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11 August 2001

Take Aim At A Cop --
Deserve To Die


By The Friday 13th Anarchist

On Global WarmingDuring the last G8 summit in Genoa Italy a young 20-something rebel without a cause--whom called himself an Anarchist--took aim at a police vehicle with a large, red fire extinguisher throwing it through the vehicle's window. By instinct, a policeman returned fire, killing the young man with a shot to the head. To this Anarchist, it was a justified shooting.

True Anarchists do not use acts of violence to get their thoughts and actions across. They don't because they know it defeats their cause. Instead, they believe in peaceful protest, court action, and the power of the pen. And now, we have the Internet, which is mightier than any sword. A true Anarchist believes in educating the sheep in how to fight for their rights.

On Global Warming, part 2Real Anarchists do not go out into the streets clad in black and throw rocks, bottles, and firebombs at police officers. They are more like troublemakers, breaking into stores and catching cars on fire. Instead, they are low-life rioters and criminals simply out to cause mischief.

This violent breed of so-called Anarchists are not the freedom fighters in South Africa who fought for an end to Apartheid. Nor do they have any intention of changing anything to good purposes. They have no agenda, other than to cause problems. So, when the popular press calls them Anarchists, they are mistaken. The word "Anarchist" is a good word that many people confuse and misuse. Anarchists are for change, yes; but not by means of riot, brute force, and improper criminal conduct.

On Global Warming

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Allan B. Colombo

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