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Welcome to the January 11th, 2004 edition of The GKO Sunday Intelligence Report, a weekly electronic intel magazine brought to you by Giant Killers Organization. To contribute, please send your submissions to


Greeting fellow Earthlings. Congratulations to NASA for their recent successful landing on Mar's surface, the red planet, planet of war, and quite possibly tomorrow's main space mission (see related articles to come). It was certainly good to see NASA's success after so many recent failures.

Those who know me well are quite aware of my interest in issues related to space travel and alien cultures (wherever they may be found). After all, if human kind is the best that the Creator of all the cosmos can do, then we're all in big trouble here on Earth.

Frankly, those who have worked with intelligence related to UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), as well as those who have witnessed one (or more), undoubtedly accept the idea of alien cultures. The rest of us who have participated in neither simply don't know. What's more, we do not have enough information to base a conclusion, for we cannot accept what we cannot verify. For those of us in the latter category, the smart ones are still waiting to make a final decision while the closed minded among us have already made their decision (without the benefit of real "intelligence" ).

Source: NASA web site

As I have pondered the relatively recent effort to make contact with Mars, I am in awe at the vast amounts of money and engineering effort already spent doing so (with so many failures to show for it). The record of successful landings, just prior to this most recent landing, is 1 out of 3.

It was the Soviet Phobos I and II, launched 1988 and 1989 repectively, that signaled a sudden interest in Mars from the standpoint of a landing since the Mars probe effort began in 1960. Interestingly enough, in early 1988, one of the popular tabloids carried a story on Mars that featured the infamous "face of mars" and alleged "radio signals" that were said to emanate from a structure some distance from it. According to that article, which may or may not be true (of course), scientists across the world had been working on those signals for up to two years before publication.

The article claimed that scientists had been able to discern about 90 seconds of video footage from those very weak signals, but nothing more. The author alleged that the video footage consisted of men, who wore headpieces, similar to that which is shown to adorn the "face of mars," that seemed to be dieing. They were, so the article claimed, either asking for help or quite possibly warning others to stay away (take your pick).

The article continued, saying that scientists had come to the conclusion that, in order to better discern the meaning of these phantom signals, they would have to send a probe to Mars to collect them, then retransmit them at a higher power level. The article also claimed that the only nation with probes in wait was Russia, which intended to launch Phobos 1 and 2 later that year. Well, the first Phobos was launched in 1988 and the second one in 1989. Both of the Soviet probes failed. The first was said to have failed due to human error and the second simply failed two weeks after its arrival prior to its landing.

Whether the tabloid story was correct or not is yet to be seen (publicly), but one thing is for certain, the history of the current Mars effort is certainly a colorful and eventful one. The amount of money spent thus far must be staggering to consider, which would suggest that there is compelling reason to go there. Nations do not usually spend this kind of money on a mere whim. If you happen to be interested in the history of the Mars landing effort, you may be interested in the following links:

Planetary Probe History
A Brief History of Early Mars Probes
A Chronology of Mars Exploration
Mars exploration: a history
A short history of Mars Missions

In this issue of The GKO Sunday Intelligence Report, you also will find references to some very interesting reading. Because the issue of Open Immigration, or Legalized lawless Immigration, is so critical to the foundation of business and American Heritage, I would hope that you would especially pay close attention to these pieces, as well as my full-length article near the end of this issue.

If you had failed to realize the significant of the global agenda that is now afoot in years past, then the recent antics of this administration in this regard should be an eye opener to you--unless you've become so immune to these jargons and concepts that you still have yet to awaken from your peaceful slumber to the nightmare we find ourselves in.

In closing, we would like to hear from you. It takes a lot of time and effort to put these weekly issues together. It is the hope of Mr. Coggs, GKO Editor, and myself that you will find the time to write and explain to us how our work has helped you. Also, if we are lacking in any area, may I encourage you to write in and tell us where your interests lie. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to

Thank you,
Al Colombo, GKO publisher

Bush's Martian dreams

In 1961 John F Kennedy challenged scientists to reach the Moon by the end of the decade. In 1989, George Bush Snr proposed a manned mission to Mars - plans that were scrapped because of the cost.

Now, George W Bush is expected to reinvigorate America's space programme by reviving his father's dream.

Next week Nasa will be told to work towards putting people on Mars within the next two decades and creating a base on the Moon.

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Leader: Bush boldly goes to Mars

For 35 years, Nasa has lacked the resources to attempt another Moon landing, let alone try anything bigger. Yet no other country has the resources even to contemplate inter-planetary travel. Mr Bush's plan recognises that, as the unchallenged superpower, the United States has a responsibility to carry mankind's loftiest ambitions. It would be nice if those who habitually dismiss the President as selfish and insular would for once acknowledge his largesse.

Make no mistake about the magnitude of what is being proposed. Mars is unimaginably far from Earth. Many of us have a vague classroom picture of the solar system, in which the planets appear to orbit at regular distances. In fact, space is chiefly empty: that is why we call it space. Specks of matter are tiny and sparse. In a scale representation, if the Earth were the size of a pea, the edge of the solar system would be a mile-and-a-half away. A manned mission could reach the Moon in three days. To reach Mars would take a minimum of six months. Unlike the Apollo 11 crew, who were able to carry their own supplies, a Mars mission would rely on a series of remote-controlled craft to land equipment in the right place.

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Real Message of The Bush Amnesty

If George Bush’s amnesty for between 8 million and 14 million illegal aliens is enacted, you can kiss the old America goodbye.

Consider what the president is saying with his amnesty. He is telling us that he cannot or will not do his constitutional duty to defend the states from invasion. He is saying that he simply cannot or will not protect our borders or enforce our immigration laws. He is saying he will no longer send illegal aliens back.

