giving you are facts that are part of the records, but not in any way the complete text or all that I know but enough for the purpose of establishing that they exist and that there are others who might be willing to come forward if asked to tell what they know.

During one of the group's conversations following our creating the concept of h hijacking airliners to get around our air defense system, I made the contribution that the best planes that could be used would be those that were transatlantic flights because they would have full fuel tanks. Then another member said that transcontinental flights also had full fuel tanks. (The importance of this is to establish that I was not alone in this endeavor. There are others who also may come forward.)

When asked the question, what kind of plane would be best to hijack, I contributed "a Boeing, because of the one lack-one key fleet information I acquired form living in Everett, Washington where the 747 is built and having brothers who worked for Boeing.

Lt. Teague (one of those who may come forward if asked, if he is still alive) on another day asked me what could be done about it and I made the suggestion of asking Boeings to change it. Later (as in a number of days) Sgt. Riggs came to me in our hallway and began saying something about Boeings but there was to much noise for me to hear what he said. (I would like to point out that I was not asked to be the person who asked Boeings, so I do not know if the US Gov't did. This will be something you will have to ask the Gov't and Boeing. I only suggested that the Gov't ask Boeing to change their locks.)

Some people may feel that this next fact is the most important in the records but I do not. When asked what type of political climate the country would be in when the attack might happen, we came up with ham stringing; that is when one political party would set up the in-coming administration with a disaster to happen, when they were in office. When asked who might do this, another member said a name, which I made an agreement to let him to be the first to say in public. But I can say that the name in the records is neither President George Bush who, on Nov. 9, 1989, was president, or George Bush who is President now….

These next facts to me are of more importance than the person's name who is the type of person to have let it happen in an act of political hamstringing.

The Army's mathematician (i.e., he was in the US Army and did mathematical calculations on the result of a plane hitting a 100-story building) put the building collapsing on itself in the time frame of between one and two hours (there were the number of minutes between 1 and 2 hours is the best I can do). When it was later said to him that the buildings engineers disputed his calculations, he said that they, unlike him, had to say that to keep their job when questioned by Military higher-ups. The Military's calculations were what the warnings to NYC were based on.

One person from the group said that the US Gov't should contact NYC and tell the fire fighters and police officers to not try and go up 80 floors in a building to try and put out the fire because the building would collapse before they could get there.

The records also include a person from the group who considered himself a religious person being a Priest in his religion. He made an international plea of begging to the US Gov't to tell New York City to not send those people to their unnecessary deaths.

When asked what an International plea of begging was, he explained that religious people can't twist anyone's arm to do something. All they can do is beg a gov't to intercede and prevent a calamity.

All of these facts are in the Military's records. As you have seen with the nature of each fact that they are ones that are considered not influential on the current situation since my intent is only to reveal and confirm for you that there are 25 year-old records that dealt with the Sept. 11th scenario and that there are others who may also come forward if asked.

Also, for your research, there were people in Everett, Washington that I told of the attack scenario in the early 1980s: Doug Swanson; his brother, Mike; Jay Hayes; Pete Summerness; all neighbors to Chuck Plunkett and Janice Hatton who I told. The last I heard on Chuck Plunkett, he moved back to Everett in the late 1990s, Janice Hatton was living with her mother on Whid by Island. The others still are in Everett, if alive. I also told these people it would be OK for them to tell anyone they wanted to so there may be some others.

Since I already know the name of the butler who did it, for me [it is the] people from my old unit, C-Battery that took part in this mission on Nov. 9, 1989, that is of more interest personally. But first things first, my information on the WTC attack, please take the time to consider whether I jeopardized any of our troops with these facts, but these are facts that confirm that there are others, facts and people who were participants that if asked may talk with you. Thank you for allowing me to address the charges leveled at me by the elected official from New Jersey.

[In closing,] I have no fear of retaliation by the gov't for illegally releasing classified information because my medical condition is terminal and I will probably pass away from natural causes before I would ever get to court. I have accepted my medical condition as inevitable, but I'm not dead yet and will not have a coward from New Jersey spit on me and my Military service to cover up the fact that he and his fellow elected officials had information that would have prevented the attack for 25 years and they did nothing about it.

Timothy Stuart McNiven 114 Grand #202
Bellingham, Washington 98225

-30- (Post marked Dec. 12, 2001)

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Informed Source Tried To Warn FAA
of Airport Security Problems Long Before 911

I prefer that instead of being precise about the specifics concerning deficiencies in air port security prior to 911 that I merely point out that the flaw I witnessed had to do with the operation of, and examination of contents that went through X-ray at pax pre-boarding security check.

