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A Taste Of Europe

An opinion piece from the Minuteman

Forgive me for saying so, but if you thought that this country had the taste of Europe when Bill Clinton road the oval office, what about now? In fact, instead of a foul tasting Europe, I would have to say that this tastes like the former U.S.S.R., or how about WWII's Gestapo?

Everywhere you look you see signs of Home Land Defense gearing up to better protect you by quarantine; by telephone taps; through the monitoring of all electronic communications by Brits via Echelon; by computer back doors; bugs planted covertly without your knowledge; by federal agents in airports; by police who are now largely obligated to follow federal mandates and procedures; by the monitoring of all your financial transactions (including your children's) through the new Information Awareness Office under the auspices of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), headed by Dr. John Poindexter, Director, Information Awareness Office; and by virtue of more than 2.1 million prison inmates within the United States (don't you feel warm and safe now?).

Although I support our troops and I pray for their safe return, I also pray for justice. The kind of justice I pray for is that which will be served up against those within our country, within our own government, who 1) knew that the world trade center and pentagon were to be attacked, 2) who have knowingly allowed situations and legislation to occur that serve to only harm this beloved country once under God; and 3) those who were involved that know fool well that they were/are eternally wrong. I tell you, there will be hell to pay for this treachery and it will be God, the Most High, who will serve it up to you--not I.

Do you want to know what all this reminds me of? How about George Orwell's 1984? How about Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? I say, down with the New World Order! Down with globalization, which threatens to suck the remaining life blood from this land and it's people.

In Conclusion

Incidentally, as a side note, those of you who believe in Socialism and the "redistribution of wealth" as a valid and rightful political system for the United States, here's a thought. Do you realize that the only people's wealth that will be "redistributed" will be that of yours and mine--not the truly wealthy elitists who have funded your bloody cause for so many decades. You work for folks you do not know or truly understand. You work to affect a political ideology that can, and will consume you if it is allowed to prosper globally.

For those who point to the United Nations as a democratic process, based on the merit of representation by various nations, you tell me when the last time you had any say so regarding who this nation sends to the United Nations to argue, debate, and vote? You tell me when the last time the American people were consulted regarding important issues up for vote in the U.N. Democratic it is not. Globalistic it most certainly is. Someday you will come to realize that the word "globalization" is a bad word with a bad meaning. Time will prove this correct, but by then the America we know may be no more. If you wish to respond to my comments, please do so by clicking HERE.

Allan B. Colombo
08 April 2003


To inform a largely unaware public of the true agenda behind globalisation, and to, if possible, alter the fast-track course to world subjugation that all of Earth is now on.

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