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Welcome to the February 1st, 2004 edition of The GKO Sunday Intelligence Report, a weekly electronic intel magazine brought to you by Giant Killers Organization. To contribute, please send your submissions to


Did you know that the United States has the highest prison population per capita than any other nation in the entire world? Did you know that we have already surpassed Russia in the number of individuals behind bars?

"With a record-setting 2 million people now locked up in American jails and prisons, the United States has overtaken Russia and has a higher percentage of its citizens behind bars than any other country," according to a new story in the Baltimore Sun, June 1, 2003.

The fact is, prisons are big business today. There are big dollars in incarceration and government is working hard and furious to get their share, just as they are on a multitude of other fronts.

Unless you have a friend or family member behind bars you would probably not know this but in some prisons the public phones are operated by a third-party firm that charges outlandish prices to use them. Of course, the prison facility cashes in on this deal I would think. I've heard horror stories concerning the high, exorbitant prices charged when calls are made collect to family and friends by inmates therein.

Take for example the common, ordinary building department in your average county or municipality. More and more officials are working to increase the amount of money that a business has to pay government before they can open their doors. For example, in years past, when an electrical firm submitted a set of prints and obtained a permit to do wiring, it was assumed that other systems were included, even when prints and specifications had to be later submitted for approval.

Not so today. In some communities, each and every subsystem constitutes another plans examination and permit fee, which are sometimes two different things. It has become so bad in some communities that you cannot run so much as a speaker wire without submitting a set of prints and paying high exorbitant fees to have the work done. And whom do you think pays this bill? Is it the business owner? Sure it is, up front, but you can bet that this additional money is charged back to YOU and I whom they must do business with, and rightly so as it is an integral part of doing business.

Another example of this was seen several years ago when one of the major code making bodies held seminars for city and county officials concerning international codes and how to cash in on harmonization, which is an integral part of globalization (if local and state officials are to harmonize their laws with international ones, globalists must offer them innovative ways to fund the deal). When a local city official arrived back home, so I am told, he told one fire alarm technician he talked to that eventually the city will invoke a plan where all service companies within the municipality will be required to pay a $50 permit fee for every service call they perform.

But what about the bottleneck, he asked? No problem, the official replied, you will be given cards to fill out and send in. Go ahead and do the service call, but be sure to send us the card with your $50 fee. That particular tech is still watching and waiting for the other shoe to drop in his locale.

The illegal means by which the State of Ohio derives operating capital for public schools is another example where government has found a number of innovative ways to confuse and bilk their citizens. First, when the Ohio Lottery was pitched to the people of the State, they were told that the proceeds from this money would go for education. Well, it did, but little did Ohioans know at the time, but their state fathers simply displaced current money with lottery money. Thus, the Ohio Lottery did not provide "additional" money at all.

Another case in point pertains to how revenue is derived for public schools as a function of property taxation. Despite the fact that the Ohio Supreme Court has ordered the state to find another way to go about the task, the State has drug their feet, refusing to find another way to do it.

All of the above dribble is simply to point out that when the United States contained and sustained millions of hard industrial jobs, high plans examination and permit fees, state lotteries, and other innovative ways to replace lost tax revenue were not necessary. If you notice, these things have only come into play since these industrial jobs went out of country. The Ohio Lottery, for example, came into play in the 80s, and that was when America should have realized that she was in serious trouble.

This past week I was further dismayed to find out that even Argentina is in dire straights because China has taken most of their industrial jobs. Some time ago, in an article I had read, probably in U.S. News and World Report, I also noted that jobs in Mexico were moving off shore to China.

Ask yourself one question, how long will it be until China owns it all? How long will it be until we must go to them for armament, for munitions, for war materiel? At what point will America finally have nothing else to offer as most of our money has moved off shore to China? ? How long will it be until they decide that they can have it all? When that day comes, America will be a virtual sitting duck.

Let me hear you say, "Quack, Quack!"

Thank you,
Al Colombo, GKO publisher

Laws And Leaks Of Classified Intelligence:
Costs And Consequences Of Permissive Neglect

I want to thank Professor John Norton Moore and Suzanne Spaulding for the invitation to participate in this discussion. I also want to add that I am here in a personal capacity, speaking unofficially, and that the views I express are my own. They do not necessarily represent the views of the National Intelligence Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, or the Intelligence Community.

