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How the USW Bites The Hand That Feeds It!

Despite the President's efforts to deal fairly with the Steel Industry as he tries to save their jobs, the USW continues to demean G.W. Bush, our president. Perhaps one should ask, "What kind of gratitude is this?" None I think!

The Friday the 13th Anarchist report

Recently while at a friend's home I picked up a copy of the United Steel Workers (USW) Union's newspaper. Much to my amazement, however, most of the articles in it bashed the Republican Party and President Bush, including the usual Leftist Cartoons that further demeaned Bush. All this while President Bush has put our nation's export trades at risk-all of this while he has been fighting the World Trade Council to keep the tariffs on imported steel. All the while the World Trade Organization threatens retaliatory action in the form of tariffs against almost all of this country's exports.

The Union membership just sits there and criticizes him. They talk of how his policies have made them lose their jobs, how he has gotten us into another Vietnam in Iraq, and how he has wrecked our economy and put thousands of Americans out of work. And they talk about oil and how Blush and Cheney should be impeached and imprisoned for wrecking this country and stealing all the oil profits.

All the while president Bush's tax cuts are starting the economy back up, which 9-11 terrorists and lack of oversight during the Clinton years caused the crash. We have freed the imprisoned and oppressed people of Iraq and Bush has managed to make Iraq and Afghanistan the battleground for terrorists-instead of it happening here.

No, I am not happy with all the things that President bush has done, but there is no single president who has ever or ever will be 100% perfect in record and deed. But this does not give the USW and its membership the right to bash President Bush and his father the way they have. All the while President Clinton was in office, not once did he raise a finger to help the steel workers. But, because he was a democrat, no matter what he did he could do no wrong (including NAFTA), but here we have a Republican President trying to help the steel workers and all they do is criticize him and the Republican Party!

Because in the union member's mind, Republicans are nothing but greedy capitalists who would have every one working for 25 cents an hour, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in dirty and dangerous conditions-not to mention that all Republicans want to foul up the environment. Like many good Socialists and Communists that follow the "union" party line, they believe that Republicans do not want workers to earn too much money because when they do, they can rub elbows with them at Country Clubs, etc. How dare a common working man spoil there fun.

Yes, unfortunately, there were such people (scum) with such attitudes, such as Henry Clay Frick, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, J.Paul Getty, and other Robber Barons. And, no doubt, just such people exist today. But, by no means is this the mission or agenda of the Republican Party.

Some times it seems that you cannot any longer tell the Republican and Democratic Parties apart. But as long as in the Union member's minds Republicans can never do good, then there will always be the Unionist mentality, which causes business to look elsewhere for a work force, like Mexico.

Do we need unions in this country? Absolutely, because we have companies with bad management who need union control to keep them in line. But these same bad management companies need the +&*^%$ kicked out of managers who act in such a manner. But unions also need to realize that not every company is badly run and not every Republican is out to get them.

Hey, Union members need to realize that 80% of this country is non-union and running just fine! Unions complain about all the jobs going over seas, but maybe they need to take a direct look at their own policies. How many jobs they have caused to be lost and opportunities never realized because they are so inflexible and unappreciative? More than we will ever know, no doubt.

Look at how many towns and cities are in serious financial problems and their biggest expense is wages. In many cases these workers are unionized, making wages way over what the same position would pay in a comparable non-government job. No wonder so many governments are in trouble and have to raise taxes.

The steel unions demanded higher and higher wages, as their industry was gong down hill because of environmental rules, plants not modernizing, and more and more use of plastics rather than steel. But did they sit down at the table and try to work with management and increase productivity? Did they try to get political backing? No, they did not. In my own area, 70% of the steel mills are now history. Yet Nucor, a non-union steel plant, has turned a profit every year and their workers make a decent wage, along with many other companies, such as Lincoln Welders and Marconi, who are able to compete head to head with foreign imports. Why? Because management is not greedy and works with its workers to insure high productivity and low overhead.

I have never, ever seen such an arrangement when unions are present in a company. It is always the "company is ripping us off and not paying us what we are worth!"

You now have just such a problem with the supermarkets in this country, such as Walmart, who came. in and swallowed every thing in sight. Its grocery division is killing all the other chains who are trying to compete and stay alive, and what have the unions done to help these smaller firms? They have gone on strike demanding higher wages, no layoff guarantees, all the while their members go shopping at Walmart for the cheapest prices! Yes!! I'm absolutely serious!

Such Union practices have put hundreds of Union workers out of work because the companies they work for cannot provide the same low prices that Walmart demands. Instead of sitting down and working out strategies to keep Walmart at bay, these Unions continue to place unreasonable demands on the companies who hire their union members. Where are the Union Members who should be protesting Walmart's tactics?

Yes, Unions, you need to take a good, hard, long look at your policies and re-examine them and then decide what you are going to do to keep good-paying jobs in this country instead of allowing them to move overseas. The choices are not easy, but until you lose the bad attitude, the mass exodus of jobs to oversea firms is sure to continue.

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