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Long Beach Navel Base Update

>From: jcoleman@adnc.com (John S. Coleman)
>Subject: LONG BEACH
>Our side scored a major victory today in the war to keep the 
>former Long  Beach Naval Base from becoming a container port for COSCO,
>the China Overseas Shipping Company.  But with the victory comes a huge 
>Here is the story:
>Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Randy "Duke" Cunningham from San Diego have
>announced they will place a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives
>that denies the City of Long Beach or its Port Commission from leasing the
>former Naval Base to COSCO.They also got the secretary ofthe Navy to agree
>to delay transfer of the facility from the Navy to the Port for up to two
>weeks while a security review is undertaken by the Navy, FBI and CIA.
>So what is the challenge ?  To get the congress to pass this special bill
>in the next two weeks.  No small task.  Thousands of phone calls and faxes
>are necessary to every member of the House and Senate.  Personal lobbying
>is required where ever possible.  Public support will help. And, perhaps we
>can manage a major rally or series of rallies at the Long  Beach Harbor or
>at the five COSCO offices in the United States.  
>If thousands turned out and big name Reform Party speakers and others 
>take up the cry, perhaps we can move the Congress.  But, it is an up hill
>battle. I have the prospect of losing one more time, but I pledge to
>fight to the end. 
>A new fact or two has emerged along with some solid background 
>Here is one fact:  The combined ports of Long Beach  and Los Angeles
>received Chinese imports valued at 22.4 billion dollars in the last year
>for which totals are available, 1995.  In the same year, the two ports
>combined only shipped 22.5 billion dollars in American products to China.
>So the trade deficit through the Southern California ports is almost 20
>billion dollars.  Most of the ships are returned to China empty.
>Another fact:  It is five not three new ships to be built for COSCO in
>the United States with U.S. loan guarantees. No new facts or information of
>any kind on the recent smuggled guns incident in Southern California.  It
>is strange; no one is talking.
>I have received two new articles about the Long Beach Harbor project and
>the history of COSCO from the Pacific Maritime (industry trade press)
>magazine.  Both are filled with facts.  I also have a new article
>from the Long Beach Business News (Long Beach bi-weekly) about the corrupt 
>and closed nature and conflicted port commission.  Neither document is 
>currently in my computer, but I will fax them to my self this evening,
>and then I will have them to fax to all interested parties.  If you want
>either or both e-mail me your fax number and I will send them to you
>tomorrow. Meanwhile, a member of UWSA named John Lewis from Huntington 
>Beach California has published a great 28 page booklet on trade.  It is
>clear and well written and filled with facts.  He will mail a copy free to
>anyone who wants one(up to five hundred copies total).  Please give me your 
>name and address by e-mail if you wish to have one. 
>If we are be have a rally, we need facts.  Can you identify a product 
>formally manufactured in the U.S. that is now made in China.  Can you
>identify a factory that made that product in the U.S. that closed down
>and the town in which is located, when it closed and how many people lost 
>their jobs ?  If so, send that via e-mail.  We need a long list, so we 
>can do a  China Product Tea Party and tag each item we dump with where in
>the U.S. it was formally made and when the factory closed and how many 
>American's lost their jobs.  Please e-mail me any info you can provide.
>It is a major victory to move the decision on the Long Beach Naval Base
>from the Port Authority in Long Beach and Court in Los Angeles (where we
>are likely to lose) to the U.S. Congress where it belongs and where we 
>have a  chance of winning.  
>By the way, the U.S. Constitution prohibits any state from entering a
>treaty or contract with the foreign government.  So the Long Beach deal is
>UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Do you know a lawyer who would file a constitutional
>case ? We might win it and it would certainly slow things down and get 
>lots of publicity.
>The Long Beach newspaper yesterday was filled with articles supporting the
>COSCO lease.  One of them called me a "Lunatic Fringe talk show host". I am
>John Coleman
>John S. Coleman
>San Diego, Ca 92124

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