But I also want to emphasize that I would not have these views had I not come to them from the vantage point of my 20 years in the intelligence business, and particularly the last seven with the Foreign Denial and Deception Committee. This committee represents a small interagency effort of the Intelligence Community to understand how foreign adversaries—hostile countries and terrorist groups, for example—learn about, then try to defeat, our secret intelligence collection activities. I have come to appreciate, perhaps more than most who do not or cannot see this problem from the unique vantage point I have, that unauthorized disclosures of classified intelligence pose a serious, seemingly intractable, problem for US national security. The Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet, made the point in an interview that unauthorized disclosures of classified information “have become one of the biggest threats to the survival of US Intelligence.” (USA Today, 11 October 2000). A skeptical public can rightly question whether the DCI isn’t exaggerating the seriousness of the problem. Unfortunately, he is not, and no intelligence specialist with real familiarity with this issue would disagree.

This presents an important anomaly in public discourse: Nearly all of the compelling evidence in support of this argument is available only in the classified domain. It thus seems daunting to make a persuasive public case for new laws to address unauthorized disclosures when so little of the evidence for it can be discussed publicly. So proponents for better laws—you will soon see why I am one of these—sometimes feel that this isn’t a fair fight. Freedom-of-the press advocates and professional journalists who control the press therefore exert disproportionate influence on this debate, at least when compared to advocates of criminal penalties, as I am here, for the leaking and publishing of sensitive classified intelligence. But I have come to believe that First Amendment objections to civil and criminal penalties for disclosing classified intelligence are probably exaggerated. And that once we get over this hurdle, it’ll be more of a fair fight, a more reasonable debate. It is in this spirit that I offer the following remarks.

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Pastor Chuck Baldwin Live

Make Way for the UNternet?

Pressure is mounting to hand over control of the Internet to the United Nations. On December 10, 2003, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) convened at Geneva, under the auspices of the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The summit’s chief purpose was to explore ways to bring the Internet under government control, both domestically and internationally.

According to Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, "we are seeing a clear shift away from the mid-90s when governments were told to stay away [from the Internet]. Governments have shown they are very interested in getting involved on a domestic level and now they are looking at the international level." Certain governments with an acute interest in domestic control over — and strict censorship of — the Internet, including Communist China, Egypt and Brazil, pushed hard at Geneva for a new UN agency to regulate and censor Internet content. Such an agency would replace the California-based International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which has been criticized since its creation in 1998 for its alleged pro-business and private-sector bias.

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China throws more people into jail for online opinions
US vendors accused of aiding and abetting repression

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL said that China has arrested and imprisoned more and more people for expressing their opinions online.

In a report, Amnesty said that 54 people were detained or imprisoned for internet related activities, that's a jump of 60% in just under a year.

China has also imprisoned people for filing information about the spread of SARS over the Internet, Amnesty said.

And the human rights organisation hit out at US vendors Microsoft, Cisco, and Sun Microsystems, which it claimed have provided technology to censor and control the use of the Internet in China.

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Democrats offer plan on aliens

House Democrats yesterday proposed granting legal residency and the eventual option of U.S. citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants now working in the United States.

Laying out their own principles for revamping the nation's immigration laws in response to what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called President Bush's "political ploy," Democrats went beyond Mr. Bush's plan for a temporary-worker program and called for a system of "earned legalization" for illegal aliens.

At a Capitol Hill press conference, Democrats proposed allowing illegal immigrants who have worked in the United States for a yet-to-be-determined minimum period of time to stay here and be granted permanent legal residency, creating a "pathway" to eventual citizenship.

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Briggs & Stratton warns of 22,000 lost jobs

Briggs & Stratton Co. said Tuesday it has evidence that 22,000 jobs across 24 states could be lost if California adopts tougher emissions standards for small engines.

California is attempting to impose unreasonable standards that force us to consider moving operations overseas. - Thomas Savage, senior vice president, Briggs & Stratton

Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has called for an investigation into whether Briggs violated securities laws by making what she says were contradictory statements in an SEC filing and a press release.

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Boys suspended for tiny G.I. Joe guns
District's zero-tolerance policy bars inch-long plastic toy

Three boys were suspended for bringing to school miniature toy guns from G.I. Joe action figures.

The toys are about one to three inches ­ about half the size of a pencil ­ but Bemiss Elementary School in Spokane, Wash., says it stands by its zero-tolerance policy on weapons, which does not specify the type or size, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reported.

"We've been very clear with our students and parents that you don't bring anything that resembles a gun to school," Bemiss Principal Lorna Spear told the paper.