My first attempt to warn the FAA, I got the name and exact mailing address of the FAA official who was the head of airport security. I do not recall this individual's name, but he was not of any help. I mailed him the info, although I do not recall if I mailed it certified the first go around.

The result was no response. So I waited maybe 3 weeks and then I faxed this info to him. Again, there was no response from this individual. After a decent interval, I then made a phone call. I got him on the telephone right at 5 p.m., as he leaving his office. This man said he couldn't recall ever having seen it, but he would make effort to look in to it. Again, no response, so I waited for awhile and then faxed this data to him again, complete with a mention of talking with him on the phone.

Again, there was no response.

After waiting about 7 or 8 more weeks, I then contacted Virginia Congressman, Frank Wolf (Rep.), concerning the matter. After about 10 to 12 days, I did receive a standard "kiss off" letter from the FAA chap. No specifics, other than he stated that the examiner's "were supposed to" look at suspicious things viewed by X-ray scanner, or something to that effect. No mention was made at all on what, if anything, they were then doing to do about it, such as tightening things up.

As a side note, I started my mail campaign mid-to-late Jan. of 1997, which was a good 4-1/2 years PRIOR to the incidents of 11 Sept, 2001.

Following the "kiss off" reply, I again contacted Wolf's staff. They suggested that I contact Rep Bill Shuster (R. Penn) who heads up an airport security oversight committee or some such thing. I did do so. Schuster said they would hold hearings later in the year. I offered to be a witness, but was never called. Some of my correspondence to Schuster was published in Congressional transcript hearing records of 1997, which Schuster's staff then mailed to me.

In parallel follow-up effort(s): I faxed info to then Vice President, Al Gore, who President Clinton had appointed as some sort of figurehead for airport security. I received not even a response from him.

I wasn't done with all this yet. Being a bit familiar with aircraft and having a pilot's license of my own, I called the nearby headquarters of the Airline Pilot's Asociation, based in Herndon, VA. ALPA is one of several unions that represent airline pilots. Their spokesman took much of the info over the phone (not sure if I faxed a packet to them or not) and they mentioned that they had one pilot in Florida who was very much into security matters and would undoubtedly look in to it. Again, there was absolutely no response from anyone in the ALPA group.

The reason I did not go to major media with this info is obvious.

One of my friends in the area at the time was an uniformed police officer at the Department of Defense at the Pentagon. He was at times involved in monitoring X-ray scanner check points at the Pentagon. He was amazed and almost scared, saying that he had never given any of my contentions a thought. I'll bet when he's working on the X-ray check point that everything is checked very close after looking at my data.

Al -- I've been in major airports across the world during the 1980s and 1990s, but I recall at Frankfurt Rhein-Maine, a major airport in Frankfurt, Germany, of seeing my bag, which went through X-ray. There was a complete black outline of the X-ray [in certain areas, and no one said anything]. Granted, I do not appear, nor do fit the profile of a terrorist.

Bottom line here is that there can be a lot of finger pointing, but I believe it all boils down to dollars and cents! The airlines were/are responsible for sharing some of the security costs. Before 911, no one wanted to put out the bread. The FAA can always say that Congress underfunded their requests, etc.

The chap who does my taxes in the local area is a retired senior pilot for one of the major commercial airlines. His concern, relating to security, was what he calls, "under the wing." In other words, people who clean the aircraft, service the aircraft, bring food, magazines and other essentials aboard. Often times these people are minimum wage immigrants. Most are good people, however, being devil's advocate here for just a minute, and for the academic sake of argument -- lets say Palestinian or Middle East immigrant cleaning or servicing a widebody on the ramp in the middle of the night. Some, or perhaps ALL, of his family have been kidnapped by radicals in their native country. The guy is given contraband, weapons, explosives, whatever, with instructions: to place them aboard XYZ flight 123 tomorrow night, and if you don't, you'll never see any of your family again. What would you do?

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Disparate Approach Paths

Dick Eastman
GKO Contributing Writer

The Boeing jetliner observed by many reliable witnesses did not follow the track of physical damage left by the actual killer jet.


Three points of physical damage left by the killer jet disclose the true attack path.

A different set of four points, validated by many witnesses who observed the attack from a variety of locations west of the crash, establish the path of the Boeing jetliner as it approached the Pentagon.