Not long ago, this would have produced calls for impeachment and cries that, “If Bush won’t enforce our laws, let’s elect a president who will.”

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IDs for Illegals
The 'Matricula Consular' Advances Mexico's Immigration Agenda

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a migration deal with Mexico was tabled while attention turned to homeland security. So the Mexican government abruptly changed its White House strategy and substituted a grass-roots approach that would focus at the local level, seek small successes, and build momentum for congressional action. The linchpin for this new strategy was to be the “matricula consular,” an official identity card issued by the Mexican government, which it wanted to be officially recognized within the United States.

This Backgrounder is the first detailed examination of the matricula issue. The objective of this lobbying effort is to achieve quasi-legal status for Mexican illegals in the United States without waiting for action from Washington.

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Mexico and Immigration
Panel Discussion Transcript

Good afternoon. Thanks for being here and covering something that I thought we would end up getting no coverage for, seeing as the State of the Union is tonight. But I guess everybody can't cover the State of the Union Address, so thanks for coming. My name is Mark Krikorian. I'm executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. We're a think tank here in Washington that examines and critiques the impact of immigration on the United States. The issue that we're going to be discussing today, the Matricula Consular, Mexico's consular registration card, is one that has been sort of below the radar for a good while. But in the local communities and in the Mexican government, it's been a matter of some importance, of relatively high priority. Recently a top official in Mexico's Foreign Ministry asked rhetorically, "How do you eat an elephant?" And he answered his own question, "One bite at a time." And the reference was to illegal alien amnesty. Before 9/11, Mexico thought it had a good shot of a comprehensive amnesty for the 3 (million) to 5 million Mexican illegal aliens in the United States. Even though the prospects of that weren't all that good even before 9/11, frankly, after the terrorist attacks, it became highly unlikely that anything like that was going to happen any time soon.

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Home of Dr. Greg Dixon

Mexico's Fox says migrants don't want U.S. amnesty, citizenship

President Vicente Fox said Friday that most Mexican migrants who would benefit from immigration reforms proposed by President Bush don't want to become U.S. citizens.

"What they are interested in is in having their rights respected," Fox said in remarks to foreign reporters. "These workers are not going to become American citizens, nor do they want U.S. citizenship."

Fox's strong support for the plan contrasts with the views of many immigration activists who criticized the proposal for not providing for amnesty and eventual naturalization.

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Proudly waving the free-trade flag

OTTAWA—When presidents and prime ministers from around the Americas gathered in Quebec city to talk trade two years ago, more than 25,000 people marched through the narrow streets of the old city to protest the idea of extending Canada-U.S.-Mexico free trade rules to the rest of the hemisphere.

Amid the tear gas, broken windows and pitched battles that erupted between police and small groups of violent demonstrators, 400 protesters were arrested and at least 19 police officers and demonstrators were injured.

As that event showed, Canada's experience with trade liberalization has not settled the national debate that has galvanized Canadians ever since former Liberal leader John Turner famously charged then-prime minister Brian Mulroney with having "sold out" the country back in 1988.

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Pope calls for a new world order

John Paul presided over a morning Mass inside St. Peter's Basilica to mark the World Day of Peace, which the Roman Catholic Church celebrates every January 1. He appeared in good form, delivering his entire homily in a strong and clear voice despite a relatively tiring holiday schedule.

This year, John Paul directed his thoughts to continuing conflicts around the globe. But he stressed that to bring about peace, there needs to be a new respect for international law and the creation of a "new international order" based on the goals of the United Nations.

He called for "an order that is able to give adequate solutions to today's problems based on the dignity of the human being, on an integral development of society, on solidarity among nations rich and poor, on the sharing of resources and the extraordinary results of scientific and technical progress."

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Choose freedom or else

The Iraq intervention, the Bush administration has made clear, is a logical consequence of its larger vision of the US's role in the world.

Proclaiming freedom as the natural birthright of every person, and arguing that progress toward reclaiming this birthright can best be made in the protective shadow of the US's global military power, US President George W. Bush has made a powerful case for liberal imperialism.

Yet this righteous pursuit of human liberty and international order misunderstands the nature of both liberalism and what threatens it, and risks undermining not only the US's own liberal republican values but also international institutions.

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After the cold war, we need to build a new world order

WARSAW As the world stands at the threshold of the 21st century, the question is, will we sink into chaos or will we be able to create an international order? If I use strong words to present the alternatives it is only to encourage everyone to seek a solution to Henry Kissinger's diagnosis that "today's world is in a state of revolutionary disarray."

Unfortunately, contemporary politicians are so preoccupied with resolving current tensions and conflicts that they ignore a more ambitious goal, the creation of the new world order.

In the past, new international orders were established as a result of great wars - by the Treaty of Westphalia after the Thirty Years War, by the Congress of Vienna after the Napoleonic wars, by the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, at Yalta and Potsdam after World War II. Keeping in step with this history, a new world order should have been established after the cold war.

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FCC Head Says Broadband Is Vital

LAS VEGAS -- Technology is playing a critical role in democracy because it puts more power in the hands of individuals, and that power must be preserved as technology advances.

That was the message that Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell shared during an informal chat with Consumer Electronics Association Chief Executive Gary Shapiro on Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show here. Powell was warmly received by the CES attendees who got up early to see the 7:30 a.m. session -- the earliest morning session on record for the gadget fest.

"We should be working to bring in technologies and policies that spin things away from large centralized institutions that determine what you see and hear and listen to, and push more power to consumers," Powell said. "Why I like my TiVo is I'm the programmer, instead of NBC or ABC or CBS."

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Britain’s top interrogators – MI5’s Eliza Manningham-Buller and Richard Dearlove of MI6 – are heading the team of British interrogators who will question Saddam Hussein.

Both are formidable inquisitors who broke Soviet spies and traitors during the Cold War. They will work closely with the US interrogators led by CIA director George Tenet.