The mother of one of the boys, Terry Wilson-Spence, called their suspension Friday an overreaction.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I am grateful that when I went to school, school officials used common sense instead of insanity to judge young boy's play habits. Frankly, the entire educational system in the United States has seemingly gone insane. This is absolutely so childish on the part of school officials that if it were not such a shame, it would be so laughable. Those responsible ought to be ashamed of themselves, but of course they are not. And if they automatically reply, "I'm not insane," then you know that they must certainly be.

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Religion's Role in the Road Map for Peace

In an independent initiative to find a roadmap to peace, religious leaders resolved to build bridges, not walls, in the Middle East, and to replace the rhetoric of war with restraint and conciliation. Convinced that current diplomatic efforts are omitting a fundamental piece of the peace puzzle, the group is focusing on religious reconciliation.

The resolution came at the conclusion of a four-day conference entitled "Good Governance for a World in Crisis," held in Seoul from Jan. 25-29, and sponsored by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. Attendees included politicians, diplomats, scholars, and leaders from all the major world religions, representing 120 nations.

Pointing out that the Israeli-Palestinian crisis is rooted in religious conflict, the delegates, who included Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders, discussed the spiritual principles that could reconcile the three faiths of Abraham. Acknowledging their common ancestor and their common parent -- whether by the name of God, Allah, or Jehovah -- is the first step, these men of faith declared.

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Judeo Christian Family Alliance


Britain's security service, MI5, are hunting an Al Qaeda terrorist who flew from Sydney to Paris before boarding the Eurostar train from the French capital to London.

MI5 agents believe he is one of two Islamic terrorists now at large in Britain who are still planning to use a British airliner for a suicide mission.

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Palm Beach County to buy printers for electronic voting machines

Palm Beach County voters could be among the first in the state to have paper printouts against which to double-check their ballots cast on touch-screen voting machines.

The County Commission on Tuesday is expected to pass a mandate requiring the county to buy paper printers for its touch-screen machines, once those printers are manufactured and certified by the state.

Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore, who has said she doesn't think such printers are necessary, agreed Thursday to use the printers, with conditions. It is uncertain whether they will be in place in time for the Nov. 2 election.

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Newest police crime scandal rocks Mexico

MEXICO CITY -- Federal authorities have detained 13 state police officers in Ciudad Juarez in connection with the discovery this week of 11 bodies buried in clandestine graves in that border city.

The police, who worked the night shift, have been brought to Mexico City for interrogation, Attorney General Rafael Macedo de la Concha announced Thursday. Arrest warrants have been issued for four other state agents, including a police commander, in connection with the case.

Macedo said the agents were questioned because other suspects had pointed to state police involvement.

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Second Caller Threatens to Attack Ohio Cops

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A day after announcing that a 911 caller had claimed responsibility for a string of highway shootings, investigators said Saturday that a second man has stepped forward and threatened to attack police officers.

Investigators say they believe the man who called early Saturday morning is different from the man who repeatedly called 911 on Monday to claim responsibility for 20 shootings at cars, school buses and homes on or near a section of Interstate 270 south of the city. One person was killed in November.

"It's gonna get worse," the latest caller said. "I intend to start shooting at the police now."

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New Free Speech Zones Mock First Amendment
Founding Fathers would be ashamed of ‘free’ speech policy

It was the second time around when last October Brett Bursey was arrested while protesting a president’s arrival at Columbia airport in South Carolina. Thirty-three years ago, at the same airport, Bursey was seized by Secret Service agents protesting the Vietnam War as he held a placard denouncing President Richard Nixon’s visit to the state. On that occasion, he was fortunate when a state court judge ruled that a protester could not be charged with trespassing on public property.

This time, the state court also dropped charges, but that was not the end of the matter. The U.S. attorney in South Carolina, J. Strom Thurmond Jr., son of the late Sen. Thurmond, stepped in and charged Bursey with “threatening the president.” The charge was filed under an obscure statute that permits the Secret Service to restrict access to areas visited by a president. The statute has only been used 12 times by the courts since 1992.

On Jan. 6, a federal judge dismissed Bursey’s defense that he was entitled to free speech and ruled that he had broken a law designed to shield President Bush. Bursey was fined $500 and immediately announced he would appeal.

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Surveillance powers should stand, U.S. officials say

The Bush administration is warning Congress not to tinker with the Internet surveillance powers that the USA Patriot Act awarded to federal police.

In a four-page letter to the Senate on Thursday, Attorney General John Ashcroft said that defanging the controversial law, which has been criticized by every major Democratic presidential contender, would "undermine our ongoing campaign to detect and prevent catastrophic terrorist attacks."

