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Correspondence With An Illuminati

By Dick Eastman, 2002

Al ColomboIt has been written long ago that the far Left and the far Right represent two different methods of attaining the same goal--the total subjugation of humankind. The Clinton Administration, for example, represented the far Left. Liberal and Socialist in leaning, this faction of the New World Order thought nothing of doing whatever was necessary to attain their goal of global control. Now, we have the far Right, the Bush Administration, who, itself, is obviously willing to do whatever is necessary to attain its goal of total global control.

Oh, but for some time both factions have joined together for mutual benefit, one side striving to gain the upper hand over the other. Florida was just one sign of this inner struggle--although there are others.

The following dialogue between a professed member of the Illuminati, someone named "Z", and Dick Eastman, should bear out the above presentation of facts. But, if this should not be enough, in due time Giant Killers will provide this same information, but in more depth and in the words of others who are more distinguished and knowledgeable than myself.

Allan B. Colombo, publisher

"Z" writes:


I am a very high ranking officer in a group many would consider to be part of the Illuminati. I hold the same degree that Aleister Crowley held in this organization (The Golden Dawn) and was initiated into my present degree (Magus/King/9=2) by the posthumous authority of Aleister Crowley. ..... I am technically a high ranking member of the Illuminati, or should I say a high ranking member of a group that many see as being Illuminati. Yet - I am not rich, I don't approve of child abuse, I am anti-NWO, I am not racist, I believe in being fair, honest and ethical, I am unaware of any secret Illuminati military locations, I find the idea of children killing other children or even strangling cats disgusting, I don't have any power over any bankers anywhere, I work diligently to avert war and so on and so forth. But then again I am a member of "The Great White Brotherhood." This archaic title does not refer to race by the way. The word "White" refers to the Light of God and not people of Caucasian descent. Many in the Brotherhood now prefer to use the title - The Brotherhood of Light instead for this very reason.

It very well may be that our antithesis - The Brotherhood of Darkness does the things that Svali has described. I am not all that privy to exactly what they are up to at any given moment. Yet I will say that nothing is beyond them and that George Bu$h, his daddy and granddaddy are or were all high ranking members of the Skull and Bones. And as far as I know - the Skull & Bones is the most salient part of the Dark Brotherhood. Also, the Orthodox and Evangelical Christian Church have been, to one degree or another, run by one form or another of the Great Brotherhood of Darkness for about fifteen hundred years or so. Hence - the Crusades and the Inquisitions. You must remember that the Witch craze of the Middle Ages which amounted to nothing more than the ruthless torture and murder of thousands if not millions is but only an earlier version of today's Terrorist craze. A planned pandemonium or mass hysteria drummed up to keep the masses full of fear and hatred and suspicion towards their neighbors - thus taking the pressure to rule with any kind of ethical standards or efficiency off the ruling elite (which then included the church). Just substitute the word "terrorist" for the word "heretic" or "evil-doer" for "Witch" and you I think you will see what I am talking about. There were no Islamic terrorists responsible for 9/11. Yet we are told there were and that many of them live among us and to be forever vigilant in this "new war" and hence spy on your neighbor because there are terrorists and evil-doers posing as innocents and your next door neighbor or the clerk at the convenience store might just be one of them... These are the same type of techniques that were used by the murderous Brotherhood of Darkness in the Dark Ages. What exactly has changed anyway? Same old tricks same old Brotherhood of Darkness.



I replied :

In a message dated 10/16/2002 10:57:36 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

A system of secrecy is especially susceptible to corruption. (Look at the CIA.)

Children of the light, children of the darkness -- and no touchstone.

Better just look at individuals, the crimes they commit, and getting the evidence to convict.



His Oct. 17 reply:

Right now I can think of only four individuals I want arrested asap. bu$h, Cheney, Rumsfield and A$hcroft for crimes against the Constitution and the people of the United States. Dick - the Pentagon thing is so obvious and if high ranking government officials sent a missle into the Pentagon (which they most certainly did) then just by sheer turn of logic - they were almost undoubtedbly guilty of all three attacks that day. The Skull and Bones is a joke when looked at from a serious occult standpoint. This isn't about some crazy occultists planning out the destruction of the world as we know it - this is about dire and desperate US white collar criminals who are stupid enough to involve themselves in some cock-eyed Satan worshipping, Black Magick, Pentacostal, Christian Reconstructionist, messianic, world domination, get rich and powerful by using the US and British armed forces for the purpose of stealing other people's richly oil laden property scheme. The problem with religion and occultism is that they spawn meglomaniacs. And meglomaniacs desire greater wealth and power than anyone else around. They would go the same road without some quasi-mystical religion or secret magical lodge to back them but they wouldn't feel nearly as justified regarding their sins against humanity. There are presently two salient "Great Beasts" operating in the world right now: WWW (WorldWideWeb) is VVV or Vau, Vau, Vau (in Hebrew) which corresponds to the number of man (666). This is an example of the Beast who liberates. The other "Beast" is the jackass in the White House who is known simply as "W." He is the Beast of Tyranny and Destruction. That's the best I can explain it at the moment. I can only try to slow his insidious operation down but that's the best I can do right now even from within the mysterious lair of the illusive Illuminati. If the citizens of this country do not awaken from their nightmarish sleep, if they do recognize and grasp the naked truth and if they refuse to rise and take back what is their's, then what are people like you and me to do when the atom bombs start forming mushroom clouds over the land of the free and the home of the brave?

