Contrails Over This Land

Contrails Over Canton, Ohio Copyright 1999 Allan B. ColomboThis section of The Giant Killers web site is devoted to the issues of contrails, or should we call them chemtrails? Pictures, detailed descriptions, reports, gossip, and other information will be offered for your consideration. Please consider the selections below. Note that clicking on any one of these links will open your selection in a new window in your browser. Just close out this window to return to this menu page.

David M.

  • Chemtrails In Ohio, Nov. 4th, 2003 (Al Colombo)
  • Introduction (Al Colombo)
  • What's Up With This? (Al Colombo)
  • Contrails Or Chemtrails? (David M.)
  • Contrails Or Chemtrails? Part II (David M.)
  • Petition for Open Congressional Hearings
  • When An Insider Speaks, How Will We Know It's The Truth? (Al Colombo)
  • Seeing Is Believing -- Chemtrails Over Knoxville (A.M.)
  • A N O N Y M O U S, Chemtrails or Contrails? (Anonymous)
  • C-Span Covers Up Contrails, 1999 (Randy L. Trochmann)
  • The Result of Chemtrail Spraying (David Tallcloud)
  • A New Convert in Tenn (Anonymous in Tennessee)
  • Day and night time spraying Seen vividly by the light of the moon (David Tallcloud)