Were Congress to vote to amend the USA Patriot Act, Ashcroft indicated, President Bush would veto the bill.

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Praise 910 AM
Praise Radio 910 AM

Gov't advisor: Slight chance of ICJ hearing cancellation

There is only a slight chance that the International Court of Justice hearing on the West Bank security fence will be canceled at this stage, Foreign Ministry legal advisor Alan Baker said Sunday.

Baker's comments came after officials at the United Nations indicated Friday that they cannot ignore the objections that more than 30 countries submitted regarding ICJ's authority to rule on the fence, and said that the hearing itself was in doubt.

Fifteen members of the European Union and 10 members-in-waiting, as well as the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa and Senegal joined Israel in submitting affidavits to the ICJ opposing the hearing. Several EU countries, including Germany, France and the United Kingdom, submitted their own separate affidavits to the court.

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No Evidence CIA Slanted Iraq Data

Congressional and CIA investigations into the prewar intelligence on Iraq's weapons and links to terrorism have found no evidence that CIA analysts colored their judgment because of perceived or actual political pressure from White House officials, according to intelligence officials and congressional officials from both parties.

Richard J. Kerr, a former deputy CIA director who is leading the CIA's review of its prewar Iraq assessment, said an examination of the secret analytical work done by CIA analysts showed that it remained consistent over many years.

"There was pressure and a lot of debate, and people should have a lot of debate, that's quite legitimate," Kerr said. "But the bottom line is, over a period of several years," the analysts' assessments "were very consistent. They didn't change their views."

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Researchers Unveil New Form of Matter

Scientists have manufactured a new form of matter. Findings published online this week by the journal Physical Review Letters describe the so-called fermionic condensate, which is comprised of pairs of atoms in a gas at temperatures close to absolute zero. Its creators hope it will inform the design of room-temperature superconductors in the future.

The 1995 production of a Bose-Einstein condensate, in which thousands of ultracold atoms occupy the same quantum state and therefore behave identically, garnered a Nobel Prize in Physics. Ever since, scientists around the world have been working on an appropriate follow-up, says Eric Cornell of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder, one of the three recipients of the prize. Now Deborah S. Jin and her colleagues (also at NIST and UC-Boulder) have succeeded. By cooling potassium atoms inside a vacuum chamber to 50 nanokelvin and applying magnetic fields and laser light, the researchers induced the atoms--which typically resist occupying the same quantum state as any of their neighbors--to pair up. Once paired, the atoms’ aversion to acting alike lessened, allowing the team to observe condensation. (The spike in the image above represents the fermionic condensate.)

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Information about the Effects of Immigration on Georgia

Over and over we hear the same ole politically correct theme, "immigrants only take jobs that Americans will not do ..." Of course the politically correct are the same people who bring you searches of 80 year old grandmothers so that Moslem males are offended and a man losing his job for telling a female that her ear-rings look nice. Ridiculous stuff.

Political correctness run amok will destroy this great country if it is not reigned in.

Excessive immigration is just one of the fronts that they push, against the will of the American people, to continue the destruction of the principles upon which our country was founded. No wonder they always want Ten Commandments Displays removed, they can only count to Nine! Not lying is beyond their comprehension.

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The machine that invents

Technically, Stephen Thaler has written more music than any composer in the world. He also invented the Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush and devices that search the Internet for messages from terrorists. He has discovered substances harder than diamonds, coined 1.5 million new English words, and trained robotic cockroaches. Technically.

Thaler, the president and chief executive of Imagination Engines Inc. in Maryland Heights, gets credit for all those things, but he's really just "the man behind the curtain," he says. The real inventor is a computer program called a Creativity Machine.

What Thaler has created is essentially "Thomas Edison in a box," said Rusty Miller, a government contractor at General Dynamics and one of Thaler's chief cheerleaders.

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On A Pre-Sept. 11 FBI Memorandum
On Flight Schools

"I am troubled by the Associated Press report that an FBI agent had raised concerns before September 11 about Arabs training in U.S. flight schools. It is imperative that we learn exactly what information was contained in the FBI report, to whom it was sent and what actions were taken in response.

"Shortly after September 11 I wrote to the Attorney General and to the FBI Director to ensure the preservation of all records, such as this memorandum, relating to information obtained by the FBI prior to September 11.