Hours after Saddam emerged from his hole, he came under the combined scrutiny of intelligence service psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioural scientists and psychoanalysts. They are known as “the specialists”. They have prepared a detailed study of how the interrogators can break him.

The specialists studied the video footage of Saddam being medically examined. The search inside his mouth was not only to obtain a DNA swab – but to see if Saddam had a suicide tablet secreted in a back tooth. None was found.

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Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence

People discerning remote manipulation by technology capable of such influence have formed protest organizations across the world. Educated society is uninformed regarding authentic documentation of the development and existence of these technologies, and unaware of the dangers. Complaint of ‘hearing voices’ and perception of other remote manipulation must receive appropriate scientific and legal investigation with protection. Professional awareness is virtually absent with eminent texts and opinion being presumptuous, without appraisal of the evidence.

Herein is substantiated:

  1. Human wireless internal voice transmission and tracking technologies.
  2. Reports of electroencephalographic (EEG) thought reading capacity, evidence of covert development, and remote EEG capture technology.
  3. References to the use of these, or similar technologies against humans.

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Home of Dr. Henry Makow Ph.D.

Beefing Up Barricades

Since the December 23 discovery of the first U.S. mad cow, from Mabton, Wash., federal regulators have been under pressure to strengthen beef-safety rules. The pressure seems to have worked: this past Tuesday, Secretary of Agriculture Ann M. Veneman announced new and expanded rules to cut the risks associated with mad cow disease, formally known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

Most scientists believe that cows contract BSE through feed contaminated with an infectious form of a protein called a prion. Normal prion proteins probably help maintain brain cells; misshapened, the prion becomes pathogenic and can force normal prion protein to adopt the misfolded shape. These rogue forms resist a cell’s attempt to break them down, so the malformed prion protein builds up and eventually ruptures the cell.

In August 1997 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the feeding of most mammalian protein to cows. In the U.K. that practice amplified the disease agent to create the BSE epidemic, which began in 1985 and peaked in 1992. In 1996 British researchers realized that BSE could jump to humans, who develop variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).

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White House Gaggle

The President had his usual round of briefings and met with the National Security Council. Secretary Ridge was present. He then taped his radio address. This morning he is attending a Department of Commerce meeting with small business owners. He is also meeting with the ambassador to Afghanistan. Then he will be speaking to the National Catholic Education Association in the East Room and then meet with Senior Executive Service and Agency leadership at Constitutional Hall. He will then leave for Texas. This afternoon Dr. Rice will brief on the president's trip to Mexico. Tom Ridge will brief at 11:30 this morning.

Future Meetings

Prime Minister Aznar from Spain will meet with the President on January 14th and there will be a dinner for him that evening. The president of Poland will be welcomed at the White House on January 26th and the Prime Minister of Turkey will be in Washington on January 28th. They will discuss counterterrorism issues, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, as well as economic and trade matters. Turkey will host NATO's summit in June.

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Cuba Tightens Grip on Net Access

HAVANA -- Cuba is tightening its control over the Internet, prohibiting Internet access over the low-cost government phone service most ordinary citizens have at home under a new law announced Friday.

The move could affect hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Cubans who access the Internet without authorization from their homes, using computers and Internet accounts that have been borrowed or purchased on the black market for as much as $50 for 80 hours per month.

Most Cubans do not have authorized access to the Wide World Web, although many can access international e-mail and a more limited government-controlled intranet at government jobs and schools.

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Bush Immigration Plan Borders on Treason

President George W. Bush wants to give some eight to ten million illegal aliens, most of them from Mexico, legal status. The plan would legalize these aliens as "temporary workers," which would allow them to work freely in the United States without fear of deportation. The plan is so disastrous to our country's well being and so fraught with potential risk to our country's security that the plan should be regarded as bordering treason!

Already, more than ten percent of Mexico's population is living illegally in the United States. If Bush's plan is actually implemented, that percentage would skyrocket. Our southern border is already an open sieve, as millions of Mexicans pour into our country. Bush's amnesty program (and that's exactly what it is, Bush's word games notwithstanding) would only be seen as a green light for millions more to invade our nation.

The financial drain on American taxpayers by these criminals is incalculable. Taxpayers will be paying for their food, health care, Social Security benefits, and education, plus all of the above for their dependents, from now on. Not to mention, the cost of law enforcement and loss of property due to the criminal conduct of these invaders.

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Immigration Poll

Should illegal immigrants in the U.S. be allowed to apply for immediate legal working status, as the President has proposed?

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of this writing, 9% said yes and 91% said no, and rightly so! --Al Colombo

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The International Bank Activities Reform Commission

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) December 23 2003--The International Bank Activities Reform Commission is revealing to the general public in the United States that Chat rooms, Bulletin Boards and Message Boards run by Lycos, Microsoft, and Yahoo such as Raging Bull and others are being used by government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve Bank, the FBI, the CIA, Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security to spy on Americans without their knowledge.

Government agents have used the boards for counter intelligence operations in an attempt to discredit information being posted by whistle blowers who have been ferreting out government crimes and wrongdoing with the full knowledge of President Bush and the intelligence community.

In many cases, the entire contents of a person’s computer can be siphoned out and transferred to a massive database in Virginia for further analysis and additional counter intelligence measures.

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Second Thoughts on Free Trade

was brought up, like most Englishmen, to respect free trade not only as an economic doctrine which a rational and instructed person could not doubt but almost as a part of the moral law," wrote John Maynard Keynes in 1933. And indeed, to this day, nothing gets an economist's blood boiling more quickly than a challenge to the doctrine of free trade.

Yet in that essay of 70 years ago, Keynes himself was beginning to question some of the assumptions supporting free trade. The question today is whether the case for free trade made two centuries ago is undermined by the changes now evident in the modern global economy.

