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By Der Beobachter

Before I begin, please allow me to say that the picture I have assembled of the situation at hand is a culmination of many years of observation and study of politics, current events, and society in general. This is a dynamic picture that changes with every other passing day, so it appears. For example, just when I think that Iíve analyzed and determined certain facts, I suddenly acquire additional information that changes the overall picture. Thus, the following reflects the understanding I now have as of this writing, but note that it is subject to change as additional information comes my way.

There are powerful people on both sides of the ocean whom are trying to exert their power over North America. The one side belongs here and the others do not. The North American Powerhouse holds the best interests of their own economic and power-based survival at heart; and, for the most part it usually includes that of the American people. This is simply because unless there is an economic incentive for them to consider our welfare, they will take their businesses elsewhere.

The other Powerhouses on the other side of the ocean has their agenda as well. As I analyzed the situation in Florida, the fight between Gore and Bush for president was just a small part of this battle that now rages here stateside. Obviously, the last administration, from top to bottom, represented the off-shore interests of Europe, perhaps Asia as well.

Iím not going to sit here and tell you that Iím in love with any of these Powerhouses. However, I will tell you that if I am to be ruled, I would rather it be by the North American Powerhouse that does it and not the European or Asian faction. Thus, even though I was, and still am, somewhat hesitant to throw all my chips on President Bushís table, I have thrown most of them thereon since he took office. I wish this fact to be known far and wide.

Now, let us back up just a bit. I said earlier that there are two major powerhouses vying for supremacy over the United States. It is my personal belief that the last administration represented the European faction. As much as the former president catered to China, it might ALSO appear that both the European and Asian factions of the trilateral commission had integrated their enormous power against the North American faction.

Frankly, and this is just my opinion, but America must be ruled by someone, and Iím absolutely sure that I would rather be ruled by the North Americans and not the other. What about you?

The thing that this author believes is that people must come to understand that America is the Prize of all prizes. Just look at all its assets: Look at its natural resources; look at the millions of acres of unused land. Then, take a good, close, and careful look at China, at Europe, at Great Britain and you will see overcrowding, declining resources, and an entirely different attitude than what American was and is about.

For example, in a recent census, it was determined that the population of the PRC (Peopleís Republic of China) is approximately 1,273,111,290, with a total land mass of 9,326,411 square kilometers. Thus, per capita, there are .0073 square kilometers per Chinese citizen. By contrast, in the United States, the most current census reveals a population of 278,058,881and a land mass of 9,166,601 square kilometers. The result is thus .033 square kilometers per U.S. citizen. When you put it all together, this means that there is 4.5 times as much land per citizen in the U.S. as there is are in the PRC.

An enormous amount of money and effort has gone into locking up the environment within the United States? Radical environmentalism became the status quo during the Clinton years while now, during the Bush administration, an effort is underway to relax such standards so to encourage business. Unless this objective is achieved, America is destined to become a power of the pastóa third-world force that lacks hard industry, and thus, economic power.

Not as revealing, but certainly telling, are statements made by the U.N. (United Nations) regarding fresh water and our conservation of the same. The reason we are told is that 1/5th of the world has no access to a fresh water supply, nor will they ever. Although this ought to be a wake up call to all Americans, in most cases it is applauded as responsible environmental education. And yet, applying common sense and practicality to this equation, and please tell me if you can, how will the fresh water in our municipal or personal wells do this 1/5th of the world a lick of good?

Unless someone at the U.N. level has control over its flow and destination, how will our conserving water be of any value? Actually, to the contrary. Our conservation could be looked upon as hoarding in that, by using such resources, we inevitably recycle this most valuable natural resource. By its mere use, we allow it to escape into the atmosphere so it is carried through the air. In this manner it will ultimately fall to earth as rain, thus providing most needed nourishment to plant, animal, and human life.

Isnít it strange how a single U.S. election can delay what so many socialistic nations have proposed to do? Before George Bush, Jr. was appointed President of the United States, former President Bill Clinton worked hand in hand with many foreign powers. Their objective was to institute presidential executive orders and laws that either today or later can be used to commandeer even more control of U.S. land by the U.N. and a variety of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations).

Look at the Commission on Global Governance. One cornerstone of their work hinges on a statement that, at some future time, the majority of mankind will migrate to large urban centers. Let us be honest, the opposite is actually true in America. People are leaving the urban centers by the droves and they have been for several decades. You can see this in the rural of America for where there were once cornfields, there now are allotments.

The migration of society into urban centers may suit the Europeans need to control the masses, but it is not going to happen naturally within the U.S. without a good deal of resistance. However, the mere intention should indicate to any astute observer what their intent is. Another indication of this intent is the frivolous and constant attack on SUV vehicle owners by the Clinton administration for many, many years.

In one commentary on www.GiantKillers.Org it was shown that the U.S. Government had once gone so far as to destroy the more powerful breed of Indian horse because it was far superior to that of the European bred animals that the Yankee military were using. Controlling mobility is what this game is all about. And now we have the National ID, which, if it is instituted, will become part of a universal and global numbering system.

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