"Sen. Hatch and I made a joint request earlier this year for additional resources for a bipartisan Judiciary Committee investigation of the adequacy of our law enforcement and prevention capabilities before and after September 11, to determine how it happened and what steps are needed to prevent future attacks. Our bipartisan request was blocked by Senate Minority Leader Lott, and it is unfortunate that partisan pique is limiting the Senate Judiciary Committee as it fulfills its oversight responsibilities. The revelations in the AP report only underscore the need for a thorough and constructive congressional examination of the facts.

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Exposing the Global Surveillance System

For 40 years, New Zealand's largest intelligence agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) the nation's equivalent of the US National Security Agency (NSA) had been helping its Western allies to spy on countries throughout the Pacific region, without the knowledge of the New Zealand public or many of its highest elected officials. What the NSA did not know is that by the late 1980s, various intelligence staff had decided these activities had been too secret for too long, and were providing me with interviews and documents exposing New Zealand's intelligence activities. Eventually, more than 50 people who work or have worked in intelligence and related fields agreed to be interviewed.

The activities they described made it possible to document, from the South Pacific, some alliance-wide systems and projects which have been kept secret elsewhere. Of these, by far the most important is ECHELON.

Designed and coordinated by NSA, the ECHELON system is used to intercept ordinary e-mail, fax, telex, and telephone communications carried over the world's telecommunications networks. Unlike many of the electronic spy systems developed during the Cold War, ECHELON is designed primarily for non-military targets: governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals in virtually every country. It potentially affects every person communicating between (and sometimes within) countries anywhere in the world.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Although this is an old story (1997), it is good for review.

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Civil Defense Bomb Shelter Manual
Civil Defense Bomb Shelter Manual


Who's Lying, CNN or Uncle Sam?

By Don Stacey, GKO Contributing Writer

Remember Timothy McVeigh? The lone nut, who with a sidekick, built a fertilizer bomb in a rental truck and blew up the Alfred C. Murrah Federal Building killing 168 people in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995? Yep. That is what the government said and proceeded to convict and execute McVeigh on that basis.

But someone is lying. If the government version is correct, there could not be a second bomb in the building! Not if the explosion was caused by a truck bomb!

How could the on site news sources immediately after the explosion report a second bomb in the building if it was all due to a single truck bomb as the government said?

Shortly after the blast that killed 168 people in the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City, CNN for instance reported that there was a second bomb in the building.

"We just saw, if you were watching there- there was a white pick-up truck backing a trailer into the scene here. They're trying to move people out of the way so they can get it in. It appears to be the Oklahoma County Bomb Squad. It's their bomb disposal unit, essentially, is what it is. And it is what they would use to- if- if the report that we gave you just a few moments ago turns out to be correct, that they have found a second explosive device of some kind inside this building, they'll back that trailer down there and the bomb squad folks will go in and they will use that- that trailer- you see the bucket on the back there. Sort of- this is how they would transport the explosive device away from this populated area to try to do something with it."...

...Right now, we have Susanne Sealy [sp] who is downtown. Susanne, can you tell us anything new?

SUSANNE SEALY, Correspondent: Yes, LEA [sp], I can.

"The Oklahoma City police and the FBI have confirmed there is another bomb in the Federal Building."

Susanne Sealy went on to say, "It's in the east side of the building. They've moved everybody back several blocks. They're trying to- obviously to- to- to unplug it so it won't go off. They're moving everybody back several blocks. It- it's a weird scene because at first everybody was running when they gave the word to get everybody back from the scene, but now people are just standing around, kind of staring. It's a very surreal, very strange scene. Now, we want to get some information out to people that if people are in the downtown area and they can hear me, you don't want to stand on the sidewalk. And the reason for that is there are gas mains underneath and they're worried if there's a second explosion that those gas mains could blow. But again, we do have there is a in the building. We know it's on the east side. We're not sure what floor, what level, but there is definitely danger of a major second explosion. They're warning everybody to get as far back as they can because this is something that they are- they're trying to get the- the bomb defused right now. They're in the process of doing it, but this could take some time."...

At the end of the show, DONNA KELLEY, Anchor said: Latest report we had there from KWTV, our affiliate, that six children have been killed in this explosion at the Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City and that the FBI is saying that they have found a second explosive device in that building on the east side.

Clips from live coverage by local TV stations in Oklahoma City immediately following the explosion show several references to the second bomb in the Federal Building. These are available for viewing on a video by Alex Jones "911: The Road to Tyranny" See

So who is lying?