Two recent examples illustrate this concern. Over the next three years, a major New York securities firm plans to replace its team of 800 American software engineers, who each earns about $150,000 per year, with an equally competent team in India earning an average of only $20,000. Second, within five years the number of radiologists in this country is expected to decline significantly because M.R.I. data can be sent over the Internet to Asian radiologists capable of diagnosing the problem at a small fraction of the cost. (Editor's Note: A New York Times article, a password may be required)

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Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Government Not Satisfied--Intend To Imprison Pastor Dixon for Contempt of Court

Since this article was written, Craig K. Weaver, Trial Attorney, Tax Division for the U.S. Department of Justice and according to his words, a Baptist, filed a Motion To Compel in the Federal District Court, Indianapolis on April 10. Sarah Evans Barker, Chief Judge will continue with the case as she has all others pertaining to the Indianapolis Baptist Temple and Dr. Greg Dixon in the past.

Please pray that God will give all of us at the Baptist Temple continued strength to withstand this continued harassment and persecution by the U.S. Government. This is a most serious issue that involves the government prying into the most intimate affairs of the Lord’s church. We have now reached the stage in the Police State that pastors are routinely expected to be informers on their members just as they have done in Germany under the Nazi’s and present day Russia, China, and other totalitarian countries.

Also, the Bush/Ashcroft Justice Department, not satisfied with raiding and seizing the property of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple on February 13, are now threatening to ask Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker, who ordered the seizure of the church, to incarcerate Pastor, Greg A. Dixon and church secretary, Colleen Tiffany, for contempt of court for not revealing the names of church members who serve in the financial ministry of the church.

Following are excerpts of a letter dated Feb. 26, 2001, exactly as they appeared from the U.S. Department of Justice to Attorney Al Cunningham:

U.S. Department of Justice
Tax Division
Civil Trial Section, Northern Region
P.O. Box 55 Ben Franklin Station
Washington, D.C. 20044
Albert F. Cunningham
Montgomery Creek, CA 96065

Dear Mr. Cunningham,

”This letter relates to the United States’ claims for a money judgment against Gregory J. Dixon...those claims are based on unpaid federal income tax assessments against Mr. Dixon, including penalties and interest, for the years 1984 through and including 1987.

Counsel for the United States , Craig Weaver, took the depositions of Gregory A. Dixon and Colleen Tiffany on October 12, 2000. Gregory A. Dixon is the son of Gregory J. Dixon. He testified...that he became the head pastor for Indianapolis Baptist Temple in July of 1996. Ms. (sic) Tiffany testified that she has been the church secretary for Indianapolis Baptist Temple since 1975.

You represented Gregory A. Dixon and Colleen Tiffany during their instructed Gregory A. Dixon and Ms. (sic) Tiffany not to answer certain questions, based on what you characterized as the ”congregational privilege.” Based on your instructions, the deponents refused to answer any questions asking for the identities of individuals who were personally involved in the financial and record keeping affairs of the church. In addition, Gregory A. Dixon refused to divulge how the church processes personal checks that are collected from the congregational offering, where church funds are physically kept, and how payments to other creditors are actually made...

In this case, the United States is not seeking a list of all of IBT’s parishioners. Rather, we are seeking information, including the names and current addresses and telephone numbers of the individuals personally involved, relating only to IBT’s financial and record keeping operations.

We are seeking the information as part of our efforts to gather information about the financial relationship between Gregory J. Dixon and IBT. The United States’ interest in maintaining an efficient tax system fully justifies obtaining the specific information that we are seeking. It is clear that there is a compelling governmental interest in enforcement of the tax laws. In U.S. v. Lee, the Supreme Court found that “mandatory participation is indispensable to the fiscal vitality of the social security system,” so that “the Government’s interest in assuring mandatory and continuous participation in and contribution to the social security system is very high.” The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, in U.S. V. Indianapolis Baptist Temple, 224 F.3d 627 (7th Cir. 2000), has already concluded that “maintaining a sound and efficient tax system is a compelling government interest.”

Based on the foregoing, it is the position of the United States that the ”congregational privilege” does not apply to protect disclosure of the information that was sought by the United States at the depositions of Gregory A. Dixon and Ms. (sic) Tiffany. Accordingly, this letter is to request that Gregory A. Dixon and Ms. (sic) Tiffany withdraw their privilege objections and answer the deposition questions to which they did not respond.

If this office does not receive a satisfactory response to this request on or before Friday, March 5, 2000 (sic), we intend to file a motion to compel answers to those questions.

...This letter is to request that you confer with Mr. Snoeyenbos to see if it will be possible for the United States to secure the information it seeks without court action. Please call Mr. Doug Snoeyenbos to discuss these matters at your earliest convenience... He can be reached at (202) 307-6558

Sincerely Yours,

Acting Assistant Attorney General
Tax Division

Acting Chief, Civil Trial Section Northern Region

The next letter in regards to this matter was dated March 14, 2001 from the same people. Following are the pertinent excerpts from that correspondence.

Dear Mr. Cunningham,

This letter relates to the United States’ claims for a money judgment against Gregory J. Dixon...By letter dated February 26, 2001, this office asked that your clients, Gregory A. Dixon and Colleen Tiffany, withdraw their objections and answer the deposition questions to which they did not respond... We have not received any response from you as of the date of this letter, and efforts to reach you by telephone on March 13 were not successful.

Please call Mr. Doug Snoeyenbos to discuss this matter at your earliest convenience. He can be reached at (202) 307-6558.

As of this date, we have not made any contact with Mr. Snoeyenbos or anyone else for that matter in Government concerning this matter. The church position is very clear. In the first place, Mrs. Tiffany does not have any information concerning the matters that the Government says that they need pertaining to the years 1984-’87.