The three critical points along the attack path of the killer jet are

1) the first lamppost downed by the jet, which tells us that the fuselage of the killer could not have been more than a few dozen feet further than a wing's length from the fuselage;

2) the center of the hole on the second floor of the west wall, the location designated by the civil engineers who conducted a strucutural damage assessment as "column AA14;" and

3) the "exit" hole in the east wall of the Pentagon's "C-ring" northeast of column AA14.

The four points delineating the overfly path of the Boeing are

1) " directly over" the Sheraton Hotel;

2) "directly over" the Naval Annex;

3) "over" the Citgo gas station and enough north of the gas pumps as it crossed from west to east that the windows of the starboard side of the plane could be directly seen by a witness pumping gas.

These two paths are not the same path. While they converge on pillar AA14, the do some from different angles. For example, if the path of the killer jet is extended linearly back from the downed lamppost we see that it misses the Sheraton Hotel by nearly a quarter mile.

This result eliminates the possibility that the killer jet was the same plane as the Boeing observed by witnesses and it supports the thesis that the Boeing overflew the crash, disappearing to observers in the west against the direct sunlight from the east, but also past the intense white flash of the initial explosion and subsequent rising intense smoke and flame of burning jet fuel and other materials -- a magicians trick that was over in three seconds, in the time it took for the Boeing reach a point closer to the airport than to the crash.

Now let us see the evidence that establishes the well-attested path of the Boeing's approach as inconsistent with the location of the trail of damage done to lampposts by the true killer aircraft as it approached its target.

The Boeing came from the west. Looking towards the east: The tallest building above is the Sheraton Hotel. Behind are the seven parallel buidlings of the Naval Annex. Witnesses reported the Boeing jetliner flying directly over these the Sheraton and the Annex on its way to the Pentagon, partially in view at the far right.

Here the roof of the east-most building of the Naval Annex, which the Boeing passed over as it approached the Pentagon. Note the overpass is visible with a green road sign over the dark underpass. The gas station is hidden by the Annex building in the foreground.

Play close attention to the location of the lamp post marked #1 in the diagram below and of the gas station where witness William Lagasse saw the plane pass north of him, so that the pole was south of Lagasse and the Boeing north as it moved from west to east.

The gas station is out of the picture at the upper right (northwest). The path of the killer jet as indicated by the downed lampposts, especially pole # 1, is clearly at all points south of the path of the Boeing that came directly over the Annex and gas station. What we have are two distinctly different paths converging upon the same point.

Here is the downed pole #1 on the overpass. Note the black taxicab with the broken widnshield. The underpass is just left of the bushes on the left. The stone wall of the overpass is behind the bushes.

The photo above shows in purple the path of the acutal killer jet, designated "757 -- whereas the real American Airlines 757 jetliner came directly over both the Annex and the gas station.

Witness Sgt. William Lagasse of the Pentagon police was pumping gas into his vehicle at this Citgo gas station when the American Airlines Boeing, travelling east, passed above him and enough north of him that he was able to see the windows on the starboard (right) side.

Lagasse witnessed the Boeing fly towards the Pentagon passing to the left of the gas pump he was operating. The pump shown here is the southmost pump at the station. Thus the Boeing came at the Pentagon through the air too far to the left, in the above picture, for it to have struck down a lamppost standing to the right of the overpass.

This means that the Boeing passed too far north to have knocked down pole #1.

Lagasse is supported in his account by all witnesses who reported the Boeing directly over the Naval Annex. It would be impossible for a jetliner coming over the Annex or the gas station to also have hit the first pole in the line of downed poles. The manoeuver would have required an impossible detour from the straight line path that not even a tactical jet fighter could accomplish, and that does not even address the further impossibility of how the plane getting to the post from the gas station would then redirect itself to then hit the crash point at the requisite oblique angle of the actual killer jet.

To verify that the location of the first lamppost, here is a picture taken from the gas station in 2000. It shows, behind the tree to the right of the stone overpass, the lamppost that would later be the first object hit by the killer jet in its approach.

Thus it would be impossible for a the great mass of a Boeing jet to have passed these people so that they each could see the right (starboard) side of the plane as it headed for the Pentagon and still have that plane hit the pole shown at the far right in this picture (above the NEX sign.)

The Boeing according to variously located witnesses came at the Pentagon along a path directly passing over the Sheraton Hotel, the Naval Annex and the Citgo gas station on its way to overflying the crash site and, eventually, landing at Reagan National. On this, the observed path of the Boeing, it was impossible for the plane to also have knocked down the

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SOURCES: Munro, Finke, Schlarp, NVIC, Thomas, Kasten, Spiker

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