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In the November 10th, 2003 issue of Forbes, Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico, stated his opinion that America was wrong to take a protectionist attitude where it comes to Agriculture.

"American trade negotiators suddenly decided the U.S. should join the EU's exclusive club of rich countries for perpetual agriculture, offered as a means of breaking the deadlock of the WTO Doha Round...."

He goes on to say, "Their proposal not only failed to commit to the total elimination of export subsides, as it should have done, given that these subsidies constitute outright dumping, but it also aimed to introduce provisions allowing them to legally perpetuate a significant part of their worst protectionist practices."

Folks, my fellow Americans, the bottom line to National Security has got to be "FOOD PRODUCTION!" Do you realize what would happen if we allowed our entire food production capability to Mexico? Not only would you invariably see deaths because of a lack of quality control, but you would also find America in a state of perpetual blackmail.

Folks like Zedillo believe that Americans OWE them. They talk about our "protectionism" harming our own ability to export food and other items. But let's be painfully honest with ourselves, who wants our products when the work force earns so much more than their own countrymen? We use to rationalize the situation by tellling ourselves that we produce more than they do, and that may be true, but when you consider that the average worker in some countries barely make a dollar an hour, I think they can afford to lose some production for such a gain in profits. No?

China, for example, has been importing a good bit from its Asian neighbor, Japan. According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, Why China Won't Hit A Wall, the demise of China, if it were to occur, wouldn't "bring cheer to Asian neighbors like Japan, where China sales accounted for half the growth in exports last year."

In closing, I remember when "everything" was a matter of National Security to Congress and the White House. I can recall when issues such as farm subsidies were considered critical for self reliance and national defense. Why the shift in thought here? Perhaps there is more behind-the-scenes goings on to this situation than meets the eye. All I know is that when you hear the former President of Mexico cry about America working to protect it's national defense, you need to know that he does not have OUR best interests at heart. Obviously, he is serving his own.

Isn't it time America wakes up?

Al Colombo, GKO Publisher

Mother's Day
9 May 2004

Happy Mothers Day Mom; Nova Jane Colombo, deceased 1995; (c)2003 Allan B. Colombo
Nova Jane Colombo
(deceased 1995)
To my Mom,

I continue to think of you often. Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. My only pleasure in this regard is that you've gone home to be with the Lord--that you need not endure this deceptive place a moment more.

Knowing you, however, I'm sure that you're mourning my own present circumstance more than I've mourned yours.

Your son, Allan

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10 May 2004

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I find it amazing that the Canadians did similar things, even worse from what I recall, and yet America takes the heat while Canada successfully hid their problems at the time they took place. Read the following story and see if you agree...

TORONTO - The top command of the Canadian military has been thrown into disarray by the unraveling of their attempt to cover up killings, torture, and racist abuse of Somali civilians by Canadian troops.

Two generals abruptly retired in late January after they were named by a military police officer as having hampered his investigation into high-level complicity in the shootings of unarmed Somalis. The Canadian Airborne Regiment was in Somalia from 1992 to 1993 as part of the United Nations "humanitarian" mission.

Major Vincent Buonamici was the lead investigator into shootings of Somali civilians by Canadian troops on March 4, 1993. He accused the generals of interference that was "extraordinary, reckless, and the most blatant impropriety that I have encountered."

Canada Generals Quit As Abuses Exposed
Click Here for the story!
My Mother

Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My mother.

Original Poems for Infant Minds (1804)
Title: My Mother
Author: Ann Taylor (1782-1866)

My Mom
Nova Jane Colombo
(departed Mother's Day; May 14, 1995)

Hitler and I, 
a photograph of my mother, 
Nova Colombo, 
and her cat, Hitler. 
(c)2002 Allan B. Colombo
Hitler & I
Allan B. Colombo ©2004


Although the serious political and diplomatic repercussions of the Iraqi prisoner abuse case are not to be dismissed, it is unfortunate that the situation was not promptly handled within the military chain of command before things were blown out of proportion by the media, as usual.

I remember when a video was released to the media several years ago, which revealed a Marine Corps. initiation rite that was celebrated when trainees complete parachute jump training. The ritual is called “Blood Pinning,” where the jump wings earned by the Marines were very forcefully “pinned” to their bare chest. Although this was a common practice in both the Marine Corps. and Army Airborne units, this particular incident did get a little out of hand. But, as I recall, the incident and related charges against the perpetuators was handled completely within the military chain of command. No Senate or House hearings were required.

Much of what our MPs dished out to those “poor innocent” Iraqi prisoners in the form of physical and mental harassment, had already been performed on them during their training. I can relate some “practices” used by my drill instructors during the 1960’s that are not allowed in our modern basic training programs. But that’s another story.

We need to weigh [ALL] the facts in the Iraqi case before we can make an intelligent judgment!


The United Nations: An Ever Impinging Danger

Will Durant, historian, philosopher, author: "My final lesson of history is the same as that of Jesus. Love is the most practical thing in the world."

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Allan B. Colombo