How's a ten year vacation in the South Pacific sound right about know Dick? Keep marching,




No South Pacific for me -- I've got nice neighbors and I don't think it would be right to run out on them and let them face all this alone. Socrates chose the hemlock rather than exile -- he understood that without your own community affiliation what is there to live for.

Besides, my 81 year-old mother is a Rush Limbaugh fan and I'm counting on her to use that status to save her "turncoat" "liberal" "jerk" (our last conversatation still rings in my ears) son from the Gulag (or Caligula.)

But I do accept your characterization of the mindset of the criminals, and your assessment of the situation and am grateful for it --but you've got to include Wolfowitz, Kissinger, Rice, Pearle and Gingrich -- Wolfowitz is, in fact, is Rumsfeld's functional boss, as Cheney is GWB's boss. Heck, the entire CFR many many others have to be rendered economically, politically, militarily and criminally harmless.

In friendship,



An earlier latter from "Z":

Several years ago I purchased a computer video game that simulated circumstances in Medieval Europe. Although its apparent, its salient theme was medieval warfare, one quickly learned that to effectively imperialize one must first learn to delicately balance several factors. The economy was, of course, a major concern when most any new move was involved. I.e. not enough farmers and too many soldiers could lead to a peasant revolt or to soldiers not eating which of course would lead to a lowering of morale and overall strength in your constant campaigns against your various neighbors. And so it went. Yet how is it then that our darling little government manages to spend obscenely more than any other country on the earth could dream of spending on it's military? And it is the government's military, it certainly is not ours. gwb doesn't even have to give a well thought out and intelligent reason or explanation for invading a country whose natural resources will flow into his back pocket. cheney's Haliburton has done millions in business with Iraq in just the last few years. Oh, excuse me, cheney used to be the CEO of Haliburton but is certainly not CEO of Haliburton now. No, cheney is the illegitimate vp of the government that either runs Haliburton or, more likely, the government that is run by Haliburton and the banks that own Haliburton. Of course: these banks not only own Haliburton they own Unocal, Exxon, Mobile, Enron, the Carlyle Group ect. ect. ect. Groups of people and machinery that buy and sell petroleum and that buy and sell munitions, the machinery of war, of death, of teeth gnashing sorrow and grief, of wanton hatred and unending greed for more and more.

The ballon is just now meeting and giving what virtually infinitesimal resistance it can, at this late date, muster against the invading point of the pin. Russia collapsed to the point that it could no longer finance its once great military machine. But, of course, this could not happen in the good ol' US of A now could it? Well, of course not, for we have a much better system then those Communist idiots had. We can print out spool after spool of fiat money by the hour. Fiat money is the surface of the ballon. That thin latex surface has now become so thinly stretched that it is prone to burst under the slightest of provocation. One more breath of air and who knows? And you know what else? There are a whole lot of people out there with bowls full of pins who just can't wait to see just how sharp their little pins are. If the Saudis side with Iraq - all they have to do is pull hundreds of billions of dollars out of US banks and our money is worth less than the ballon rubber in my little metaphor. Popped and shredded ballon rubber. You could stockpile the rubber to make shoes; you could only hope to burn the money to keep warm at night. And don't expect too many warm nights.

The Federal Reserve was a glorious sham for over three-quarters of a century. It gave us not only a chicken in every pot but a financed car in every financed garage of every financed house in America. People making ten dollars an hour are now driving twenty thousand dollar cars around just for the fun of it. That's two thousand hours of time spent on that ten dollar an hour job. Of course about a quarter of that time worked for phoney-bolagna money goes to income tax. And at least another quarter goes to other taxes, some you might not even be all that aware of at first glance. For instance, you might think that you are paying your grocer higher prices when, in fact, it is Uncle Sam who is, once again, mercilessly siphoning off the intestinal fortitude, the spending power of your thin dime. In fact, Uncle Sam has his hands in almost everybody's pot. So if and when you ever wonder why there just wasn't enough chicken to go around your dinner table - just picture a big bellied Uncle Sam smoking a fat old Cuban cigar and snortin' up liberal amounts of coke and heroin smuggled into his fortified and ultra-private office courtesy the CIA. He also is holding half the chicken that was supposed to go in your pot. You see, Uncle Sam can eat lots and lots of chicken when he's got a good buzz on. Sometimes though he gets so buzzed that he can't even swallow his after-dinner pretzels. You can tell when this happens though because he tends to fall on his face - hence: leaving a big bruise and/or scab somewhere on his forehead, cheek, nose or chinny-chin chin the next day.

Think, pray and act appropriately,



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