Obviously, Pastor Greg A. Dixon does. However, he not only refuses to answer the questions that the government is interested based on Congregational Privilege, but he must respectfully refrain from answering any questions regarding the internal matters of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, a New Testament Church, based on Congregational Authority. The Congregation has not given him, nor will they give him or anyone else, the authority to answer any questions of any governmental agency as to the internal functioning of the Lord’s church.

The scriptures of the Holy Bible are clear on this subject. ”And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things he might have the preeminence.” (Col. 1:18)

Pastor Dixon and the congregation does not take lightly the implications of this developing situation. We have said from the beginning that the Indianapolis Baptist Temple has been marked for total destruction by this Government. Even though they have stolen the property of the church, the congregation continues to function with no decrease of attendance. It is now obvious that they will not be satisfied until the pastors are totally destroyed also. The Devil well understands the words of the Lord Jesus: ”Smite the Shepherd, and the Sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad.” (Matt. 26:31) But the pastor who is not a hireling must be willing not only to protect the sheep against the wolves, but also to even lay down his life for the sheep if need be. (John 10:11)

As we now move into a total police state, this Government wants to use the pastors as informers against their own people and the people against their pastor/shepherd just as they do in communist countries. But thank God for a faithful pastor who refuses, even in the face of imprisonment, to maintain the sanctity of the Bride of Christ. Please continue to pray for Pastor Dixon, Mrs. Tiffany and their families at this time. Also, write President George Bush, Attorney General John Ashcroft, and your own Congressmen about this affront against God’s church and people.

Mr. Ashcrofts address is:

The Honorable John Ashcroft
Attorney General of the United States
Department of Justice
Room 4400, 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington D.C. 20530-0001

Also, please send the largest gift possible to help us in this life and death struggle. We are in desperate need of your help at this time to continue this battle for religious liberty in our beloved land. Please send the largest gift possible today to:

Indianapolis Baptist Temple
P.O. Box 11
Indianapolis, Indiana [46206]

We will send you the video taped sermon by Dr. Greg Dixon entitled: How the U.S. Congress Legalized the Social Gospel and Outlawed the Old Time Saving Gospel of Christ.

We are in desperate need of your help financially. This struggle is now going into its eleventh year. We have fought long and hard. We have lost everything that we had from a physical standpoint including our home where we raised our children. We still have other options that we are exploring. We will keep you informed. Will you please send the largest gift possible today if you can to:

Indianapolis Baptist Temple
P.O. Box 11
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206.

For all of you who respond, we will send you a "Scenes From the Battle" video. Please help us today if possible.

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A Reply to Schumer and Roberts

by George Reisman

Charles Schumer, the senior senator from New York, and Paul Craig Roberts, an assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, have written an article in The New York Times of January 6, 2004, in which they question the benefits of free trade in conditions in which there is mobility of capital and thus effective mobility of labor, as well as mobility of goods.

They cite the case of a New York Securities firm that plans to replace its American software engineers who earn $150,000 per year with equally competent Indian software engineers who earn only $20,000 per year and who modern telecommunications equipment will enable to work as effectively as if they were physically present in the United States rather than in India. The also cite the fact that the number of radiologists in this country is expected to decline significantly because M.R.I. data can be sent over the Internet to Asian radiologists capable of diagnosing the problem at a small fraction of the cost.

Exactly the same alleged problem, of course, is present, at least implicitly, in the construction of modern factories and other modern facilities of production in China and elsewhere in what has up to now been the "third world." Such developments radically increase the productivity of workers who earn very low wages by American standards and thereby enable those foreign workers to outcompete far-more highly-paid American workers in the production of more and more goods.

The question is, are such developments to be feared as an assault on the American standard of living and thus serve to justify government intervention designed to thwart them?

The means of answering this question has been supplied by none other than David Ricardo, the discoverer of the law of comparative advantage.

The additional principle of Ricardo that is relevant here is his distinction between "value" and "riches," which, he showed, are capable of moving in opposite directions.[1] Although Ricardo, was a proponent of the labor theory of value, his doctrine does not depend on it, any more than does the law of comparative advantage. Indeed, it can be applied to the very examples cited by Messrs. Schumer and Roberts. "All we have to do is understand `value' as money income and `riches' as the goods and services that money income can buy."

Thus, here we are with American software engineers and American radiologists being replaced by much lower-paid Asian software engineers and radiologists. What causes them to be replaced is that they are unwilling to accept wages as low as their Asian competitors. The fact that they are replaced rather than accept the wage cuts needed to be competitive implies that they choose to move to alternative lines of work, which, while offering less money than the jobs they have lost, do not require reductions as severe as those needed to be competitive in the jobs now filled by Asians. The former software engineers take jobs that offer $100,000 or perhaps just $50,000 instead of the $150,000 that they had been earning. The former radiologists leave radiology and enter other branches of medicine at lower, but still considerable pay, in the process increasing the supply of physicians and reducing their rates in those other lines—a path to more affordable medical care, it would seem.

To understand what is present, all one need do is to generalize the situation. Imagine that in case after case Americans are confronted with lower-cost competitors, which causes a decline in their money incomes. But the decline in their money incomes is always less than the reduction in costs achieved by the competitors. Now all one need do is realize that the cost reductions achieved by the competitors show up as price reductions in the things Americans buy. And those price reductions, founded on cost reductions greater than the decline in American incomes, will also be greater than the decline in American incomes. In other words, American real incomes, as opposed to their nominal incomes, rise. Ricardo's principles both of comparative advantage and the distinction between value and riches are at work.

Of course, if one looks only at the situation of an isolated group, such as software engineers or radiologists, the decline in income is far more pronounced than any decline in the prices the members of these groups must pay. But by the same token, in every such isolated case the immense majority of Americans gets the benefit of some reduction in costs and prices with no reduction in income—for example, all the patients who earn their livings other than as software engineers or radiologists and who can now get their MRIs less expensively.

