• 07/21/03 Reservations Concerning The Far Right And The Global Agenda
  • 07/17/03 On Censorship
  • 07/14/03 March Toward Globalism (Socialism) Reaches High Court
  • 07/11/03 The Unfortunate Decline in Farming in the U.S.
  • 07/09/03 The Blood of Heros
  • 07/09/03 Liberty & Union by Daniel Webster
  • 07/06/03 Speech On The American War by Lord Chatham of Great Britain
  • 07/04/03 Appeal To Arms
  • 07/04/03 Declaration of Independence
  • The Minuteman
    on Giant Killers

    The Minuteman was one of a group 
of American citizen militiamen during 
the Revolutionary War period who held 
themselves in readiness for immediate 
military service.
    Yesterday's First

  • Paul Revere's Ride by Henry W. Longfellow, 1863
  • Speech On The American War by Lord Chatham of Great Britain, 1777
  • 07/03/03 A Historical View of Slavery
  • 07/01/03 It's A New Day, A New Opportunity
  • 06/30/03 Vincent, my grandson, takes an unexpected plunge.
  • 06/27/03 Supreme Court Supports Unequal Rights?
  • 06/24/03 Another Day, Another Opportunity
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