CNN and the several TV reporters at the scene at the time? Could they have all been prepped to tell lies about what just happened? Could they all have been organized with a fake story that there was a second bomb in the building. Did they make it up that the FBI and the Oklahoma Police confirmed that there was a second bomb? Was it just their imagination that the Oklahoma City bomb squad came to the building with a special rig to remove bombs? Was CNN creative enough to spin a tale about moving everybody back several blocks so they wouldn't be hurt if the second bomb went off? Does anyone believe that all those reporters acting spontaneously at the time had some dark agenda requiring elaborate lies about a second bomb?

If you don't believe the media was spinning whoppers spontaneously, then you are left with the alternative to consider: Did the government put Timothy McVeigh to death on a false story about what happened to the Murrah buildiing?

Was it all about creating fear so that onerous new "anti-terrorist" laws could be passed(as indeed they were)?

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The Real Reasons Why So Many
Social & Service Orgs Are Slowly Fading Away

By Nick Markowitz Jr., GKO Contributing Writer

Slowly but surely, many of the organizations that have been around for years, like the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Free Masons, Odd Fellows, Moose and Eagles Clubs, Volunteer Fire Departments, and even churches and synagogues, are slowly folding up, chapter-by-chapter, are closing their doors and disappearing. Why is this do you suppose?

Walk Into any VFW or American Legion and what do you find but many older veterans from Korea and WWII. You hardly see any Vietnam and Dessert Storm Veterans. This goes for Just about any other organization you can think of. There are many reasons why these groups are dieing on the vine and going away, but the one central cause is young people are simply not joining.

Is it a lack of volunteerism or not wanting to belong to a tradition? I think not. It has much to do with how the younger generations, including my own, were treated by the older members of the various clubs. Young members, like myself, would often join and then leave in disgust because it appeared that we were never really wanted in the first place-only our dues.

Take the now closed and badly deteriorated social club building one of my customers purchased last summer. He plans to rebuild the structure into a photographic museum. In its final day, it ended up a dive-an after-hours club. You can still see the bullet holes in the outside of the building where rival drug gangs shot it out with Uzi machine guns. This was the final straw that closed the club for good.

As you walk thru the decay, past the once long magnificent bar with fancy tin ceiling; as you ascend the magnificent stair case to the second floor, you can imagine the sounds of the big bands that once played on the now water damaged and broken stage. Many of these Big Bands once played at this very club, as it was the scene of many a stupendous wedding, celebrations as military troops left and returned, birthday party's, funeral wakes, and any other social gatherings. On Saturday nights you could also find hordes of children in the basement bowling alley, slinging bowling balls down the smooth, wooden lanes.

But it all slowly started fading in the late 50's early 60's when things began to go down hill. Those who spent all their time at the club became disgusted because they were not given help or appreciation. Older board members did absolutely nothing to make changes, to keep the place fresh and vibrant. Then, when young members began to join, they were often chased away by the older crowd who did not want to hear what they had to say or listen to their music. Sometimes the younger crowd drank hardy and were often rowdy, and the older members wanted nothing to do with the changing times.

As family's moved away, membership continued to drop. By the early 80's the club was closed and abandoned. I have seen this time after time as older members of such an organization are elected to the board and refuse to spend one penny on improvements. They deliberately allow Rome to burn down around them while they play their fiddle, ignorant of the conditions they have built around them.

A Case Or Two In Point

It happened to a group called "REACT" (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams), a national organization which I once belonged to. REACT provides emergency radio services and once had hundreds of chapters, but there are only a handful left. This organization slowly died in the same way because dedicated members left out of disgust. They received little help and older board members wanted to spend nothing and yet keep the status quo. In addition, they do not want to change with the times as communications technology has drastically changed.

Ok I understand many of the older generation were from the depression, WWII, and were always worried about money. In addition, many did no get a good education because of hard times, for many of them were forced to go to work at a younger age or even to war. But many of their peers did not let that keep them from later becoming educated. Many of them became business and political leaders.

Yes, I understand the hard times they went through, but they have allowed those hard lessons learned to destroy everything that many of the now deceased members fought to put into place. They are also the ones who allowed the nonsense that went on in the 60's to happen, such as the hippie movement, drugs, and the sexual revolution.

It was these older members who also allowed the Communist ACLU and radical environmentalists to screw up this country. Everything they fought for in WWII has now been for nothing, as the world turns to globalism and collectivism! Plus, because they allowed the baby boomer generation to run wild, you now have three generations of total and complete dysfunctional and illiterate individuals and families to contend with.