Despite everything I have said about falling wages and prices, it should be realized that under a system of fiat money, such as we have today, it is practically impossible that the general level of money wages will actually fall in the United States. For one thing, practically all of the dollars that go abroad to purchase imports or, now, to pay wages, come back to the United States, to buy goods and services here. Indeed, in this process, China and Japan are actually significant suppliers of capital funds to the United States, albeit largely in the form of the purchase of U.S. government securities. (So much for fears of capital export. The overwhelming bulk of the capital invested in Asia is made possible by the rapid increases in production there, not by the export of capital from the United States or other advanced countries. The capital formed there is of such magnitude as to make possible, as I say, the actual import of capital into the United States rather than its export from the United States.)

This return of funds from abroad serves to increase the demand for labor in various lines, thereby working against a general fall in wage rates. Of course, of much greater influence on money wages is the endless rapid increase in the quantity of money in the United States. When this factor is taken into account, the effect of free trade should be understood merely as retarding the rise in domestic prices in comparison with what it would otherwise be—of helping to prevent prices from rising as rapidly as inflation of the money supply serves to raise wage rates and would otherwise serve to raise prices

The economic development of China, India, and all other areas of the present-day third world, their full integration into a system of global division of labor and their attainment of "first-world" status, is earnestly to be desired not only by the populations of those countries, whose standards of living would obviously be enormously increased, but no less by the populations of today's first-world countries, whose standards of living would also be very greatly increased. What would be achieved, along with the benefits of comparative advantage, is the maximum possible economies of scale in every branch of production, given the world's population. Above all, every branch of science, technology, invention, and business innovation would be pursued by a far larger number of highly intelligent and motivated individuals than is now the case. The result must be far more rapid economic progress across the entire globe, raising the living standards of all far above the living standards of today's most advanced countries.

The fear of other people's intelligence and ability applied to the production of goods we consume is not only profoundly wrong but also extremely dangerous. If we follow the line of Schumer and Roberts, and their avowed mentor, Keynes, and instead of allowing ourselves to benefit from the competition of the rest of the world, seek to impede others' progress, we should not be surprised if we end up finding much of that intelligence and ability turned against us, in producing the weapons of future wars rather than the better and more economical consumers' goods it can and wants to produce and which we want to consume.

Let Schumer, Roberts, and all other advocates of state intervention restrain their desire to unleash the Polizei and the troops to stop people from doing what benefits them. They need to read more of Ricardo, and Mises and Bastiat, before urging such policies.


George Reisman is professor of economics at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business & Management in Los Angeles, and is the author of Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics (Ottawa, Illinois: Jameson Books, 1996). His book is available through or His web site is You can contact by MAIL. See his Daily Articles Archive, and read his interview in the Austrian Economics Newsletter. Copyright © 2004 by George Reisman. All rights reserved.

[1] David Ricardo, Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, 3rd ed. (London: 1821), chap. XX.

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By Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Writer

The most important factor when considering someone for a promotion is past performance. Education, training, health, demeanor, motivation and numerous other items may be taken into account and can influence the final decision, but how one looks during the selection process and how they performed during their last position are more important. Do you agree?

Taking the above into account may help you decide whom to vote for in the next presidential election. It's important that you vote. More importantly, it's important that you vote well, not just for yourself, but for your children as well. With all of the slander and outrageous statements being thrown around, especially by the current Democratic candidates, you may want to take a good look at their motivation. Even more importantly, you should look into their past performance in their last jobs.

Without question the best performer among these candidates, I believe, is Reverend Al Sharpton! Here's a man who successfully managed James Brown, a controversial performer who has been recognized by at least two Presidents for his humanitarian work, and yet he has been charged with discharging a firearm in public, shooting his wife's car, and other misdemeanors. That in itself is quite an achievement for the 'Rev', if you're familiar in the least with the career of James Brown.

Al's impersonation of James Brown's singing and dancing on a comedy show on television was well done, entertaining and educational. Educational from the perspective that, not only has this man done more for African Americans that Jessie ever thought of, but he openly showed his humanity. Like Sammie Davis, I believe, Reverend Al would be accepted by conservative whites, Latinos, and blacks while being rejected by most liberals. Strange thinking? You may disagree, but that is what I'd predict, should he get the nomination.

Dean, on the other hand, is the extreme opposite of Al. Who the hell knows what Dean is really up to, other than he doesn't know the Bible? He also does not know how to efficiently run a state-a very small state at that; and, although he has been in politics during the last couple of years--when voting took place on how to conduct the war on terrorism--he refused to even recognize the success of Saddam's capture or any other success of our policy or procedure in any venue!

Dean repeatedly denies that our economy is getting better when every evening on national news, on all stations, I'm told how things are better. More importantly, here in my part of the country, I can see things improving. I'd like to know what the folks in his home state think of his performance during his time up there. Could be like Arkansas was a few years ago, most are glad he's moved on and not running their state anymore!

General Shelton, a past Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, whom I know personally, does not support General Clark in the least. That is not a good sign of past performance for Clark. Looks to me like much of General Clarks military time was spent in administration positions where he muddled through. And although I've been following the race, as much as I can stand, I have no idea what Clarks' position is on anything or what he would do better than what we currently have. I believe that no general since Caesar has been a good civilian leader as compared to their military exploits. General Patton maybe, Clark nahaaa.

Every time I hear of Vietnam hero I think of The Wall, Arlington and some of my friends who are buried there. Never has any of the men I know of who were participants in that war and even those who were highly decorated consider themselves or even mention the word, hero. Because of that I'm embarrassed every time I hear of 'Hero Kerry' prostituting his time in Vietnam for his political gain. He would be better accepted by the veterans I know if he'd just shut up about it and run on his performance since his discharge. Of course, that might be a little embarrassing for him since he joined the Vietnam Veterans against the War back when he began his political career. And he's following in the tracks of another looser, Gore, who also had to get a professional to teach him how to dress and improve his appearance.

