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27 February 2002

Jim Trafficant
A True Patriot!!

By Rose R.

Those of us who do not know the Congressman, those of us who believe in what he has said before Congress, are likely to ponder the possibility that, just perhaps, just maybe, someone up top, the person or persons pulling the political/monetary strings, has not taken kindly to Mr. Traficant's patriotic, heritage-invoking words. After all, this is a new age, a new order--a new world order; and what Jim Traficant has said before Congress, and is certain yet to say, counters the official story of those who wish to press this dog and pony show toward world subjugation.
Jim Trafficant Is A Dangerous Man Although It Depends On Whom You Ask
May 10, 2001

Lets not give up on Jim's career just yet. He never gave up on us during the years he was allowed to serve us. Jim is still our congressman, but now he must defend himself from the very goverment that he works so hard to represent and protect. I am glad to find your page because there is so much BS going on with the newspapers in this area that I question who's really behind the scene's with these writers. We need more truth given to us now that Jim is unable to do so.

Truth is what Jim is all about and giving his opinion, based on facts uncoverd, is why he held office so long. Who can do that better than Jim? It takes courage and guts!! All these guys who forgot what Jim has done for this area and other area's outside his district will always be rememberd as traders and liars to the every working man that realizes that without the truth from Washington, more jobs will be lost in this area, and more liars will come out of the woodwork to explain why. My family and your friends have not forgotten you of only a few true patriots for the working man left in Washington.

Rose R

P.S. I don't know where the paper gets their information, but believe have alot of people behind you. Good luck Jim!!


Thank you for sending your comments to I intend to post it tonight. It will be on top for tomorrow. I will post it with your first name and last initial. Let us hope that Jim is as successful at defending himself this time as he was the last. There is no doubt that Jim is not an insider. I'm not saying that he's squeaky clean, but you show me one of those folks in D.C. who are. It's not about being squeaky clean anyway. It's not even about corruption as to why he's in hot water. It's because he's not a team player with the New Order boys and girls. Let's pray for him that all is dealt with accordingly.

Al Colombo, publisher


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Allan B. Colombo

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