With the destruction of the family unit, you will never again see the kind of social clubs and organizations you once witnessed. Once they are totally gone, they will never again come to pass. As many of my older friends are just now reaching their final years, many of them have told me of the regrets they harbor. For example, many of them did not do enough to prevent what has happened in the world around them. Many of them feel they should have reined in their children more so and not spoiled them. They now see the little monsters they have created. And as far as the social and service organizations, it is too late for them. They have burned all their bridges and the dedicated members will not be back-including myself. The damage has been done and there is no repairing it, as more VFW posts fold up or Moose Clubs go out of business weekly.

It has gotten so bad for the Free Masons that they now advertise for members when at one time the only way you got into the Free Masons was by invitation. I hear all the same things from my friends who are Masons, that it is always the same handful of members doing all the work.

The Boy Scouts

When I was in the Boy Scouts, my parent, brothers, and myself were always doing things for the troop while the other parents simply dropped off their kids and left so we could baby-sit them. Of course, I would get all kinds of grief from the other kids because my parents cared while their parents could care less.

There were scouts in my unit who's parents I never ever saw or meet. The stories these kids would tell about getting in trouble, and there parents not doing anything to them, was totally amazing. Of course, many of these scouts are a total and complete waste. Many of them now have extensive criminal records to show for their parent's lack of participation in their lives.

In some ways, things never change, and you can prove that by going to the mall and observing. These are still parents like this, as these are the ones who hand their kids some money and drop them off at the mall on a Saturday morning, returning in the evening or afternoon to pick them up at closing time. These delinquent parents force everyone in the mall to baby sit their kids as they run and terrorize the place because they do not want to be bothered caring for them in a hands-on fashion.

It got so bad with the scout troop I belonged to that my brothers and I had to leave and join another troop across town. We kept it running as long as we could but folded it in the 80's when membership declined and we could not get help from the parents. Eventually in 1976 it came time for me to receive my Eagle Scout Award. However, on the review board sat an assistant scout master, a member of my old troop (whose own son spent time in prison for drugs and is a total waste) tried to stop my award. But the local scout district arranged my review with a scout executive present to make sure there was no interference from the old troop. It was one of the most looked at reviews at the time just to make sure I received it fair and square. It also served to prevent the other troop from spreading unfair rumors about it.

Fire Departments

I recently had to leave a VFD and join a fire company in Emsworth after filing a human relations complaint against the old one. Once again, undesirables were allowed to run the organization and the older board members sat there and let them do whatever they wanted even after I clearly laid out for them what was going on and how they were getting ripped off. These old timers, because they lacked the education to understand it, allowed things to go on without doing anything about it, as well as the town council and mayor who put their head in the sand and hoped it would all go away.

Even after the station was sanctioned by the state human relations commission, they have been allowed to continue their nonsense and A station, which was once top notch with a 5-7 minute response time, now is lucky to get a single truck out the door in 20 minutes. In addition, they have lost 14 members, all of which places the community at risk. And yet, the members who have stayed behind are so ignorant of their own situation that they have no ideal the taint they have placed on themselves by their own inactions. They wonder why they are shunned and laughed at by peers.

The reason why so many fire departments can no longer recruit members is not because people are unwilling to serve. It has more to do with all the nonsense that is allowed to go on within these organizations. There are many fine fire companys but there, but there are many more that are a total and complete joke.

Until society is willing to take a stand against individuals who do harm, we will continue to receive everything we deserve. Until we drive out ignorance and lack of proper education, the criminal and undesirable element will be allowed to flourish. The criminally inclined will continue to be allowed to enter such organizations, stealing them blind and driving out good members, eventually killing the respective organization.

I know many now deceased friends and relatives who have to be rolling over in their graves for what is going on in this country .The time to stop it is now. Will you help join me in righting these wrongs, to take a stand against bad behavior and those who produce it. Will you stand tall and help me stop the eroding of our nation? Or will you just sit there and wonder at the continuing problems that never seem to go away-like so many of my friends do now.

Ask yourself this final question: Who will be there to take care of us in our old age and who will it be that keeps an eye on our children, keeping them safe from harm? If we do not act now to restore true morality and ethics in this country, organization by organization, department by department, agency by agency, then what will there be left by the time many of us reach retirement?

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By Heather Disotell
GKO Guest Writer

Few adults and even fewer politicians take into account the position of teenagers when addressing current events of national or international importance. Little do they realize that we, the future of our country, are very much aware of what is going on in the world today. With our access to computers being so easy and unlike generations before us, being formally instructed in their use and capabilities, more information is available to us than any other generation ever thought of. Because of this flood of available information and because we are the future politicians talk about, to and for, many of us are confused and upset over the lack of concern in reality there seems to actually be for us. We do have opinions on current affairs and your decisions on them.