The rest of them are just that, the rest of them. They are politicians who are looking for a promotion and yet seem to have performed mediocre, at best, in their last jobs. If any of them were efficient performers we wouldn't be voting against someone but for someone, for a change! Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. It's true.

That's my opinion. What's yours? "This Is Still America!"

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By Allan B. Colombo
GKO Publisher

As most of you already know, the Bush administration wants to grant quasi-legal status to illegal aliens who unlawfully penetrate our Southern borders by any means available. In a word, and in this writer's humble opinion, what this President is about to do, if he chooses to do it, borders on dereliction of duty-his Constitutional mandated duty, which is to protect this country from all enemies, domestic and foreign.

In Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution it stipulates, "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion, and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."

Can there be any doubt that amnesty of this magnitude complies with the "global agenda?" After watching Clinton during the 90s, and now Bush, is there any doubt in your mind that both the social democrats and social republicans are religiously following the same master agenda?

"Consider what the president is saying with his amnesty. He is telling us that he cannot or will not do his constitutional duty to defend the states from invasion. He is saying that he simply cannot or will not protect our borders or enforce our immigration laws. He is saying he will no longer send illegal aliens back," says Pat Buchanan in his story, the Real Story of the Bush Amnesty, published in The American Conservative (Click Here).

Of course there is a flood of differing opinions as to why Bush has embarked on this path to open, unfettered immigration at the expense of U.S. law. Some feel that it is motivated by his need to enhance his reelection efforts. Others, like myself, believe it's far more sinister.

According to Buchanan, "One sees here the cynical ploy of 'Boy Genius' Karl Rove. With the filing deadlines for the Republican primaries having passed and no GOP opponent, with no Third Party challenger from the Right, and with Dean the likely Democratic nominee, Rove knows conservatives are boxed in. In the old cliché, 'The conservatives have nowhere else to go.'

"So Rove is executing an "apertura a sinistra," an opening to the Left, pandering to Hispanics and Mexican President Vicente Fox, to whom Bush is to pay a visit," he finished.

Myself, I believe there is a far wider agenda here. For one thing, what he has proposed follows right along with the primary global agenda, which is to bring the world under one governmental governing body. Of course, the United States is one of the biggest problems for globalists simply because of so many Constitutionally minded Congressmen and citizens. For that reason, these one-worlders are working slowly and methodically, taking their time to assure our institutionalization into the one-world, global fold.

There are many steps to this goal, one being the "global economy." Another step is the elimination of countrylines by way of a variety of means, among which is certain to be "inclusion by default or association."

One of the hinge pins upon which the global agenda must ride is the need for a unified, centralized, globally codified means of citizen identification. The Social Security number that you and I now have in the United States is not wide enough in scope (not enough digits) for global use.

The bottom line is the U.S. Social Security numbering system is far too narrow in scope for global use. Hence, Americans must be, somehow, in some way, included in a new all encompassing numbering system, and that won't be easy to do given the fact that U.S. law would probably prevent it. I can well imagine the alternate ideas concerning ways in which to incorporate a global numbering system in the United States.

In the 90s, Uncle came up with a new identification card scheme just for this purpose. And, although it was intended primarily for legal aliens, it resulted in a revamp of what constitutes a valid ID in the United States-which has had a significant impact on U.S. citizens. However, if there were some legal tie-in that would bind Mexico and the United States, it might be possible for these one-worlders to force the U.S. Legislature to adopt global rules in country, such as new citizen identification system. This effort has taken place in phases, which we have seen over the past decade by way of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations (UN) in a more broad sense.

The story does not end there, however. Now, and not without surprise to this writer, we are told that President Bush wants to grant illegal Mexicans Social Security benefits! Yes, the U.S. Social Security Administration would then provide the same benefits that you and I have to illegal immigrants given quasi-legal status. Is it any wonder the United States is going broke and that at every level of government we are being further taxed out of our minds? Well, you haven't seen the tip of the iceberg.

"While innocent babes who have yet to earn a penny are threatened with jail time for misusing Social Security cards, the Bush administration appears set this week to turn the ailing government pension program into an international relief fund for illegal alien workers who used counterfeit Social Security cards and stolen numbers to secure illegal jobs," says Michelle Malkin, author of The criminal raid on Social Security, January 7, 2004.

The "innocent babes" part of her quote refers to the warning on the back of her 8-week-old son's new social security card. She says it reads, "Improper use of this card or number by anyone is punishable by fine, imprisonment or both."

Some time ago, during the rein of the social democrats in the 90s, Giant Killers Org covered the comments by Mexican president, Vicente Fox, concerning his public comments that the Mexican and U.S. Social Security systems should be joined together. This writer knew then that his comments meant that he was part of the "open borders" effort.

The other issue that I believe plays heavily in this equation is that of a change in political atmosphere in America. By allowing millions upon millions of Mexicans into the United States on a free pass, the political climate of this nation is sure to change. The question is, is Mexico a true democracy or that of a socialist country?

I know what my now-deceased father would say concerning recent efforts to open the borders of this country to just about anyone who wants to come here by way of the Southern border: "It's all political," he would say, and indeed he would be right. However, "political" does not equal "national defense." Nor does it equal "common sense." What it does equal, however, is slow gravitation toward a new order policy in which there are no nation lines, no borders-no sovereignty, no national citizenship per se.

Remember, There Can Be No Borders In A Truly Globalized Society.

