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03 December 2002
How the USW Bites The Hand That Feeds It!
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Recently while at a friend's home I picked up a copy of the United Steel Workers (USW) Union's newspaper. Much to my amazement, however, most of the articles in it bashed the Republican Party and President Bush, including the usual Leftist Cartoons that further demeaned Bush. All this while President Bush has put our nation's export trades at risk-all of this while he has been fighting the World Trade Council to keep the tariffs on imported steel.
13 June 2002
It is not that I am saying Roman Catholics are practicing an Ugly religion. What I am saying is that those who run the church and its doctrine make Roman Catholicism Ugly.
29 March 2002
"AMERICANS, A Fat, Lazy, and Arrogant Crowd? (No wonder other nations hate us.)"
September 11th 2001 was awake up call to America. Unfortunately very few Americans have taken heed. We have become a nation of fat, overweight people. We have not even dug the last victim's body from the World Trade Center and yet so many have returned to their old ways.
22 March 2002
If you ever travel along Pennsylvania Rt.66 in rural Washington Township, Westmoreland County, you might take notice of a little manufacturing plant that closed their doors about a year ago. Along with its closing went 75 good-paying garment manufacturing jobs. Go ahead and stop, look through the fogged-up windows. You will see the ghostly sewing machines and worktables just waiting for another shift to arrive, a shift that will never start.
7 March 2002
"CHARLES J. BISHOP, Another Screwed-Up Youth"
The Anarchist has little sympathy for the15-year-old young man who took off without permission in a small Cessna trainer and crashed into an office building in Tampa, Florida. Any American who would leave a sympathy note for Osama bin Laden, not to mention his support for the attacks that took place in New York City, in D.C., and in Pennsylvania, should do exactly as young Charles did. Somehow, as sad as it may seem, suicide seems to fit the profile here. However, for future reference, perhaps a Private suicide would be better so no one else is harmed.
5 March 2002
"Today's Globalists Learned From Yesterday's Robber Barons"
One only needs to hear the names Henry Clay Frick and Andrew Carnegie to instantly know where the term, "Robber Baron," came from. Both Frick and Carnegie are infamous for there deeds in the late 1800's, specifically for how they raped and pillaged the land, now scared with pits and orange streams filled with acid, and exploited the immigrant labor in towns all over Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Their greed is what helped build this nation up to utter greatness--all on the backs of poor, uneducated immigrants who were trapped in company towns all over the tri-state area.
11 September 2001
"The Summer's Drive-By, Drug-Related Shootings And The Error of Apologists"
Yes once again we are into the Dog Days of Summer and once again many big inner cities are once again seeing a rash of drug-related, drive-by shootings and out-right killings by those who ply their illegal trade. Most of these killings are for-revenge murders because of nonsensical reasons like "someone sold on someone else's turf" or "someone ripped someone off."
01 September 2001
"Two Foolish Men Who Cost The Lives Of Two Heros"
It has happened once again. Two irresponsible young fools decide to go on an adventure trip and one of them lost their life. In so doing, it sadly cost two 25-year-old heroes their own lives as well.
11 August 2001
"Take Aim At A Cop -- Deserve To Die"
During the last G8 summit in Genoa Italy a young 20-something rebel without a cause--whom called himself an Anarchist--took aim at a police vehicle with a large, red fire extinguisher throwing it through the vehicle's window. By instinct, a policeman returned fire, killing the young man with a shot to the head. To this Anarchist, it was a justified shooting.
28 July 2001
"Who's Controlling Our Children's Minds?"
There seems to be an ever increasing bizarre behavior from today's children. Take the recent case of the two 10- and 13-year-old girls who set up an elaborate Bank Robbery Plan and got caught. Yes, I said bank robbery.
10 July 2001
"The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword When It Comes To The Turner Diaries"
Back in the sleepy hills of W. Hillsboro W.Va. down a long winding road you will come to a compound run by Dr. William L. Pierce, known as the National Alliance, at on the Internet. This White Supremacy organization that Dr. Pierce runs produces monthly hate speeches that spills out over the full breadth of the Net. National Alliance also produces records of hate under the label Resistance Records with groups like Arian Son's that generate violent and hateful songs and lyrics, such as Die Jew Die, I hate you Jew, I spit on you Jew.
28 April 2001
Well let me see, it's May and the first signs of spring have cropped up. The first Robin, the first Flower, and, of course, the first round of higher gas prices. You know the old capitalist story of supply and demand.
31 March 2001
"Re-Educate The Child, Shoot The Parents"
It has happened Again and Again.

  • A child gets mad picks up Gun and shoots to kill classmates.
  • No one wants to get to the root cause of the problem.
  • Instead we blame, violent video games, music and TV Shows.
  • And above all we blame the GUN.

As I stated in my previous reports it is not the gun or free access to it. Guns have always been in our society.

December 99
"What the U.S. Government and Big Business Do Not Want Us To Know"
If you regularly surf the Internet and it's Newsgroups, I am sure that you have seen stories posted by a gentleman explaining how there are reflective markers on the back of road signs that will enable United Nations troops to be able to navigate to areas in the times of the alleged take-over of the United States. As silly as this sounds this is a perfect example of how High Technology equipment developed for civilian use could be put to more sinister uses by the Military Complex.

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