It looks like to us that most of our politicians are rich and tell us what they are going to do, compared to what the people now in office have done. That is easy for them to say! Most of my friends admire President Bush for the 'payback' he has given to those who were involved in the tragedy of 9-11. Many of my friends as well as I believe Our President could have taken it farther and 'cancelled' some of the benefits countries that opposed us often receive from us. Why should we continue to be friendly and beneficial to countries like France, Germany, Turkey and Russia? Friends are supposed to stand by friends we learned that in playgrounds! Maybe when you get older you forget some of those things. I hope that my friends and I will remember friends as well as those who were not supportive or friendly and act accordingly when the situation arises.

With our loved ones overseas fighting to protect us here at home from experiencing terrorist acts what would possibly make anyone think that we, teenagers, do not care. After all, those military men and women seen on television are our brothers, fathers and friends. All of the other wars we learn about, with the exception of the Civil War, took place overseas. This war on terrorism started here in our country and we all saw it on television. It affected us too. Most adults and especially politicians do not realize that. Some of my friends even refer to it as our war. After all, it seems that the way it's going the war won't be over by the time we're ready to take up the task. Moreover, that's ok. This is our country too.

Sure, we're thinking about getting our driver's license, going to the prom, basketball and football games and yes, there is a drug and violence problem in our schools and neighborhoods but don't underestimate our understanding of what's going on around us Mr. Politician. Why is it that we are old enough to go to war but not old enough to vote on issues that affect us?

Every one of us above the age of reason living in Our Country has an investment in our future. Try to think of us as the next generation of politicians and you are teaching us how to perform our duties as such then maybe you will think of us differently. We are watching, listening and learning how to do it better and already sometimes, we have ideas that may be better than what you have to offer. However, no one seems to care. We feel that way.

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Give It Up, Mr. Vice President

By Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Editor

Some people just do not know when to 'give it up' and move on. The current prime example of this statement is, of course, Al Gore. A looser is a looser is a looser, and nothing can change what is. It is apparent to this writer that his endorsement of Dean for the Democratic Party candidate, for the next Presidential election, is a self-serving gesture by him to remain in the political arena at any cost.

Certainly his loyalty to his old running mate, Joe Liberman, is non-existent and his transparency as a person with [out] character is obvious. Al does not understand that the best thing he could do in order to salvage any part of a good memory of his service to our country is to just 'give it up' and fade away. By maintaining his position as a 'flunkie' for the Clintons, he continues to lose any respect he might ever have had in the first place. Like an old fighter who does not know when to retire, and it is surely sad.

It is also being recognized by the folks here in the bayou that the majority of the Democratic Party is floundering to the point that they are becoming a pitiful example of the 'other party'. Here, they are not trusted simply because they do not do what they say they will do! They will play the 'race card' in order to dupe minorities for votes while they refuse to show the remainder of their 'cards' to win over the majority of the nation. Personified by the likes of Ted Kennedy, a man who can not even swim, would not even be elected as a dog catcher down here, even with all of his inherited wealth. Everyone here could swim when someone's life is dependent on it. Couldn't you?

Perhaps the Democratic Party should just 'give it up' for a season?

You've got to 'know when to hold them, and know when to fold them' even in politics, perhaps even more so in politics. The American People have never been 'stupid'. Being kept in the dark and kept ignorant though has been used on us by almost everyone, especially since our Revolution against England. Finding out the truth of a political matter has always been difficult and now in this world of mass and immediate communications, that is manipulated by the wealthy, it is almost impossible to get any semblance of accuracy.

Once again, I offer the solution: "The older I get, the less I listen to what people say and the more I watch what they do!"

Americans will 'give up' aid to almost anyone in the world who needs it. We have been known to 'give up' food, medical supplies and support of all kinds, even to nations who are in disagreement with us politically when a natural disaster befalls them. America has a record of being able to 'give up' many things when it is necessary for us to win a war or protect our society. Whatever it takes, Americans will always 'give it up' when required.

To the very heart and soul of our society though, we all know that we will never 'give up' our right to vote, own firearms, practice the religion of our choice, strive to better the lives of our families, or anything else that we believe to be afforded us via our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Laws of Our Land.

Therefore, to the terrorists who are attempting to do us harm and the doom preachers o9f our own political parties, I recommend that you 'Give It Up'!

Those's my opinion and thank God that This Is Still America!

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