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28 April 2001




By The Friday 13th Anarchist

Well let me see, it's May and the first signs of spring have cropped up. The first Robin, the first Flower, and, of course, the first round of higher gas prices.

Oil Refinery, Baton Rouge, LouisianaYou know the old capitalist story of supply and demand. With the warm weather every one gets in their car and they go vacationing, picnicking, etc. This causes higher demand for the product. Oil company's claim that they cannot keep up with the demand, which is probably true, and we have the Commie Liberal environmentalists to thank for that.

Everyone wonders why the high gas prices. Well, the Commie environmentalists have not allowed even one new refinery to be built in 50 years in this country. They also stopped electric producers from using coal, which is cheap and plentiful and it can be made to burn cleanly. Instead, in many cases, they have forced energy producers to switch to more expensive oil.

Photo by Allan B. Colombo (c)1991; Perry Nuclear Power Plant in OhioRadical environmentalists have made it so no new nuclear powered electric producing plants can be built. Plus, they put pollution controls on vehicles that do not work and, in fact, waste all the more fuel. In addition, we now use alternate Freon products that do not cool as well and they suck up even more electricity, not to mention that they are actually more dangerous to the environment then the products that they replace..

Photo by Allan B. Colombo, (c)1991; Inside Perry Nuclear Power PlantEnvironmental Extremists have also failed to allow badly needed expressways to be built to alleviate traffic congestion which, in turn, sucks up more fuel. In addition, these Commie environmentalists require special environmental "fuel blending" so the fuel intended for one area of the country can not be shipped and used in another, thereby causing higher prices.

Photo by Allan B. Colombo, (c)2000To make matters worse, our so-called Middle Eastern friends, OPEC, have jacked up the price of oil, which is why I say that it's time to take action against those who would ruin this country. Every time environmentalist say they are only trying to help the planet and mankind, they only hurt it with stupid junk-science rules and a feel-good mentality.

Should there be conservation? ABSOLUTELY! But we need to apply common sense and hard science, not junk science.

Believe it or not, but the environmental movement is nothing more than communism in action. It's merely a way to gain uncommon control over society, allowing a select group of people to subjugate the masses. To these commies, it really does not matter how it's done, just that it's done.

Look at the recent spat about arsenic in water that in many cases, like in Pennsylvania and W. Virginia, is naturally occurring in the ground, just as radiation is. Should we filter it? Yes, but what is the correct achievable safe number? Is it 100 parts? Is it 10 parts? Without all the facts, how can a Commie environmentalist just pick a number out of the sky and say "this is it?" By skewing the numbers and using scare tactics, these radical environmental extremists are able to gain unfair advantage and an uncommon amount of control over our lives in ways that we have never imagined before.

Photo by Allan B. Colombo, (c)2001
So, what is their true agenda here?

How about dismantling the West one plank at a time? What better way is there to do this but by imposing unreasonable sanctions and using junk science in every conceivable aspect of life? Using "safety" and "environmental" issues, combined with deliberate, well-thought-out scare tactics, they are turning our society upside down. What they are essentially doing is using our own democracy and capitalism against us. Just look around you.

For example, they are deliberately screwing up our economy by implimenting rules that make it difficult to impossible to do business. In the left coast State of California, they are in the middle of an electrical power crisis. Yet, It took 8 months of extra environmental paper work to get 1 new power plant approved! All the while, California school students sit in the dark.

And pray tell, why do Californians have all of these problems? It is because of Commie-leaning, liberal politicians that have deregulated utilities in an upside down and improper way. The utility company's can be charged the going rate for power but can not pass the costs on to their customers. What kind of business dealing is that?

I'll tell you what kind of business dealings that this represents. First, it is sure to cause the bankruptcy of certain utilities, which is going on as we now speak. Only a Commie liberal would pull a stunt like this. What kind of person would put 575,000 coal and steelworkers out of a job as well as 135,000 loggers and lumbermen, plus all the other little people and businesses that have been hurt because of these industries going down?

What kind of person would write laws that restrict business to the point they close up and ship the work over seas were there is little environmental concern (and much lower labor costs)? Where is the concern for human lives?

Those who follow these environmental groups and believe everything they say are communist sympathizers, no matter what they believe they are doing to help the planet. Be a conservationist? Push for laws that make good environmental sense? Yes, of course. But, be a radical, extremist environmentalist, take jobs and cause human suffering, exploit the system? NO!!

Editor's Note: Personally, I believe the problem in California is one of deliberate sabotage because common sense dictates that you cannot regulate the Utilities' ability to charge users, preventing them from doing so, while giving energy producers--whom provides Utilities with their power--a totally blank check with which to charge whatever they choose!

The result is exactly what we see nowl: unbridled energy costs for Utilities and no avenue of recourse for the Utilities.

Is the answer to allow Utilities to charge their customers more money, as they now have done? NO!!

The answer is REGULATE ENERGY PRODUCERS and UTILITIES, just as we have in the past!! It worked then, it will work now. Will common sense prevail or will our power utilities become the property of the state? We shall see.

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--Al Colombo

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    Allan B. Colombo

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