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The Family Fallout Shelter Manual

There is nothing like the read of a good book. More enjoyable yet is the smell and feel of an old book. Even better is the interesting information that you can often find contained in these old books. This is especially true of the MP-15, The Family Fallout Shelter manual, published by the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization in 1959.

Oh, I can recall the days when bomb shelters were the rage. In fact, I can remember participating in air raid exercises in elementary school (I'm showing my age now :-). The very MP-15 manual that you are about to see I saw in the early 1960s as a young lad.

Why is www.GiantKillers.Org making the MP-15 bomb shelter manual available to you at this time? After all, we may be at war with terrorists, but surely the United States is immune from a massive, all-encompassing nuclear attack? Why on earth would we or should we consider building such a thing in this modern day and age?

"China is expected to have between 75 and 100 long-range nuclear missiles pointed at the United States by 2015, roughly quadruple the current number, according to a CIA report released Wednesday.

"Many of those intercontinental ballistic missiles will be on mobile launchers, helping China maintain a nuclear deterrent against the vastly larger U.S. missile force, says the report, titled 'Foreign Missile Developments and the Ballistic Missile Threat Through 2015'" (CIA: China Expected to Target U.S.; by John J. Lumpkin, Associated Press Writer, Wednesday, January 9, 2002)

There are several things to keep in mind as you read through this document. First, all the prices listed are that of 1959, which means they are much higher today. How much higher, I cannot tell you. Second, there may be new construction techniques in use today that you should know about. In as much as the federal gov't thoroughly researched radiation fallout during the various testing programs, it would seem reasonable to assume that the methodologies listed herein will work.

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Only a webmaster can appreciate the enormous amount of time and effort that has gone into making the MP-15 manual available to you at this time. The countless hours of scanning, resizing, and building web pages with special graphic effects can only be appreciated by such a person. See if you agree.

Al Colombo, publisher

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