What is the answer to this problem? If it is not settled in a peaceful way, bringing government back to the people of these United States, and out of the hands of international concerns, there is no telling what will eventually take. Most of us dare not speak the word "revolution" too loudly, but it is a common word in heartland America, I can assure you. Matter of fact, there are literally tens of thousands of everyday Americans taking precautions against that eventuality-if it should take place. After all, true-blue Americans are self reliant by nature.

Remember the credo on our money: "In God We Trust"

Remember the Boy Scout motto?

On my honor I will do my best:
     To do my duty to God and my Country, and to obey the Scout Law.      To help other people at all times.
     To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Giant Killers and her authors have worked for several years now at trying to avert such an event in American history. One revolution in a nation's 200-year history is enough. Let us hope that Americans in high places, albeit at all levels of U.S. government or International, begin to understand that their position should center on Americans first, then others second. If America is to continue helping others from across the world who are less fortunate, then America must come first to all Americans world wide.

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Dear Neighbor, This Year I'll Do Better
A New Years Resolution

By Nick Markowitz Jr.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The following New Years Resolution was written in response to a barrage of complaints to and against Mr. Markowitz by neighbors who often appear to think more about aesthetics in the neighborhood instead of the good that he tries very hard to do for the general community. Perhaps his New Years Resolution should be look at as an act of frustration in a sea of ignorance, misplaced priorities, and selfish motives. -Al Colombo, GKO Publisher]

Please forgive me for not keeping up with the Jones this past year as all of you do. My money and my time were better spent helping non-profit groups that needed it, instead of getting a fancy SUV, entertainment system, swimming pool, or great spa room--or, spend my money on designer clothes when work clothes would work just fine. I do not have a fancy running suit or an expensive winter 3-way ski/mountain coat for mall shopping on Sundays.

Please forgive me that I did not always have my grass cut exactly at 2 ½ inches; oh, and sorry I failed to spray my old grass with toxic chemicals that pollute the earth, despite the fact that it makes your grass look so green. I composted my grass clippings back into the grass instead of throwing them away in a landfill-like you did. My grass did not burn out and brown like yours either, which took place because of all the chemicals. Hey, a couple of dandelions and crab grass I can live with.

I also did not always have my grass cut on time because I was volunteering my time with the local Volunteer Fire Department, EMT responding to vehicle crashes and fires and rescuing lives. And please forgive me if I did not finish getting the house painted this year as I was involved with Home Land Security as I was busy teaching others and making sure High Risk customers had proper security measures in place. Plus, while traveling to my clients, taking extra time making sure to look for, and report suspicious activities during the code orange alerts. How silly of me to do all the things I do to make everyone in my locale more secure so terrorists do not attack again .The Government is making sure they do not?

Please forgive me that I did not get all my yard improvement work finished this year, as I was busy writing article's on, and teaching fire investigators how to do there jobs better when investigating electrical fires so reports are filed correctly and proper codes and rules can be formulated. How stupid of me that people do not read any more because they are too busy playing their Game Boys and home entertainment systems.

Also please forgive the fact that I am disabled and yard work is hard and painful for me, as well as my wife who also is disabled, not able to work full time. So the burden falls on me to cover the bills. No matter, the fact I tried to get help and nobody came after I helped them with their problem .I even tried to hire people who failed to show up as well. Perhaps I should do the neighborly thing, since I am disabled, by going on SSI (Social Security Insurance). Perhaps the right thing to do is move out of the neighborhood we now live in and move to a high rise for disabled elderly where the government takes care of all needs-after all, I am disabled. What the hell am I doing working so hard, like a darn fool?

Please forgive me for coming into and out of the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night. I know you do not like how I work all hours. But consider that when people have emergencies, like break-ins, home invasions, serious burglar, medical and fire alarm malfunctions, I try to be there for them. All the while, you file complaints with the code enforcemnt officer, even though several of my late-night trips helped to stop crime in our own neighborhood and others. I also came across several serious car wrecks and fires in my travels and assisted till help arrived.

Please forgive me for feeding the birds in my front yard, and yes, many of them go to the bathroom on your cars-that is, if it ever really happened. I realize it was so tacky of me to put a fancy feeder out front. Now, because of the hassle, I have moved my feeders out back were your cats can get to them easier. I know, it saves you some cat food expense.

Please forgive me if I did not socialize with all of you in the community, and sorry I did not attend all those special neighborhood functions. I was busy, helping the elderly and those who could not afford an electrician or Alarm system by donating my time and alarm systems to help them. Or, perhaps I was spending time with "At Risk Children" who have been mentally, physically, and sexually abused--children institutionalized and in need of someone to talk to, someone to show they really care. I know, you were unable to do the same because you were so busy with yard care, washing cars, filling out complaints against me, while attending neighborhood gossip sessions.

And more recently, please forgive me if I did not go out and elaborately decorate my home for the holidays and host a neighborhood party or two. I kept the Lord's birthday in prospective. Also the money spent on decorations and parties went to help me keep my costs low to a local Christian radio station so they could stay on the air and spread the Word to invalids and shut-ins who could not attend Christmas Services in the Lord's house.

Yes, please forgive me for being more concerned for all the things you could not see, all those needs you did not take time to hear or care about. But, I can assure you, others were very grateful for what I have done. I realize my house is my castle and is more important than anything else. Perhaps I can make a deal with you this year. I will have everything done at my house and have it ready for all to see, if you, my neighbors, help others like I have-even just a little. Agreed?

Just as I thought, you're not interested. Besides, you're going to be too busy buying that new Hummer next year. Just remember, it could well be you someday that I come and help when you're in the middle of an emergency you don't know how to deal with. But, if I'm busy taking care of my yard, the outside of my house, while enjoying a social life, spending big bucks to keep up with the Jones, just like you want me to do now, who will be there to respond on a fire truck when your house is ablaze? That's right: no one.

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Allan B. Colombo

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